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Patient Reviews

Carolyn W.
The Ortholazer treatment has done wonders in relieving my right knee pain.
Panik A.
Great friendly place
Joel H.
Courteous staff and I personally had good results on my ankle. Worth the money I paid for it
Stephanie J.
Making the initial series of 12 appointments was convenient for my busy schedule. Appointments were scheduled twice per week for 6 weeks. The staff was welcoming, on-time with appointments and professional. The office space is new, clean and comfortable. The technician explained the process and desired results specific to me. The lazer treatments are painless. My condition is one that will require surgery in the future. In the meantime, these treatments have helped me manage my pain. My series of 12 treatments have been completed. I will be booking additional single treatments.
Dennis N.
I found working with ortho laser to be a very professional, outgoing, friendly business, and would recommend that to many people
Moni G.
I went to ortholazer to see if my constant knee pain would go away, after 12 treatments I feel amazing. I can’t thank Tanya and her staff enough for the amazing job they are amazing.
Attila M.
The employees were all very nice and professional from the front desk to the technicians.”
Laura H.
All the people are very nice and the treatment seems to really help.
Kim F.
I have finished 6 sessions at Ortholazer with treatments to my right knee. Let me start by saying the reception staff and techs have all been wonderful! The atmosphere is great. It is a new office and very clean. I have had severe pain in my right knee for a few months. By the 5th treatment I have started to feel relief. It only takes 15-20 minutes to perform the laser treatment, so it is a really easy choice to try! Looking forward to a few more treatments to see if the pain subsides further.
Meenakshi V
This place has great staff. They took the time to explain the treatments and listened actively to all my concerns for every single visit. The pain has definietly reduced to much manageable levels. Highly recommend.
Friendly and knowledgeable technicians concerned with my overall recovery from knee replacement surgery. Had a different tech each time except for Amie who saw me twice. She was the most informative of all techs .
Mary Lee W.
I believe that the treatment at OrthoLazer was very beneficial in the recovery progress of my total left knee replacement. My ability to improve my mobility was enhanced by undergoing this treatment while also completing my physical therapy allowed me to progress better than I had thought. All of the staff was professional and inviting while working in a very clean and organized environment.
The people at Ortho are amazing and the treatment seems to be working. I’ll know better as time goes by. My knee definitely feels stronger
I totally recommend Ortholazer Orthopedic Laser Center for their knowledge of the treatments post surgery, understanding, and they listened to my needs. They are willing to answer any & all of my questions. The office is pleasant, and very clean too! 😉
Nicole A.
Kind and compassionate care provided. Time was well utilized. Quick in and out appointment.
Amy K.
I’ve suffered fromShould pain for 3+ years.I had decreased pain in my shoulder by the second visit. But the third visit I had full range of motion. The staff is excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend using OrthoLazer for an alternative approach to manage pain and discomfort!
Michelle L.
I have tried alternative medicine for acupuncture and massage and decided this type of therapy would be beneficial and similar to both. After my knee surgery I started as soon as they recommended. Between this and physical therapy I was well ahead of the healing schedule as noted by my PT. I couldn’t be happier with the service. Additional benefits of lessening the scar is just an added bonus to moving and feeling better faster. My knee swelling was also greatly lessened compared to my friends who’ve also had replacements!
Kristen S.
Great staff! Everyone is friendly, helpful, and knowledgable.My daughter started OrthoLazer treatment 3 days after shoulder surgery. In addition to diligently using her CPM chair, these treatments put her on the best path to recovery. After 6 treatments, she is pain free, her scars have healed nicely and at her 1st PT appointment she was told she’s ahead of where other patients are at their first post surgery appointment. We couldn’t be happier.
Marilyn B.
They are a caring group and are very serious about helping with the pain that I have with arthritis. The Lazer helps with the pain. Marilyn Bruno
Kay M.
Great help to reduce the swelling and bruising after surgery. And that made it easier to do physical therapy I had very little knee pain after replacement.It is well worth the time and cost. Keep them in mind after any injury!
Jemima K.
I went to OrthoLazer for my first treatment on the 6th day after my knee surgery. My knee felt like a brick of cement since I had a block. I was still having a lot of pain of course and couldn’t bend the knee at all. I was extremely surprised when I was able to lift my leg and started ambulating without a walker after the second treatment. Recovery is extensive commitment, with physical therapy, ongoing, but I truly believe the OrthoLazer treatments have helped. I just finished my recommended sixth today. But I if need be I am willing to extend just to facilitate my healing. The pain. Is definitely manageable.
Jim B.
I had OrthoLazer treatments after a total knee replacement. The treatments were painless and the people were pleasant. According to the physical therapist and the surgeon, my knee healed very nicely, so I guess the treatments helped. This is NOT a SUBSTITUTE for your PT & exercises, but I think it helps.
Thomas P.
Very nice people to work with, friendly and caring.
Karyn N.
The young lady, receptionist, was very helpful and so nice. Alison,the the Lazer tech, was very professional and kind.A very good experience! I had good results for my back pain, that lasted over 9 months. I’m back again for the back pain. I lifted a heavy flower pot and pain again.Today pain level 9 after treatment pain level 6, 0 at rest. Karyn Nelson 5/17/23
I was recommended Ortholazer for lower back pain. I did experience a marked improvement. Staff is outstanding and the office was clean and relaxing.
Tom W.
I went to Ortho laser Brookfield after my complete shoulder replacement. And after six visits, my pain was a zero and my incision was healing very well. I would highly recommend going.
Brian R.
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. My appointments were as advertised and started and finished on time every time. Treatment for my shoulder and it definitely reduced my pain and discomfort and helped with my range of motion. Will continue with maintenance appointments.
Kathleen W.
Friendly, competent, caring staff. Allowed me to go thru a total shoulder replacement with minimal to no pain.
Saron W.
The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The OrthoLazer procedure greatly reduced the pain in my shoulder. I highly recommend.
Leann N.
Staff was friendly and thoroughly explained benefits and process of orthopedic laser. After each treatment, my pain, stiffness, and bruising gradually lessened, and my mobility increased. I highly recommend treatment following surgery. It really helps the healing process to progress more quickly.
William S.
Great service…great place…great results. I would highly recommend this to friends and family.
Kristin S.
Therapy helped reduce swelling and stiffness from my son’s sports injury.
Barbara G.
This is the second time I have used ortholazet. The first time I injured my knee and this time for a fractured back. I believe I healed much faster with my laser treatment at the Ortholazet treatment center. Thanks for all the caring staff at the center.ThanksBarb.
Thomas S.
I had rotator cuff surgery April 18th, 2023. I chose to persue cold lazer therapy. The staff at Ortho Laser was very friendly and knowledgeable. The procedure is easy. I believe by using this therapy. It has helped accurate the healing process. 1 week into it. The pain in my shoulder was almost gone and after 6 sessions (3 weeks), I had no pain and my incisions were healed.
Sheila H.
I had a knee replacement in April went to the laser therapy treatments feel so much better. My scar has healed. Very good. The swelling is not as bad as it should have been. The people at the facility are very kind and friendly.
Peggy A.
I highly recommend OrthoLazer. It has helped immensely with my stiffness, pain and inflammation in my deep bone bruise in my femur. I finished my treatment and have scheduled maintenance appointments to continue the healing.I’m even asking my neurosurgeon for a referral for OrthoLazer treatments to help with my recovery from an extensive posterior cervical fusion.I would strongly encourage you to try OrthoLazer treatments to help in your healing journey.
Linda S.
It was very nice and I really enjoyed going to my appointments I thought it was really helpful in helping me to feel better and get going faster.
Paula S.
Everyone was so nice and the treatment was fast and easy, never did I have a long wait time for my appointment. Highly recommended I’m feeling great!!
Sheila R.
Everyone at this office has gone out of their way to help me and very kind and compassionate
Ron H.
The laser treatments seem to improve my healing and mobility. The staff was always courteous and informative.
Diana M.
The ladies are wonderful. Very helpful and explained everything totally. I felt the listened to what I had to say and made the changes I needed.The laser seems to have eliminated a lot of my pain.
Jose G.
I began treatments my after I had ankle surgery. I noticed a huge difference after my first treatment and it truly enhanced my healing process. I wish I would have known about this treatment for previous surgeries I have had. Staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Ortholazer!
Pat B
Staff is very friendly and professional. I’ve never had to wait for my appointment like some doctor’s officesMy PT and doc both say I’m healing amazingly quick for having a full knee replacement.
Debra P.
Would highly recommend
Mike C.
The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They always wanted feedback about the area treated.
Steve G.
Very professional. They were able schedule me in a timely manner. The procedure got me to were I needed to be so that I could progress in my rehabilitation.
Janet M.
A very good experience.
Kery K.
Customer focused and knowledgeable
theresa J.
The pain and swelling following surgery was more than ice, rest and pain medications could help. Adding in Ortholazer treatment helped with this and I feel decreased the symptoms. Staff are kind and supportive. Why is this not something the insurance covers yet, is bewildering. I would recommend it to everyone.
Sue N.
Wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly staff. The treatments are painless and take no time at all. I believe it truly has enhanced the healing process. Facility is clean and pleasant. I highly recommend the Orthopedic Laser Center!
Bobbi S.
Excellent care and very informative procedure is effective
Don G.
Staff was great and knowledgeable.
Starting to notice some improvement in my lower lumbar issues after 6 visits. Am optimistic that the next 6 visits will show even more progress. I was eager to try a newer technology that was less invasive to treat my lower back problems. The procedure is painless and performed by a staff that is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
Fran C.
First visit, impressed with professional and friendly staff. Answered all my questions and made me feel relaxed. Treatment is for my TKR that went bad. Five surgeries in one year on same knee. Hoping this laser therapy will help with swelling and pain. Will update review after several more visits.
Aleasha H.
I tore my TCFF tendon at the end of September 2022, I started treatments in March 2023 and by my 5th appointment, I was already noticing a different on my wrist. I highly recommend Ortholazer as a noninvasive alternative to surgery. Also Kim and Adam are so great and involved. ❤️❤️
Cheryl W.
OrthoLazer staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. My post-surgical pain has improved after 5 treatments and I can walk with a cane…got rid of my walker! Kim, the receptionist, is super friendly and very easy to work with for scheduling, payments, and making you feel at ease. Thanks everyone! Ed W.
Debbie K.
