At OrthoLazer, we’re dedicated to helping our physician partners grow their orthopedic practices, whether that’s through helping them set up a new profit center featuring our business-in-a-box laser therapy franchise or providing you with advice and information we think you might find helpful.

To this end, we’ve put together the top five books that we think can help you in running your practice efficiently and profitably. While value is always in the eye of the beholder, the five books we’ve listed below are loaded with great advice and should be on everyone’s “Must Read” list when it comes to growing your orthopedic practice.

Secrets of the Best-Run Practices
by Judy Capko

This book is written in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand style that gets right to the point and tells you what you’ve been failing to do, and what you should now incorporate into your business approach. No matter what challenges you face in your orthopedic practice, you can draw some real wisdom and practical guidance from this book to help you overcome them and make your practice a better one. You will also be given the tools you need to accomplish some of your personal goals, along your own path to success.

Think and Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill

Originally written in 1937, this book was intended to serve as a guide to self-development and improvement. More than 70 years after its first publication, the book is still regarded as the sixth best-selling business book of all time and has made the Top 10 in a number of must-read listings from respected business gurus. The book provides the reader with 14 principles, collectively termed a “Philosophy of Achievement,” and recommends that negativity be banished from the entrepreneur’s thinking, in favor of positives such as faith, persistence, and desire.

How to be a Rock Star Doctor: The Complete Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Life and Your Profession
by Rebekah Bernard, MD

The main thrust of this book is on how to make your practice run much more efficiently, while always keeping your ultimate objectives in mind. It recommends practices that will help you avoid burnout while allowing you to serve your patients better and keep them healthier. You will learn about managing time better so you can devote more time to issues that really matter, and which are central to your practice.

Remedy for Burnout: 7 Prescriptions Doctors Use to Find Meaning in Medicine
by Starla Fitch, MD

This book will help you re-discover the reasons you became an orthopedic surgeon in the first place, and that will allow you to make fresh discoveries about yourself and your profession. The seven ‘prescriptions’ are stories about how other surgeons facing burnout recovered themselves by reconnecting with the things they love about their practice, and about making people well again.

The Business Side of Medicine: What Medical Schools Don’t Teach You
by Tom Harbin

This book focuses on the practical side of running a practice and contains many of the business lessons learned by a physician with more than 30 years of experience. It is an excellent book for fairly new practitioners, providing sound advice on laying the foundation for a long career in medicine. This book has frequently been referred to as required reading for doctors starting out in the field, and it provides expert advice for avoiding many of the most common pitfalls of life while running a medical practice.


If you approach the reading of any of these five great business books with the attitude that you’re going to make your practice better, you will indeed profit from the information contained in them. Between the covers of these five gems, you’ll find a treasury of useful information about how to run your business better, how to accomplish your goals, and how to achieve the very best version of yourself.



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