Can’t say enough good things about the benefits of OrthoLazer and the Flower Mound Office’s team. I started treatment about 2 weeks post op for a knee replacement in addition to 2 x wk PT. I always looked forward to my OrthoLazer sessions. The team at OL are so friendly, encouraging and focused when evaluating progress and treatment plan in each session. Loved working with Tracy and Allison, they are so knowledgeable and friendly. This is a non-invasive treatment. Results are accumulative. I recognized results within the first few visits for reduction of swelling, scar healing, and pain reduction. I would (and have) recommend this treatment to others to expedite your healing!
Koreen H.
Staff very pleasant and helpful. Overall my pain reduced…..recommended a family member….thank you!!
Diana S.
Post operate RIght KNEE. placement,. I feel orthodoza Of. Brookfield helped to Greatly Reduce my pain and edima level to help me achieve full range of motion at a much faster pace.. I achieved -2 to 124 Degrees of flection in.4 weeks. My surgeon Was also very pleased with my progress and said I was way ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend orthologizer following any type of joint replacement, pain issue or other surgeries and have Already recommended it to several people.
Jennifer K.
I am in need of full knee replacement surgery, but am not able to have the surgery for several months. This treatment helped very much with my pain and provided me with relief until I am able to have surgery.
Beverly K.
I’d previously received Lazer and maintenance treatments from 10/2021 to 10/2022 then ceased. By 2/2023 I could feel some discomfort in the same areas which were previously treated. I decided that in 3/2023 I’d return for treatment and am glad I did. I’m feeling much better and even rejoined a gym. I’m now starting maintenance treatments and will continue this for the remainder of 2023. Lazer treatments worked for me so if you’ve been wondering if you should pursue this then why not give it a try. What do you have to lose?
Sue V.
OrthoLazer Franklin was professional, respectful, punctual, knowledgeable, and kind at all times.
Amanda R.
I’ve never heard of ortholazer until I went to a doctor appointment with my husband and saw the brochures sitting in the orthopedic doctors office. I fell and hurt my shoulder back in December and ended up needing surgery because I had a tear to my rotator cuff. Ortho laser is a nice clean place with friendly and knowledgeable employees. I did not know what to expect, but I was very surprised. 2 days after my surgery I was getting my first laser treatment. By the next day I was starting to feel better. Let me tell you they didn’t give me pain meds worth a hoot at the hospital. I know the laser treatment started to make me feel better. I got the initial six visit package and have finished my six visits. I just made an appointment for a maintenance visit for later this week. And will probably continue to schedule maintenance visits until I’m fully healed. If my arm is sore and achy if I go in for a treatment I feel much better. This is better than any meds they could ever give you. Thank you OrthoLazer! I’ve been telling everyone to give it a try at work. 🙂
Carole K.
I started OrthoLazer treatments after lower back surgery to work on an atrophied upper glut muscle. It has taken 10 treatments before I started to see results. I am now doing maintenance and continue to see improvement. I understand this is a large muscle to re-hab, but will continue treatments as long as I see results. Nothing else I have tried has helped. The staff has been very informative and helpful explaining procedures which I appreciate.
The folks here are friendly, fast and know their job. Went to ORTHOLAZER after rotator cuff surgery. Had 6 treatments. I continually had less pain after each treatment. Along with the no pain I believe my healing as been jump started. I would suggest ORTHOLAZER to anyone that needs healing or pain relief from a surgery or injury.
Allyson C.
After having wrist surgery involving numerous appointments for therapy, OrthoLazer was recommended, due to loss of mobility in fingers. The staff there are amazing and accommodate you for making appts. to fit your schedule.Highly recommended.
Bill C.
my wife Carol is recovering from Shoulder Surgery and I am utilizing the ortholazer for a chronic knee pain, both of our results have been positive. All the employees have been professional and helpful.
Lois S.
Staff was very friendly and the Brookfield location is easily accessible. Very easy to schedule appointments. I think the treatments helped me progress much quicker after back surgery and my scar looks fantastic.
Ronda H.
Great staff – friendly, efficient, thoughtful. The treatments did the trick on an area that had not been receptive to other treatments.
Christie T.
I absolutely love the care the staff has given me. This treatment has been essential as I recover from a 3 vertebrae lower back fusion. The swelling went down faster, the wound healed well and I would recommend this as a wonderful step in the healing process! Thank you Dr. Coran for referring me.
Today was my last visit after my reverse Total Shoulder Replacement on March 30. Dr. Pennington and PA Joanne Pennington Did such a wonderful JOB !!!Then had my first LAZER Treatment the first Monday after. My only regret is I didn’t know about this LAZER sooner. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. I know I will be back very soon!
Christine M.
Very friendly and helpful staff! Flexible and easy scheduling. Listened to my needs and pain concerns and requested feedback at next visit. I have highly recommended to friends and family.
Mary B.
My doctor and therapist have both said that the incision from my surgery is healing quickly and very well. Everyone there was very helpful and seemed knowledgeable about what they were doing. I like knowing that everything is going to heal quicker and with less chance of infection.
Denise A.
I was very pleased with my treatment, I feel it helped speed my recovery from my total hip replacement. Every tech I had for my 6 treatments was very kind, informative and professional. Also, the receptionists were always helpful and greeted you kindly.I recommend Ortho Lazer for any orthopedic surgery you’re recover from.
tyrone T.
Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The lazer treatments after my hip replacement, really helped with my pain, bruising and swelling. It is amazing technology! I would recommend this to all my friends and family.
John D.
The ortho laser treatments were terrific and effective. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I had good results. The treatment regimen was wonderful. I would definitely recommend ortho laser treatment.
Dawn P.
Very good healing results painless staff very informative nice
Peter C.
The team was very kind and professional.Using the laser therapy was a huge help in healing faster and eliminating post surgery aching and stiffness in the area of my hip replacement. Highly recommend this for anyone!!
Kimberly K.
Highly, highly, highly recommend ORTHOLAZER in Chelmsford. My son was treated after ACL BEAR Implant surgery. His incisions healed so beautifully and quickly. Treatments helped reduce swelling & pain. The dedicated employees were all so knowledgeable and welcoming throughout the entire process. It’s bittersweet that my son is done treatments because we are going to miss the staff so much!
Leo S.
I had an overall great experience with the staff, scheduling and the results.
Linda B.
Very happy with the results from lazer therapy. Good at sending texts to remind me of appointments. Friendly staff made the whole process a good experience.
Terry D.
I just completed my last ortho session last Friday, 4/14/23. I was very pleased with all of the people who were a part of my treatment process. They were very proficient at explaining the treatment process and very kind.
Monica P.
I loved coming in for the lazer treatment. The ladies were all very nice and informative.
Left shoulder rotate great staff great results less painful less swelling
Liz M.
I started treatments 6 weeks post surgery. It has helped with a reduction in swelling as well as pain management. A bonus is how well the incision areas are healing.
Anne B.
My recovery has been much quicker for a second surgery, and the big difference was doing this laser treatment. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am very pleased with the results. Everyone on the team was friendly and informative.
Paul G.
I have been very pleased with every visit to ORTHOLazer. I am always greeted by caring and knowledgeable techs. They answer all questions that I ask and make sure that I understand what the lazer is doing and the placement of it. I continue to go and I am very pleased with every visit.
Sara F.
My son was referred to OrthoLazer by his physical therapist following a fracture in his foot. Scheduling and service were easy and efficient. Treatments were quick and the staff are super.
Nancy B.
I had inflammation in my right hip. I found out I needed a hip replacement. My pain management specialist suggested I do OrthoLazer to reduce the inflammation. Initially I did not see much improvement but 3/4 way thru the 10 treatments I did feel relief. I will be having hip replacement in Aug. I plan on following up with more lazer treatments after my surgery to help with the healing process.
Daphna M.
After shoulder surgery, I had 6 treatments, I had virtually no pain and no swelling. Working with Noel was such a pleasure, always professional and prompt with treatments. Highly recommend!Daphna M.
Robert M.
Treatments for both sciatica and for post surgery swelling / numbness in foot post surgery.Sciatica was improved greatly within 3 treatments ; pain gone . Foot swelling was reduced within 5 treatments and some feeling restored .Staff were great!!!!Don’t really know how it works but it worked and it was worth the out of pocket costs !
Lou P.
Very friendly staff!!!
Danny K.
Staff is courteous and knowledgeable as to what they’re doing.The treatment itself doesn’t hurt. Sometimes a little tingling during treatment. I had my other knee done 6 1/2 years ago ( no laser) and this time (with laser) the other knee is on a faster recovery.
Kevin R.
The treatment I have received has greatly helped my shoulder and neck. Noel and staff are wonderful.
Raquel K.
Wasn’t sure if this would work for my neuropathy in legs and feet but took a chance and trusted the Ortholazer staff. Their professionalism and expertise of care were beyond my expectations. Everyone was extremely friendly, easy tonwork with and compassionate. My neurologist said if I can decrease my neuropathy pain meds after treatments its a “win win”. After 11 treatments I was able to cut my pain prescription in half! I further decreased to just 1/3 my original dose with slight pain. I now have less brain fog from decreasing my prescription. I have scheduled three more treatments, hoping to decrease pain meds even more or all together. I highly recommend Ortholazer!
Victoria V.
Everyone who works here was super friendly and extremely helpful! They answered all my questions in full detail taking their time with whatever I needed help with or wanted to know. The location was super clean and easy to find. Would definitely go back if needed for any future issues.
Jared V.
I was experiencing severe low back pain from a disc issue. After my wife had great success I thought I would give it a try. After 7 treatments my range of motion was better, my pain decreased. After my 12th treatment I was almost back to my normal self. The staff and service are second to none. Will highly recommend!
Brentt C.
I highly recommend OrthoLazer of Brookfield! I had a 3 week checkup with my surgeon after shoulder surgery, and he said that I’m recovering ahead of schedule!
Kelly D.
I went to Ortholazet after having rotator cuff surgery. It definitely helpedwith pain and swelling. The entire staffwas wonderful.Would definitely recommend!
Kay R.
I had a partial tear of my hamstring and so a friend recommended trying ortholaser. I do believe it to speed up the healing and was quick and painless. Grateful for anything to speed the healing process that is safe and effective! I would recommend it to anyone.
Beverly N.
Noel is a very professional and compassionate. Love the service every time I go and receive a treatment. I highly recommend anyone who is needing laser orthopedic therapy.
Joanne D.
This Lazer treatment really works. It takes a number of treatments but the results are amazing. It’s an easy treatment with absolutely no pain. Almost 2 years after having a knee replacement the tissue under my kneecap became quite inflamed and very painful. I just completed my last Lazer treatment and my knee feels 100% better. Also the staff is the BEST! Very knowledgeable and very very nice.
Desira B.
Wonderful people and great results after 2 treatments !
Randy M.
I had a total knee replacement 6 months ago and can honestly say Ortho Lazer truly improved my recovery time. Very little swelling, far less scare tissue per my physical therapist. I am having my other knee replaced very soon and will be receiving Ortho Lazer Treatments again. Would highly suggest to anyone going through a total knee replacement to consider this treatment, it just works!
Shellane C.
If I could give the staff a higher than 5 rating I certainly would! They are all so pleasant to work with. I had a tear in my achilles tendon and had that treated. Upon my return to my foot /ankle doctor after 4 weeks he said he felt it was fully healed. I am also doing treatment on my elbow and hand for tingling/prickling/burning and am seeing results when none of the other doctors I have seen had any idea of what to do and I kept being told I was going to have to live with it.
Sarah V.
I am so impressed with this place and their top notch service. The technicians are AWESOME! They are friendly, knowledgeable, very helpful, and just really good at what they do! Out of the 12 appointments I have had, there’s not been one negative moment. I have encouraged several friends and family to seek them out. This technology is amazing and can help so many people live life without the constant pain. Check them out! You will not be sorry!!
Gerry G.
Nice staffGood hours
Tina G
Wow! This place is great! Relief after the 1st session. My spasms are less frequent than they have been in a long time. The staff here is awesome, especially my therapist Taylor. If your at the end of your rope, try this. It’s noninvasive and quick. Thanks to everyone !
Blanche M.
I believe ortho laser was a tremendous help in my healing process post rotator cuff surgery. The inflammation went down extremely quickly. In addition, my pain levels were completely manageable without pain medication five days after surgery and pain level by day 10 was a 1 or less!
Judith P.
I have come only 2 times for treatments post op…knee replacement. I could tell there was less pain as I was leaving the 2nd time! I look forward to much healing as I complete the 6 sessions!
Nicole O.
I had shoulder surgery and Dr. Pennington sent me to Ortho Lazer. Best decision I made. It made the swelling go down fast and I didnt have to be on pain pills long because it helped with the pain. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has swelling and pain.
Steve M.
The people here are amazing! They will take very good care of you here and this is my third time and my heel is already feeling the difference after months of heel pain.. thanks Guy’s
Maggie R.
Best part is the friendly and accommodating staff. I have been doing laser treatments for a chronic tendonitis. As expected it has taken a full course of treatments and maintenance along with PT to decrease pain and improve range of motion. I am glad to have an additional treatment option available.
Lewis I.
This is amazing the staff is kind and knowledgeable 2 thumbs way up
Lloyd J.
I had shoulder surgery, and my whole right side was black and blue. Along with the laser, they have a wand. My first trip in they used the laser and wand on me, two days later that bruising was gone! Also doing physical therapy, I would really be sore afterward. Not only shoulder, but all down my arm, and below shoulder in my back. Within a few hours that pain was completely gone after treatment. There is no pain during the treatments, and I feel that I’m ahead 3-4 weeks on my recovery. I really appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you.
Brion K.
The laser treatment sessions have been very positive. All the people of the staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful and accommodating. I’m glad this therapy was recommended to me and I would recommended to anyone. My wife had surgery performed by another physician who did not use this type of therapy and she has been very happy with her results.
Jackie S.
Ortholazer was great. Very professional technicians and a good experience. Helped my nerve pain!
Amanda K.
This is such a great place with amazing, kind staff. Everyone is always so accommodating and very nice every time I go in. They’ve worked with me to get the plantar fasciitis in my feet manageable and it has helped so much! I am now able to get through the day without the terrible pain in my feet after suffering with it for over 5 years. I cannot say enough good things about OrthoLazer!
Lisa S.
I began my treatments 6 days post full knee replacement surgery. For me, it was a noticeable improvement following every treatment. Other knee scheduled and would not do it without Ortholazer!
Donna K.
Excellent, caring, professional staff. Got almost 100% relief. Will be back for maintenance visits very soon!
Kathy D.
I was in so much pain with my lower back and SI joint when I came into Ortho Laser I could hardly sit and had a lot of left leg pain. I did six sessions and I feel so much better no leg pain and my back feels much better. Everyone there was great. Thank you so much.
Peggy S.
Always a good experience. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.
Elizabeth M.
It was a positive experience at OrthoLazer. The staff were kind, caring and understanding of my specific needs. I feel the long term benefits will be worth the price paid.
joan H.
I had 6 sessions to help heal a left knee total replacement. The atmosphere was always very friendly, helpful, and professional. When I walked out of the office after my 5th session, my knee felt less stiff and moved easier. OrthoLazer is new to me, so I have nothing to compare it with.
Gary S.
After many rounds of knee shots and cortisone my orthopedic surgeon suggested OrthoLazer. After the usual 12 round regimen I noticed a marked positive difference. I no longer needed my cane and am back to working out. The pleasant and courteous staff showed genuine concern for my success.
Natalie B.
I’m glad I made the decision to do laser therapy. My pain level went to zero, a very happy 😊. I was finally able to sleep well. Staff very friendly and professional. The laser therapy was on my shoulder for adhesive capsulitis aka frozen shoulder pain.
David H.
Awesome results and an excellent staff.Highly recommend to everyone as part of their post operative rehab.
Todd D.
Everyone at Ortho Lazer were so Helpful to my mother. They scheduled appointments that were easy for her to make. The people who do the treatments treated like family. We highly recommend for whatever ails you!!
Linda B.
Used Lazer therapy to help the healing process after a hip replacement. Thought it helped. Found staff very helpful and professional.
Crispin R.
Had a hip replacement and was referred to get treatment at Ortholazer. From the first visit the staff is very welcoming and make you feel comfortable. They are all very personable, professional, and accommodating. The pain started to subside around my third visit. I would highly suggest this treatment to anyone who has surgery. My favorite technician is Alexis! Thank you!
Ciara C.
Wonderful place! After months of pain, this seems to provide the best relief so far! Definitely 5 stars. Can’t say it enough!
Doug C.
Super friendly and helpful staff. The therapy has decreased my pain level noticeably. I am grateful to have been referred by my doc to OrthoLazer!!
Debra D.
My husband came here after major surgeries on both heels. He used treatment on 2nd heel and it is helping the healing. Appointments are quick. Workers are knowledgeable and nice.
Went to OrthoLazer in Brookfield to help with my chronic back pain. Overall experience with OrthoLazer was great, started to fell results midway through my treatment. Staff was very professional and knowledgeable.
Shelley H.
I definitely recommend laser therapy after a knee replacement. It made a huge difference in the healing process. Very clean facility and very friendly staff.
Brenda C.
Super great customer service! They explained everything to make me feel comfortable. On time! My shoulder is healing faster because of this laser PT
Steve S.
I think the treatments really helped a lot I healed very quickly and the scar is small. The staff was very easy to work with.
Madelyn R.
The laser treatments helped me after my total knee replacement. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Shirlee K.
Always prompt and friendly staff. I felt better after the laser treatments I have told many people about this service
Kim K.
I would recommend this treatment to anyone who had knee replacement surgery like I did , it speeded up my healing process. The staff was very helpful and it was enjoyable to go to each treatment.
karen D.
Very clean. Staff is punctual and friendly. I’m glad that OrthoLazer was offered to me as an additional modality to promote recovery. Thank you for getting me more involved with life again.
Tammy E.
I was shocked to see the results of the swelling in my knee within 2 visits. Bending my knee as well. I came in not sure but was thrilled to see the results after my 6 visits. I have and will continue to recommend Ortho Lazer. Staff was all wonderful as well each visit was a great experience. Very compassionate. I was dealing with vertigo as well so I appreciated there patience.
Nina I.
Everyone at OrthoLazer was so helpful and very knowledgeable!! A human answers the phone and I was able to schedule appointments at times that worked best for me! The treatments were painless and tailored to my needs. An excellent experience all around!
Tom G.
Everyone at OrthoLazer were friendly, helpful, and professional. The facility itself was clean and inviting. The technical staff were proficient and efficient while still fostering an inviting atmosphere. I would recommend this establishment to anyone seeking alternatives to medication for pain relief and rehab.
Tom W.
OrthoLaxer is the best. The staff, Kaylie, Tracy, and Allison are always up beat, friendly, very helpful and explain everything before they start. I recommend them.
Ben M.
Staff is wonderful, making appointments were easy and convenient. The pain relief was helpful, but my pain goes beyond muscular and into my joints, that I didn’t get 100% pain relief.
Gojko S.
Excellent service. Results moderate.
Gary A.
Definitely helped with in my rehab and recovery from knee replacement surgery.
Brock S.
They were very nice and respectful and good to be around. They had very good service and nice employees who would be kind during your treatment.
Tasha H.
Had my first session today. Everything was quick and painless. Looking forward to a full recovery with the help of this treatment. Noel was really nice and helpful as well as the front desk ladies.
Sherry J.
My husband Mark had shoulder surgery and has improved greatly after his lazer treatment. Painless and quick treatment.
Erica T.
Absolutely love this team and cannot say enough good things about them all!
laurie K.
The laser treatments have helped my back tremendously and it feels better than ever.
Laurie K
Knowledgeable, friendly staff…timely appt.👍
Diane R.
Highly recommended! The staff is wonderful and it is a great place for healing. My experience was 100% positive with amazing results.
Judy S.
After an extensive knee replacement, taking out an old one that had been in there for 20 years and putting a new one in which caused them to have to cut away bone at the top of the knee and below the knee and put rods in. I was having a really hard time with the healing process. Once I started with Noel and the laser treatments, I am now back to my busy schedule. Plus I am now able to sleep all night which I was not able to do before. Lots of positive things are happening getting the bend back again able to do more around the house. I am quite pleased with the staff. They are absolutely wonderful. They are so friendly and Noel, who gave me my treatments is top notch. I would recommend you definitely looking into what Ortho Laser can offer you. Judy Scott
Doris N.
I was skeptical about trying this treatment . I am glad I did. It doesn’t take much time but it helps so much with the pain. I plan on using it to help healing after my knee replacement as well. The staff is so kind and know what they are doing!
Jacquelyn R.
I had a good experience setting up appointments and truly believe the Lazer does help with pain and healing.
Julie M.
Very friendly and accommodating!High hopes that this is a good avenue of treatment!
Gail S.
The laser was good for me because after I had the laser I was able to do a lot more bending and exercises. It helped me to heal faster after my knee replacement.
Stephanie A.
Very quick and painless for my ACL/ meniscus repair.. Matt my technician was very informative and friendly. My recovery is well ahead of schedule that I believe is due to the Lazer treatment!
Brian D.
Great results.
Jason Iorio S.
I injured my knee at work, I tore both my meniscus, grade 2 sprained my ACL and chipped cartilage off of my femur. Cortizone injections were not working and I’m trying to put off the inevitable of getting a knee replacement so I thought I’d give ortholaser a try. The laser therapy has greatly reduced the swelling and I am able to move almost normally. I went from severe pain to moderate or almost no pain in about 12 treatments. I’m on my feet pretty much all day at work and I don’t know what I would have done without these laser treatments. It’s totally life changing.
Charlotte P.
Thank you so much for all the help and kind words. Very friendly
Kara H.
OrthoLazer has kept me healthy and able to continue running competitively. They have kept my tendonitis prone hamstrings healthy. I highly recommend!
Lori S.
I have been very impressed with the services I have received. The staff is polite, professional and friendly. They truly make you feel at home and ensure you receive the best care. Highly recommend!
Keith Z.
Thank you OrthoLazer!!! My daughter had a severely sprained——severely swollen—-ankle due to a volleyball injury. Within the first OrthoLazer treatments we saw significant improvement. Within the next 1-2 weeks she was mobile, walking and is now jogging. The entire team at OrthoLazer was professional, communicated what was being done and was so positive to visit and work with. We could not be happier!!! Thank you OrthoLazer
Jaime P.
Using OrthoLazer to aid in recovery from my hip surgery was a great idea! The staff is friendly and efficient, knowledgeable and helpful! Easy to make and reschedule appointments! I feel there were measurable and positive results from the treatments!
Steven R.
I definitely believe the treatments are contributing to my fast recovery.My physical therapist tells me I’m ahead of where I should be. 🤓
Becky H.
The staff at OrthoLazer were so great to my papa! They were always so kind, welcoming, and always made sure he was comfortable. We will recommend to others! We are thankful we found such a great place, with caring hearts!
Kelly W.
It was such a great alternative to another pending surgery!!! Great and friendly staff!!
Binky T.
The staff is amazing, especially Danielle W. Highly recommended!
John R V.
Very personable, friendly and professional staff. The six sessions definitely helped to speed my healing, reduce the inflammation and speed up my recovery. Very glad I did it.
John R.
Magic. I’m no longer constantly adjusting my wrists and wincing after only a few treatments.I’m so sending my wife in!And such friendly warm expert care
Lisa F.
OrthoLazer helped my husband’s foot heal faster after surgery. His foot felt warm for a few days after every treatment. The staff is helpful too. We definitely recommend OrthoLazer!
Kimberly Z.
Unsure what to expect, but so happy I made the decision to try OrthoLazer as part of my post-surgery treatment! Staff is extremely friendly and very professional. Office is very clean and bright. Appointments are easy to make and flexible with your schedule. The services we painless and an invaluable part of the recovery process. Highly recommend 10/10!
Keith O.
I would highly recommend this place when having a knee replacement surgery. It helps with swelling and your surgery scar. Staff was very friendly and helpful..
Judith P.
They did a super job! Very punctual.
Jen W.
My mom’s post surgery laser treatment experience was excellent. The staff was professional, kind, and very caring. She felt the therapeutic results helped with her healing process.
Ali G.
I cannot say enough good things about Ortholazer FloMo location! The treatment is definitely scientific and works 100%. My knee pain is almost completely gone. Haven’t felt like this in more than 5 yrs. Also the staff there is amazing. A group of caring, kind, and knowledgeable people. I’m so thankful for your work.
Betty C.
I had severe shoulder pain when I went to OrthoLazer Brookfield. After completing my treatments, I am pain free and have regained mobility in my shoulder and arm. I highly recommend OrthoLazer for help with pain management. The staff is great and very knowledgeable!
While recovering from spine surgery, I had several OrthoLazer treatments to help my incision heal and treat my post-op pain. My overall experience with OrthoLazer was amazing! The staff are so knowledgeable and friendly. The treatment is painless, and they provided me with information on how the laser works at the cellular level to promote healing (as a biomedical engineer, this was right up my alley!). My sessions were quick and tailored based on how my recovery was going for the best patient experience (adding additional laser targets to where my pain was, adjusting angles, letting me choose a position that was most comfortable, etc). They worked really closely with my doctor throughout my treatments too, so I was confident everything was healing appropriately. I would highly recommend going to OrthoLazer for post-op recovery and pain management treatments!
Barbara H.
Friendly staff. Very attentive to your needs.
Gary W.
So friendly and accomodating!!Following knee replacement surgery my surgeon and PA highly recommended OrthoLaser, as well as my brother-in-law who enrolled following his recent surgery in November. I’m a bit of a sceptic, but went ahead with it. Still wasn’t sure if lessened pain and stiffness was due to laser therapy or the natural healing with time, until my round of sessions was finished; I realized my healing process also has slowed; I’m a believer!
Tom Z.
Just had a knee replacement, I would highly recommend orthlazer treatments. After 1 week, I was off pain meds, swelling was down after 2nd week, and I was pretty much pain free. Staff was very friendly and made my visits pleasant.
Michelle S.
All the staff was very courteous and professional. They explained the process and always checked if I had any questions.
Jen M.
So glad I found out about ortholazer from my cousin. The treatments have helped me tremendously after knee surgery. The swelling, pain, and stiffness/tightness started going down after the third treatment. I’m able to straighten leg completely now, which I was unable to before treatments. Only regret is, I didn’t start these treatments sooner after my surgery. I highly recommend ortholazer in GR. The staff is very nice, highly educated and are able and willing to answer any questions you have. I appreciated their professionalism and kindness.
This place is amazing! Staff is wonderful and respectful of your time. I would highly recommend for anyone seeking pain relief from an injury.
Dean S.
I had 2 knee replacements in Sep-22 and end of Dec-22. For first one, did traditional physical rehab with laser therapy. I did have a lot swelling to deal with, but knee is doing great 4+ months in.I did use OrthoLazer treatment on second knee replacement as I wanted to use up HSA. Doing the 6 sessions made a difference, I didn’t have as bad of swelling because of treatments and actually hit 125 degrees on range of motion bend by week 5, around two weeks earlier than other knee. It also has helped with scar sensitivity. I would recommend this if you are doing joint replacement to give you an extra edge in doing your physical therapy, which you still need to do!I’m a male in late 50s, 6’5 and large build, so having this edge and putting in the hard work with PT will me walking trails and golf course again by summer. Get an edge with OrthoLazer and get to work rebuilding your strength, flexibility, and balance with some tough physical work as well!
John I.
After knee replacement surgery I received 6 OrthoLazer treatments. Doctor says incision healing well while making tremendous progress in physical therapy.
Mark K.
Great care. Friendly staff.
Kimberly M.
The staff at OrthoLazer are amazing. Everyone is so friendly. The sessions were easy to schedule and they send convenient text messages confirming your appointments with reminders the day before. It took all 12 sessions but I definitely saw a reduction in headaches and muscle tightness. Also, the treatments are painless. I highly recommend you try OrthoLazer!
Abby S.
Absolutely great staff!!! It speed up my recovery from shoulder surgery. Worth the price.
Todd B.
I recently had shoulder surgery & my doctor recommended to have laser treatments. I felt that the treatments were helpful to reduce pain and swelling. I don’t know how I would have been without the treatments, but it did feel like I had less pain after the treatments and the next day. The staff was great to work with, answered all my questions and the waiting time was a few minutes to none.thanks, Todd
James F.
Very good experience staff was always on time and very helpful with my questions I feel that it helped my healing process.
Mary H.
OrthoLazer Flower Mound is a great place to get an alternative approach to pain. It really helped with my knee replacement. It made the physical therapy and getting mobility back easier. I highly recommend them.
Sugar R.
I need to go back !!!!!! It kept me from having surgery and shots this is amazing
Sue M.
What an amazing place. I have only had 4 treatments and see a huge difference. I had 3 vertebraes fused in October. I am healing great but I also had bursitis in my hips which the surgeon said this may help with. I’m so grateful. I have to be on the go and was pretty sedentary for over 2 years and could barely more. Taylor is awesome and very knowledgeable and answers all questions and targets specific areas you tell her hurt worse. Its an added bonus, you feel nothing. Great job to all of Ortho Lazer ❤️
Thomas T.
Thank you for all your patience and help during my recovery.
Diana G.
I have received the best of care from the staff. The procedure is painless and fast! I had knee surgery in August the recovery was slow going. I could barely walk without help when I came in and 5 weeks later most of the pain is gone and I’m almost walking without a limp. I highly recommend this procedure! Thank you OrthoLazer!
Martha D.
Friendly and personable staff. Great results with pain management from the treatments. Allie was great! Very professional and informative!
Jeanine M.
I have had chronic ankle pain for the last 10 years due to arthritis. It was to the point that cortisone shots no longer worked. I had 12 laser treatments and it has changed my life. I now can live a normal life pain free in day to day activities and can walk for miles now with just temporary pain. I’m blown away by this treatment!!!
Kris P.
My experience at OrthoLazer has been excellent. I had six treatments after rotator cuff surgery. The treatments seemed to help with swelling & bruising as well as my pain.Thank you.
Sue W.
I had a hip replacement Dec 8, 2022. The Ortholazer treatments helped to speed healing. At 5 weeks I am pain free and walking steps normally,. The techs were great to work with and answered all my questions. I feel that the treatments definitely helped speed my recovery.
Jori P.
Ortho laser was a great experience with friendly staff. The appointments went quickly and my replaced knee felt much better after each treatment
Patricia A.
Made my knee replacement recovery SO much easier! Less pain and swelling allowed for better movement!!
Natasha L.
I love them! Only on session 3 and already feel a difference! Such a great facility!
Lois M.
During recent business trip my back pain was so bad I couldn’t bend over. After 2 treatments I was able to function normally. The staff was so welcoming and supportive.
Michael T.
I had total hip replacement surgery on December 5th. My recovery was enhanced by 6 Orth Lazer treatments. The first two didn’t seem to do much but the next four treatments produced noticeable results. I’ve signed up for two maintenance sessions to continue my recovery. The staff at OrthoLazer is excellent..professional, friendly and attentive to my needs. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Geraldine M.
Kim and her staff are awesome!!! Thankyou for helping me sooo much!!
Dominique C.
My experience was beyond what I expected everyone there was absolutely nice and very knowledgeable on their laser machines.
Daid E.
I was having crippling arthritisIn the joints of my right handThe treatment gave me enough MobilitySo I can now play my guitarI highly recommend the treatment I have little to no pain
Nancy S.
Couldn’t be happier! I was frustrated after arthroscopic knee surgery – pain and swelling preventing me from getting back to full mobility. 6 laser treatments have eliminated my inflammation and pain! I am still working on getting full range of motion but having no pain has greatly improved my ability to perform daily activities! The staff is great and never had to wait long. HIghly recommend them if you have pain/inflammation!
Steve B.
Completed six sessions after lower lumbar fusions on my back. Healing seemed to progress faster and pain levels decreased after the first couple of sessions. The office staff was courteous and informative. Taylor answered all my questions and kept me informed for each step of the process.
My name is Troy Timm and I recently started my lazer treatment with ortholazer of Grand Rapids. The team there is outstanding. Very outgoing and pleasant. They really know what they are doing. I would recommend them to anyone suffering from pain.
Eileen B
Excellent experience. Improved my shoulder pain significantly in 12 treatments. Every employee was professional and friendly. The facility is clean and tidy. A++
Wendy R.
This crew at OrthoLazer is one fantastic group of people who genuinely care about your wellness and improvement. Very informative and always on time with appointments. Very polite and courteous staff. This lazer treatment is working well for me.
Linda C.
My experience at OrthoLazer in Brookfield was an absolute 10! Every staff member was friendly and knowledgeable. In addition, the entire system is well organized. I would definitely recommend signing up for laser treatments.
Homer C.
I am very impressed with the staff and the laser experience. All the technicians and receptionist made me feel comfortable and were genuinely concerned for my welfare. After my surgery, the healing of the wound was remarkable. I give the Ortholazer team an enthusiastic 5 stars.
Russell F.
Extremely pleased with the care and professionalism shown by the staff at OrthoLazer Flower Mound. Tiffani is excellent to work with scheduling appointments. She is welcoming, always greeting with a smile, and a joy to visit with before & after sessions. Allison & Chelsea showed great care with my treatments. Both were knowledgeable, cheerful, helpful, and attentive to my treatment goals. All questions were answered to my understanding. Allison & Chelsea truly cared about my wellbeing & progress. Treatments were painless with no noticeable side effects. The process was straightforward and efficient. A noticeable reduction in swelling & soreness from my surgery occurred around the fourth treatment. What a great group to work with.
Matt R
Staff is great! The treatments have help in one area of my right knee, it seems that in my normal walking the normal light pain is gone.
Stan W.
I was referred by my Orthopedic surgeon due to persistent knee pain following knee replacement surgery. The tendons on my knee had stiffened and he said this would help. Amazing difference is how I would describe it. I have minimal pain and much diminished stiffness after the full course. Highly recommend this treatment.
Dwight W.
Very knowledgeable and professional people! Pain relief with no pain!
Went well for post recovery. Fast service, friendly staff. Nice descriptions about the treatment benefits and things to avoid during treatment period.
Linda W.
Helped my sciatica pain immensely! After 2 treatments I could feel relief.Highly recommend
Tracy S.
I had 12 Lazer treatment session on both of my knees and my knees have not felt this good in years. OrthoLazer did an amazing job with helping me. Now I am back to walking without any pain in my knees and so happy that I went to OrthoLazer. If you need pain relief make sure you goto OrthoLazer as you will not be disappointed.
Hanna T.
This treatment has worked super well for my knee. I’m only 16 and was already having knee problems due to an impact, but after this treatment I felt almost immediate relief! My doctor was extremely nice and caring and made my experience very comfortable and good.
Corey M.
It has been great to work with the friendly and professional staff here at Ortholazer. I most definitely can say that the treatments greatly reduced inflammation and make a world of difference. I would definitely recommend anyone to make an appointment today. Get started on the journey to getting your body back!
Lisa D.
After arthroscopic surgery, the laser treatments really helped minimize swelling and pain! Highly reco!
Lisa D.
After arthroscopic surgery, the laser treatments really helped minimize swelling and pain! Highly reco!
Jason P.
Great team, easy to work with. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Referred here after ortho identified surgery not an option; OL treatment began working almost immediately for wrist issues.
My sessions always started on time and were efficiently completed. The front office and technical staff were very nice and friendly. I had steady improvement in my sciatic pain over the course of my treatment. Mary R.
Wendy G.
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! I felt very well informed with the OrthoLazer treatment process and feel it significantly improved my symptoms from Cervical Fusion surgery.
Rhiannon S.
OrthoLazer Flower Mound has been amazing. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and level of care. Top notch! I disconnected my hamstring from bone and had surgery to reconnect and then it disconnected again. This is when I found OrthoLazer and it has definitely helped speed up the healing process. I highly recommend this therapy.
Sue and Con W.
I had a knee replacement on Nov 2 2022. My orthopedic surgeon recommended ortho Lazer in addition to pt. I highly recommend this. My scar has healed better. Also my swelling decreased by the treatment. I also believe it decreased pain and moved my mobility along with decreased pain. Win win. Staff is professional and easy to schedule appts. I used the brookfield office near first watch cafe.
shelley P.
Lazer therapy helped me recover from a hip replacement. I went in Walking with a cane in serve pain in my knees. After doing Lazer therapy on my knees, I was able to walk without the cane and walk the entire shopping distance at Sam’s Club. Glory to God! I am thankful for Dr. Yakin suggesting Lazer Therapy to me. It helped me get my life back!
Gino N
I had rotator cuff and a labrum tear surgery. Noticed a big difference after 6 sessions. Reasonably priced, staff is very friendly and care about the progress of my recovery. I highly recommend.
jj R.
I tried numerous different methods to help with my hip pain, shots , physical therapy, then I was told about Ortholazer Nwa, after just 4 sessions I felt better after 10 sessions I Can now walk with no pain and back playing golf, My tech Chris was amazing , encouraging and was very helpful. Would recommend to anyone.
Kathy G.
I had a wonderful experience that expedited my healing after my total hip replacement surgery. The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable!
Linda J.
Awesome service at OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Center. Staff is friendly & competent. Chris the Laser Tech is very knowledgeable and professional. He answered many questions & provided helpful advice. I recommend them highly.
terry W.
the treatment was effective, the staff friendly. recommended.
Jyothi C.
I strongly recommend OrthoLazer to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain to give it a try. It helped me significantly with my Plantar Fasciitis. Everyone from receptionist Tiffany to my tech Chelsea were very friendly and helpful.
Whitney G.
I cannot say enough good things about OrthoLazer. My daughter had acl/meniscus surgery on her knee and has had very little, to no pain since she started with OrthoLazer. Much different experience than what she had a couple years ago when she had acl surgery on her other knee and dealt with ongoing pain and stiffness for a long time afterwards. Everyone is so nice there and they make sure they’re treating all areas that are giving her pain. They’re great about working around busy schedules too!
Annette B.
I had a revision of my knee replacement with Dr. Evanich. I was concerned about incision healing. I am amazed that my new incision looks better than my original incision. My pain is almost nonexistent! The entire staff at ortholazer are friendly and professional. Danielle is my tech and she is awesome.
Stacy P.
Very pleasant organization & personal were great.My pain has been reduced and I am able to use my hand more since getting treatments.
Krissy K.
Clean, friendly, and thorough explanation of the procedure. I highly recommend. It helped the swelling and increased my mobility.
Julie B.
I highly recommend OrthoLazer Flower Mound. The staff are personable and professional. I had measurable results after the first visit which enabled me to see results faster when used in conjunction with physical therapy.
Mindy E.
Staff was amazingly friendly and also for accommodating regarding scheduling!!Lazer treatments seemed to improve my condition .. I guess time will tell!
Alicia S.
Really helped my ankle heal faster. Everyone is helpful and friendly.
shelly M.
The staff at the Brookfield Locations was fantastic. So friendly and professional.
Belinda D.
Parker and the whole crew at OrthoLazer NWA are so great! They helped with the pain, swelling and inflammation from my meniscal root repair. They are attentive, professional and knowledgeable. Too notch group!
Megan M.
Parker is great! Super knowledgeable and really wants to see her clients get better!!
Beverly H.
Very positive experience! The technicians were knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. Treatment results exceeded my expectations!
Jonathan H.
I was impressed with how well this treatment worked, especially for my Planters Fasciitis. Chelsea is a great tech and very knowledgeable. She made sure everything was perfect and very comfortable during each treatment. Tiffani who works the front office was always nice and greeted me by first name and made sure I had my schedule for the next appointment before leaving. I highly recommend them.
Paula J.
Great place, great people.
Lori B.
I went in after hip replacement from Dr Evanich. The visits were easy to make, the girls were super nice as well as Luke and I felt better after each visit. My bruising went away in record time and I did have a scare with some excessive fluid coming out of the incision and the girls and Luke were quick to say call the doc! The laser pushed that bad fluid out so I could heal! I’d would recommend and do it again!
Susan K.
Excellent staff and care. Parker was informative and efficient.
Te M
OrthoLazer definitely helped with the pain I was having after ACL/meniscus surgery. Chris is great! He pays attention to my progress so he will know how to proceed. The entire staff has been attentive and personable.
Michelle M.
The entire ORTHOLAZER team in the Brookfield location was warm, friendly, inviting, and willing to answer all of my questions regarding this new technology.My sessions were painless and my wound healing progressed well beyond my expectations. Everyone who saw my wound expressed how well it looked considering I just had surgery. I also experienced less pain immediately after my session:)It is disappointing that insurance currently does not cover this expense however I appreciate their discounted package when treating a new area.I intend to use ORTHOLAZER after my second knee replacement and have recommended laser treatments to many family and friends. This is the future of post-op care!!!
Robert I
Great experience. Painless and noticeable results. Thanks
Rachel P.
OrthoLazer has done a fabulous job helping reduce the pain and swelling since my husband’s knee replacement. The staff are friendly and helpful. Chris was great!
Linda M.
Chris my Laser Tech is so good at his job. I have been to Ortho Lazer for 6 treatments and will be signing up for 6 more. I truly believe they are helping me. So glad to find out about this form of treatment. Will really be happy when this company opens one in Fayetteville, AR.
Alice P.
Parker is incredible
It is a pleasure to provide feedback for OrthoLazer, their services, staff, and outcomes.I know upclose and personal the owners and founders of this establishment.Several have performed surgeries on family members and all with great outcomes.First, allow me to say that Lucas is running an amazingly professional shop that welcomes all and forces the question of “is it worth it?” to be answered with a resounding YES!That alone is rare these days regardless of the industry.Lucas, thank you SO much because I know, it doesn’t happen without incredible leader such as that which you bring to the table.Pat and Tia as front desk professionals are consistently kind and helpful and just fun people!Danielle was my first tech and she was such a delight and extremely detailed while welcoming questions along the way. Another great keeper! Thanks for your service Danielle!However, my HUGE shout out goes to Madison as the tech who covered the majority of my sessions and brought the science to the process, which was EXACTLY what I needed.She sealed the deal and I’ve been telling everyone I can to come and experience OrthoLazer and it’s unique and innovative, non-invasive approach to chronic joint pain.My thanks to Madison are endless and priceless. I look forward to our talks while in session (ortho therapy on a whole different level!)To the surgeons and JoAnn; THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. i have watched this process as a healthcare partner, as a parent, and as a patient with multiple musculoskeletal chronic conditions.After session 8, I have been able to not use my cane, walk without knee pain, and even do squats!!!I am not at 100% but I am no longer at <1%!I've already signed up for maintenance and it is ABSOLUTELY unequivocally and without reservation....WORTH IT!!!!Peace and Continued Success,Dr. Brenda J Bowers, PhD, DNP, RN
B L.
This service came highly recommended and I would also highly recommend laser therapy. Treatments provided relief of pain and swelling. The scar healing was also accelerated. The staff is very professional and personalbe. Treatments are quick and easy. I will return for services the next time treatments are needed.
Brittany M.
Chris was extremely kind and made sure to target all areas that needed extra treatment withe the hand held laser. 10/10 would recommend.
Bernadette V.
It was amazing. I really felt the handheld laser really relaxed the pain and swelling.
David A.
First time in. Impressed all the way around. Definitely coming back for more.
Rodney D.
This really works! My pain was very well managed. I felt this was better than physical therapy alone. Really works
Sally W.
We are so lucky to have OrthoLazer in NW Arkansas. PARKER is my therapist and she is fantastic….always listens closely to my concerns, checks in with me prior to each session to gauge my improvements, takes notes every time and has offered encouragement when early on I was having a setback and was discouraged. Give it time….. I noticed subtle changes from the beginning but it wasn’t until after my eighth session I realized how much I am benefiting. This works at a cellular level to help with pain, inflammation, circulation. After I finish my 12 sessions on my lower back, I plan to get treatments on my knees. It is unfortunate that insurance does not reimburse for this treatment but it is worth it for me to pay out of pocket because it is so simple and non-invasive. If you make an appointment, ask for Parker and she will take good care of you.
Leslie S.
I have had major knee pain for years due to my profession. I have done pt, cortizone shots, gel injections and nothing has helped. I went to a new Doctor and he recommended Cold Laser Therapy and recommended OrthoLazer in Brookfield. I was skeptical because nothing has really worked for me. I am amazed at how my knees feel so much better walking up and down stairs, getting up from a sitting position or just doing normal everyday activities. The staff is so friendly and professional and my knees feel great! Thank you OrthoLazer!!
Gerri W.
Currently receiving laser therapy post hip repair surgery. I am convinced that this is something I will have done after every surgery! I haven’t been on pain meds since day 3 post surgery and have felt no pain, soreness, nor tenderness in my hip. Compared to how I felt after knee surgery, I am way ahead in recovery time and healing! The people here are wonderful to work with, especially Parker, and make sure your visits are getting the desired results each time!
Cordelia E.
Had knee surgery and, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of trying this type of therapy, but I am very impressed with laser treatment. The staff at Ortholazer are totally professional and very knowledgeable, not to mention very friendly. Parker (one of the technicians) made me feel at ease right away by explaining everything she was doing and why. Totally recommend Ortholazer to anyone.
Dennis H.
Everyone at OrthoLazer is pleasant and accommodating. They answered all of my questions. If they didn’t have an answer they would do research and get back to me at my next appointment.The treatment was also successful and helped reduce the pain and swelling in my knee. I would highly recommend.
Madison H.
Great office, and great staff! My doctor referred me here after my ACL surgery. My technician Parker was very informative and helpful throughout the process!
Debbie H.
This place is giving me my life back. Everyone is doing a great job. They listen and are treating me well. Chris is very understanding and knows what I need. My experience so far is Wonderful.
carlos L.
Super nice
Awesome place and friendly people
Meredith W.
Very positive experience. The staff and technicians were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Someone was always there to answer the phone to accommodate with scheduling. The facility is beautiful – new, clean, lots of natural light. The candy jar and free bottles of water add the final touch.
Sandy C.
Use Ortholazer after a total knee replacement helped a lot. Parker has been amazing to work every area to help achieve great results she is amazing
Amanda T.
Treatment is painless, helped with chronic knee issues, staff was great. Definitely recommend OrthoLazer NWA!
Jacki C.
I was a skeptic at first. I walked in with a shoulder hurting on a pain scale of 7. Chris listened to my every concern of where the pain was and he treated it. Today was the last of my 6 treatments and I leave with a pain scale of 1. Iam pleased with the outcome.
Ada B.
They all are so friendly and caring. My knee pain keeps improving after each treatment. Chris always make sure that I am confortable and after each session asks how am I doing with the pain. Thank you Noel and Chris, you are awesome!
James B.
Had 12 Ortho-Lazer treatments on both knees. Very good results and at least a 75% improvement overall in stiffness, range of motion and pain. I’m very happy with the results. The staff at the Flower Mound, TX clinic was awesome! Although I live in Colorado I was on a work assignment in Texas and they were able to treat me there. I’m glad my DR. Recommend Ortho-Lazer!
Kristi T.
I recently used Ortho Lazer post a knee replacement. The staff, Monae and Cade, were wonderful. Monae always explained everything to me. She was very compassionate, attentive and her bedside mannerism was super. I would highly recommend Ortho Lazer. I believe it truly helped with blood circulation, swelling, bruising and healing. Thank you Monae and Cade.
Jennifer B.
Laser treatments improved pain, stiffness, & range of motion with my knee problem. I would recommend it to other patients.
Barbara N.
I was in extreme pain and one step away from carpal tunnel surgery. Then I learned about Ortho Lazer and I met Chris. He is an OUTSTANDING professional, who excels at his trade, and really cares about his patients, as well. So far, I have completed half my treatments. My pain has diminished considerably and I am doing many things I couldn’t do for the past year. Now, I am looking forward to completing my treatment plan and getting on with my life. And, I believe that Chris and Ortho Lazer are making it possible.
Jane R.
Wonderful staff! Laser Treatment has made my recovery so much better. So glad that this place was an option for me. The sessions were a highlight in my week. Thank you!!
Lauren S.
I’ve had a wonderful experience with OrthoLazer in Bentonville! Since I just had a baby, I was worried I was going to have to have surgery on my wrist. I was referred over to OrthoLazer and was very skeptical that a laser could heal my pain so that I could comfortably hold my newborn. Noel called me to walk me through the process and schedule my appointments. She was lovely and friendly! Chris did all my treatments while asking the right questions to make sure we got the target areas with the laser and that I was comfortable. He is very personable, friendly and efficient! The clinic is very clean, light and airy. I’ve never had to wait very long and they have even been able to get me in early. From offering to help me with the baby during treatment to outstanding customer service from all the staff, I highly recommend OrthoLazer. Best of all…. The laser treatments worked and I’m able to resume normal activities with my wrist and hold my baby girl comfortably. Skeptic no more, laser therapy works and OrthoLazer the place to go.
Don P.
Chris explained everything about the process and has really been great to work with. My knee replacement has gone much easier with Ortho Lazer.
Heather C.
OrthoLazer Northwest Arkansas has been amazing at helping me get back to being pain free. Noel is amazing and listens to your needs. I have spent a lot of time and money at the chiropractor to only keep going back over and over. I have had way more success with OrthoLazer!!
Don M.
Wonderful place, professional and courteous. Chris is knowledgeable and very helpful. Quality through and through.
Bodie B.
Chris was awesome! He did a great job of explaining the process and what the laser was doing inside of my knees. I highly recommend Ortholazer.
Sean S.
After having knee scope I had severe pain and swelling in my knee and ankle. Just after one treatment, my swelling was completely gone in my ankle. After the 6 treatment, my knee has very little swelling and pain. The people and place are amazing!
Sue E.
Chris is very knowledgeable and explains everything he does. Very good experience.
Ronda B.
My foot is improving every time I have treatment! Thank you Chris!
Nathan C.
Chris is great 👍
Nicole K.
This place is awesome!! Chris was great and helpful with all the questions I had. the entire staff made my visit easy and wonderful. I will definitely be back for more treatments! So painless and easy!
Kent J.
Chelsea is outstanding—technically exceptional, compassionate skilled.She is the reason I use their service and come back.Tiffany is by far the most welcoming and personable receptionist EVER. Always cheerful and eager to work with you when scheduling treatments. Couldn’t be happier.
Larry S.
Can’t say enough about Dr. Dougherty and the care received at ortho laser. Noel and her team are fantastic and I’m feeling better every day.
Mona D.
I had such a great experience here. Monique was amazing, but everyone we interacted with was kind, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Scheduling was easy, and convenient too. I’m coming from Windham, so the Nashua location was very easy to get to. I broke a bone in my foot and sprained my ankle badly in April and wanted to try this, anything to avoid a surgery!! I did 12 sessions, and my ankle is nearly perfect now. Monique really went out of her way to help with my healing. She listened to the details of my pain and I think that was key in my quick healing. She gave a lot of great advice about shoes, walking, physical therapy, and answered all of my many questions. If you have an injury, and you can, I would highly recommend giving this a try. Also, I love the easy parking and relaxing ambiance of the office.
Claudia C.
Professional, great results !
Mike C.
Chris is awesome.The treatments are quick and painless and after 3 treatments starting to notice positive results on an elbow tear regarding pain.
Cindy F.
The staff are very friendly and helpful in my recovery from a broken ankle and surgery. I believe they genuinely want their patients to get the best possible outcome from their treatments. Would highly recommend! The office is easy to find in Bentonville and very clean and comfortable. Thanks!!
Kimberly E.
Easy scheduling, friendly staff (shout out, Chris!), and a pristine establishment. The laser helped facilitate a quicker recovery so I’m back to the gym earlier than I was able to with previous procedures. Highly recommend!
Melissa H.
This place is amazing! The staff is always friendly and treat you like a person instead of just another patient. The treatments work wonderfully, after my 2nd visit I noticed big pain relief and after the 5th one I’m now able to play tag or whatever my kids have planned more and work a full day. Holly is amazing she is always asking about my day, talking with me through out my appointment and making sure if a new part of my knee hurts we take care of it , Noel is super wonderful she makes you feel welcome and talks with you. Chris is great he’s always joking and the lady up front always has a smile on her face. Everyone there knows you on a first name basis when you walk in. I would and have recommend to everyone I know.
Jan J.
Chris was wonderful !! He explained everything so completely & was very patient with me with my questions. After the first visit for my planter fasciitis I felt some relief & can’t wait for further treatments next week !!!! Thank you Noel for recommending this place !!
Jonathan G.
Wonderful staff and wonderful treatment. Helped a 4 year old shoulder injury finally heal. Went from limited range of motion to full ROM in the shoulder. Can’t recommend them enough
Steve S.
Excellent service and really happy with the results.
Paul L.
Great service and friendly staff. Thanks Chris.
Chris has been amazing; he makes me look forward to this appointment!
joe C.
I am Thankful these guys are healing me. Noel and her staff do an amazing job. Chris takes care of me when I go.
Titus S.
Holly and Chris have both helped me with my recovery. Gaining range of motion and reliving pain where my goals going into this, and they definitely went above and beyond expectations.
Debbie C.
I went here for knee and foot pain. After the 4th treatment I was pain free. The staff was always caring and supportive. Chris always asked how I was doing with the pain, and made sure I was comfortable.
Carrol J.
Everyone at OrthoLazer were great! I had treatments from both Holly and Chris! The treatments were simple and fast! I was able to see a difference in my active range of motion after one treatment!
Rue M.
The treatments were easy and made a big difference reducing inflammation and pain. The staff made every visit a pleasure.
sam C.
My experience with Ortholazer was wonderful. The staff was friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs laser therapy.
Claudia O.
Wonderful place to go to help ease your pain. The three ladies I met were terrific and very friendly. The facility was immaculate.I don’t like to see my sessions end.
william S.
I am writing this review for myself Pat sullivan birth date 6/15/1942 my experience at Ortho Lazer for my last two twelve sessions was excellent. Chelsea was wonderful understanding my needs and so helpful. Her cheerful attitude was helpful to say the least. I told doctor Wilkofsky she certinally helped along and I am grateful. The gal Tiffany at the front desk always had a smile to say good morning and never to busy to change an appointment when needed. A wonderful addition to your staff. Dr will be returning me for another session earl Sepember and I will ask for Chelsea to take care of me again.
Mindy S.
The care at the Ortho Laser Center has been Outstanding! I had both hand and wrist pain from playing golf. The Lazer therapy stoped both my pain and stiffness. I highly recommend Lazer therapy.I would like to thank both Kory and Lori for all of the professional care during my Lazer therapy sessions!
Roger B.
I have been suffering from severe arthritis in my left shoulder for many years. I was told 3 years ago that I needed it replaced in order to continue working and participating in many sports that I love. I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 36 years and knowing full well what is required to recover from a shoulder replacement made it an absolute last resort with the amount of work that I would miss! I continued to work, workout and golf whenever possible and put up with the residual pain and discomfort which sometimes made it difficult to sleep. Last year a good friend from the medical community told me about Ortho lazer and how it just might give me some relief from my current situation with constant discomfort. After my initial visit, I couldn’t believe how much better my shoulder felt!! I couldn’t believe it!! I worked out harder the next day than I’ve been able to with hardly any discomfort! Unbelievable!! I kept working out harder AND golfing on the same day (which I could NEVER do) while receiving two OthoLazer treatments each week….it was miracle!! I continue to receive one maintenance laser treatment each week while I continue to exercise more intensely!! I’M GETTING STONGER AND LOVING LIFE!!! I can’t say enough about Kory and the AMAZING staff at OrthoLazer!!!!!! It’s life changing!!!!
Fred H.
I was most fortunate to have been referred here for postoperative treatments by my orthopedic hand surgeon. Extremely professional, competent and a friendly Team of Caregivers that answered my treatment questions! I experienced a significant reduction in general wrist stiffness as well as localized pain after just 3 treatments. I highly recommend the services of OrthoLazer!
Sara and Roy R.
This has been the BEST experience and alternative for my planters fasciitis.Pain free treatment!
Mark G.
The staff is very professional and relaxing, they know their job and the lazer works. So much so that it probably should be part of the recovery process. I had to have both hips replaced, recovery was slow, the ortholazer was wow, it made a world of difference in my walking exercise. Don’t pass it up if you get the chance to use it.
S D.
I am beyond pleased to have been referred to have Lazer treatment from my doctor. From beginning to end the experience was incredible. All the dedicated employees goal was to always help me with my recovery. They all were very warm and welcoming through the whole process. I thank them all very much. I will always have them in mind if I need further treatments. I totally recommend them to anyone that needs Lazer therapy.
Lynn T.
I was having back issues/sciatic. I had the cold laser done in several sessions and my back ache felt like it just released. Amazing difference. I could hardly get up out of the bed or a chair without shooting pain and then it was just gone. I was very very satisfied with Fayetteville OrthoLazer. My Technician showed concern and was wonderful to work with.
derry H.
Ortho Lazer helped in reducing swelling and pain after my knee replacement. All the staff were great and always timely. Thank YouDerry Hobson
Patricia E. M.
OrthoLaser is in my opinion the best place to go for any Joint, Back, Hip or any related pain. I’m so glad my Neurosurgeon referred me here. I have had the best care here and everyone is extremely compationate and knowledgeable. Thank you so much.
Nivedita S.
Staffs are extremely friendly. I had an injury in the gym. I was walking using crutches but after 4th treatment I was able to get back to my normal routine. Highly recommend Ortholazer.
Jack B.
I have used alternative therapies before, and know that they can be hit or miss. This treatment protocol was a hit, with the pain in my shoulder decreasing steadily throughout. It’s been a few weeks and I am still not feeling any pain or stiffness. This was a relatively minor case of edema in the acromion process, but it hurt whenever I raised my arm. Now it doesn’t.The staff was terrific. The receptionist Tiffany is professional, competent and accommodating. This is a woman of power in herself. The technicians Chelsea and Thomeris were both excellent, and I have to say Chelsea is something special. She made me feel comfortable, kept me fully informed, and listened to what I was reporting. She could chat small talk, but was also comfortable with silence if that’s what I needed. We developed a good rapport, and I’m kind of sad my course of treatment is done! Thanks for the great experience and for helping my shoulder heal.
Scott S.
Although I did not receive the benefit I was hoping for, I did my best and gave it a 100% overall. I did however gain some relief, but I do have some major back issues that I sincerely believe created the real hurdles.The interaction between the techs and myself was well above board. Chelsea, Tracy and Allison were definitely awesome, each deserves a special star. Chelsea was above board in all respects and made me feel very comfortable during each visit but Chelsea does deserve an exceptional note here for doing such a great job! They all did an exceptional job of explaining everything to me so I felt very comfortable going through this treatment.Tiffany the receptionist was equally helpful and friendly, she deserves her own star for her star for her exceptional approach.
Sue G.
I used this a year after having a total knee replacement. It took a few short appointments for me to really start to notice that the inflammation was getting better. The staff and the facility are fabulous and I’d definitely recommend for anyone having inflammation issues.
I’m an endurance runner that’s had his fair share of injuries. I’ve pulled and torn my hamstrings multiple times. Needless to say, recovery time is months for me now. I was referred to OrthoLazer by Orthopedics Associates. It was definitely the right move. I had multiple treatments that truly helped my recovery. The treatments on my right hamstring were so effective, I plan on doing the same for my left. In addition to simply feeling better, the facility itself was professional and efficient. The staff were quite knowledgeable, and the longest I ever had to wait to be seen was 2 minutes tops. Great operation, and would strongly recommend to athletes with chronic injuries.
Isaac V.
Very clean and organized location. Practitioners have all been professional and knowledgeable. Noticed a difference after the first visit. On visit 4 my pain is almost gone. Treatment is fast and painless. Will make this my first stop for any pain in the future before trying medicine.
Marsha C.
A miracle!!! I’ve suffered many years from bursitis in my right hip. Injections every 3 mo. The problem with the injection, it would wear off in 2 months. For that month I would be in horrible pain. This treatment is a life saver. After 10 treatments, there isn’t any pain and I can put my right sock on without pain. I can lift my leg into the car without any help. I can walk without limping. It’s truly a miracle.
Keith H.
I found the staff at OrthoLazer to be friendly as well as Professional. I want to extend a special thanks to Chelsea who made me feel like a person not simply a patient.
steve T
This has been an awesome experience. The staff are phenomenal and super caring. The treatment is non invasive and it works. I had my neck done and it was very successful. I even had my plantar fasciitis problem handled. I have suffered for 3 years with Plantar and this has been the only thing to help me walk. I highly recommended Ortholazer Flower Mound because they cured me.
kathleen M.
Ortho laser has been a wounderful suprize. I had a lot of reservaations when first trying something so new and cutting edge. I have had amazing results in my shoulder sugery and neck injury recovery i have have an increase in my mobility and a hudge reduction in my pain level in just 6 visits. I was so impressed with the results i gave out gift cards to my family member who have had both long term ppain and one with an imjury. Both recieve great care and reduction in cronic pain and acute pain worth every penny!
Danielle R.
I have seen Kory for 5 or 6 treatments for plantar fasciitis. I went from experiencing pain every time I took a step to absolutely no pain at all. Kory was also very accommodating with getting me in for my appointments and really listened to my concerns. I would totally recommend OrthoLazer to anyone experiencing muscle/joint pain!
Sherrill H.
I have been battling chronic plantar fasciitis for the last year. Unfortunately, I received little relief from injections and physical therapy. Dr. Willenborg referred me to OrthoLazer of Flower Mound and the treatments have made a huge impact on my feet. I’m finally experiencing less pain and am able to walk without shoes! The staff was friendly and the team tailored treatment to fit my situation. Thank you OrthoLazer and Dr. Willenborg, you rock!
I’ll be the first one to tell you, I didn’t think this would work. I’ve had chronic knee pain since July 2020. I’ve had surgery, corticosteroid injections, gel shots and enough physical therapy to teach a class. As a 30 year old, I honestly thought this knee pain would just have to be something I lived with. My pain was a 5 out of 10 on a good day and a 7-8 out of 10 on a bad day. After 12 sessions, I have full range of motion, no stiffness and no pain. I know it’s cheesy, but Ortholazer literally gave me my life back.
Brett W
Staff is awesome. Appointments are quick and painless, and most importantly they work. Would recommend giving them a try to anyone.
Caitlin C.
Katy and her team are amazing! 10/10 recommend!
Dawn S.
Amazing results…This was life changing treatment
Juliette D. B.
This definitely helps with Acl surgery and i do recommend trying it , very friendly staff and helpful.
Greg H.
Yes, I had doubts that this treatment would work on my knee pain. The Dr. prescribed it as the first treatment I should take prior to PT. How can something so easy and painless help knee pain I have been dealing with for months?After the first 2 treatments I saw no change. Then slowly every additional treatment started showing improvements. It works. It is quick. It is painless. It works.The staff at OrthoLazer are also great. They are easy to work with, caring, and listen to their patients.
Sally Jim Z.
really helps post surgery scare tissue and pain !!
Keith S.
Professional, educated, great communication, very clean facility.
Linda M.
My doctor recommended I try the ortholazer after some post op pain that did not ease up. I had limited mobility and burning pain in my foot. I wanted to avoid another surgery. I had trouble walking on on uneven ground. Even walking the dog would hurt. I completed 6 treatments and had a remarkable decrease in the pain. I continued on for 4 more, and I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. Kory has worked with me every step of the way to be sure we target the spots that gave me trouble. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with ongoing pain. It has made a huge difference in my mobility. The staff is great and helpful.
Kelsey M.
I am 6 months out from my laser treatment at OrthoLaser and I am still pain free! I have tried so many different things to help with my back pain but nothing has helped it like OrthoLaser. After a few sessions I started to notice improvement in my pain level and by the end of my 10th session I was experiencing no more back pain. I highly recommend! Also, I found the office and staff to be super safe with COVID protocols.
Anthony P.
Incredible service!
Patricia C.
My husband had Ortho Lazer treatments before and after hi recent shoulder surgery. It was great ! He has had shoulder surgery before and this time there was almost no real swelling after just a few days. the sessions afterwards left him with little pain at all. We would highly recommend this to anyone having major surgery. Leann And Kerry were Great. Thanks Again ! Dave & Patty
Beth G.
I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in February 2021. My options were surgery or a series of laser treatments. I decided to try the laser treatments because surgery did not appeal to me. I had a total of 10 laser treatments at OrthoLazer on Monroe Ave with Kory. With each treatment I was greeted pleasantly by Shani at the front desk and I was brought back efficiently to the patient care room by Kory. She explained how the laser works and provided me with goggles to protect my eyes. The treatments were painless and quick. The office is kept very clean and after only a few treatments my pain level went from a 9/10 to a 4/10. By my final treatment I am overjoyed to share that I no longer have the pain and numbness in my hand and I am able to work with no downtime. I highly recommend this office!
Jerry R.
I had great relief on my shoulder and bicep and working with Leanne was a pleasure.. I would recommend this this facility to anyone looking for help recuperating from an injury. I believe it helped with the swelling and range of motion and I got great results, Thank you Leeann
Laurie M.
Recent rotator cuff surgery had me seek pain relief and healing benefits at OrthoLazer Portsmouth. The process and results did not disappoint. I believe the two pre-op visits followed by 6 post-op visits to OrthoLazer greatly reduced the pain/inflammation in my shoulder – so much so, that I did not need to take prescription meds and stopped over-the-counter pain relievers (ibuprofen/acetaminophen) after 7 days. LeeAnn and Kerri run a friendly, on-time center with Covid precautions in place. Thank you to Dr. Noerdlinger (surgeon) and Ortholazer!
Katy F.
I suffered a traumatic injury to my hand due to a dog bite, which resulted in a displaced fracture of my 4th metacarpal and several lacerations. Surgery was recommended by the ER doctor and the orthopedic surgeon I was referred to, however I opted to try laser therapy instead. I can honestly say that I was completely pain-free throughout my entire treatment plan, which was amazing. After the first session, my bruising and swelling had almost completely resolved. The lacerations healed well and there is minimal scarring. The laser also prevented any scar tissue from forming in the area of trauma which helped reduce any stiffness and tightness in the tendons. My doctor was blown away with my range of motion and that I could make a closed fist only 5 weeks out from my injury. It took almost half the time it should normally take to completely recover from a severe traumatic injury because of laser therapy. I couldn’t be happier that I was able to avoid surgery and retain full mobility and function of my dominant hand.
David S.
I had 10 visits for post-operative shoulder surgery healing. I added to this a knee treatment for a mildly torn knee meniscus. They were accommodative enough to provide both treatments during the same visits. My shoulder is healing ahead of schedule and my knee pain is essentially gone – meaning I will likely NOT require surgery! “nuf said”…
Kevin G
Rotator cuff repair without pain
Carole S.
I had a rotator cuff tear and was treated at OrthoLazer twice prior to my surgical procedure and for 3 weeks post op. I had little to no pain post surgery and minimal swelling. I would highly recommend this treatment for pain and inflammation. The staff is very courteous and accomodating. I would not hesitate to schedule more appointments if the need arises.
Thank you Dr. Scott Sigman and Team OrthoLazer for your excellent care. OrthoLazer treatments relieved my joint pain after just a few visits. I highly recommend OrthoLazer to anyone seeking pain relief.
Linda C.
I was somewhat skeptical about this treatment at first but the outcome of a speedy recovery and little to no pain was worth trying. I went for my first 2 pre op visits where I met the wonderful staff members, Kerri and LeeAnn, who were always attentive, knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I had successful surgery a little over 3 weeks ago, by Dr. Noerdlinger, who was Excellent. I have had to use little to no pain medication and am recovering quickly. I have just completed my course of Lazer treatments and needless to say I have now become a huge “believer” in this treatment. I would highly recommend this to anyone that may be having any type of joint surgery and I Thank the Ortholazer staff for their expertise and caring.
Phil M.
I did six sessions here starting two days post op from a meniscus surgery. I’m only two weeks out now and both my physical therapist and the surgeon’s PA have said my swelling and range of motion are far ahead of what they expected. This is allowing me to progress through recovery at a faster pace so when me knee finishes healing I’ll be able to return to an active lifestyle earlier. The staff is also great, they make the visits entertaining and you can tell they care. When I had my last session it felt like saying goodbye to friends.
Leo C.
I am very happy with their services. They were very professional and attentive to ensure that I had a pain free recovery after having shoulder surgery. I would strongly recommend their facility for Ortho Laser treatment to assist with a pain free recovery from any joint surgery.
Sarah W.
OrthoLazer is a really great facility! The staff is knowledgeable, and easy to work with, and the treatments are quick! I highly recommend calling to ask how they can help you out!
Alena C.
While most soft tissue pain resolves in time, my hip pain has lasted for many years. I thought I would need a more invasive treatment like injections or surgery. Although I was skeptical, halfway through my laser sessions the pain started to subside. I can honestly admit after completing my treatment I am 85% improved. This was achieved with just the laser. I did not need any medications, special exercises or diet changes. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. They made me feel that my alleviating my pain was their most important objective. Thanks to Ortholazer I am fully functional with a much improved quality of life.
Patrick C.
I loved it. This laser treatment really worked great on my back. Amanda and Katy are awesome staff, I saw Amanda most of the time and she was very nice, knowledgeable let me know everything about it before we started and when we did she made sure I was comfortable and answered any questions I had. Thank you Amanda for such a great experience at ortho laser
Julius A.
I was referred to this office by my Doctor. Katy and Amanda were very friendly, courteous and professional throughout my sessions. They really care about what they do and sought regular feedback to make any necessary changes to ensure my overall experience was positive. I would highly recommend them.
amanda K.
I have had back issues for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried so many different things to help with the pain. OrthoLazer has been a huge blessing and has helped me feel so much relief! I can’t recommend it enough! It is quick, easy and the best part is that you feel ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN while being treated! The staff is amazing and they go above and beyond to make sure things are clean and ready to go!! Don’t wait! Take care of the pain and feel better now!
Chera G.
This is a really solid option for pain relief. Non invasive and very effective. The staff were very helpful and eager to custom your treatment to your specific issues and needs. I highly recommend OrthoLazer!
Kat S.
wow! the pain relief is real. helping my post operative pain. didn’t need Tylenol for the first time since surgery
Susan B.
Very happy with my results. I was having issues with my hip and delayed treatment because I thought I would need a cortisone injection which scared me. I was referred to this office for a fairly new treatment regime. Went from a 7 or 8 on pain scale to a 1 within the first 2 visits. No pain at all with laser treatments…there is no skin contact…even if the wand is used, there is minimal pressure. Katie and Amanda are very knowledgeable and if they aren’t sure of something, they are diligent in finding the answers. I am very happy with my results. I highly recommend this treatment.
Caitlin M.
I developed pain in my tibia after training for a half marathon, likely a shin splint or stress response. I was trying to do the usual remedies for this situation but I still had pain and I work in a hospital on my feet all day. Dr. Sigman advised me to try Ortho Lazer to reduce pain more efficiently and quickly. After 2 treatments I was able to bear weight without pain and the day after my 5th treatment I stood in the operating room working for 12 hours straight without sitting and my shin didn’t hurt at all!!! I would recommend this treatment for anyone with my condition, or anyone suffering from a painful orthopedic condition because it truly worked wonders for me!!
John B.
Great place to help with post surgery pain and healing. Excellent staff especially Mary Jo
Christopher M.
Middle aged Ladies and Gentleman who LOVE to stay active with sports and exercise while grinding through the agony of those bumps, bruises and aches, just because you don’t want your spouse to know it “may be time to hang em’ up” or the fear of making an appointment to see the doctor…..this post is for you!OrthoLazer may just be the modern fountain of youth! I was battling reoccurring swelling/pain in one knee. It would show up every 4-6wks like clockwork and take a solid 2 weeks to go away. 2 weeks of constant aspirin, ice, rest. My love for sports would always put me right back into the same cycle I’m sure many 40 year olds face all too often. I heard about OrthoLazer from a friend who had some great success with knee pain he was dealing with too. I made the appointment the next day. The process could not have been any simpler! Staff was amazing as they walk you through a brief 6-8min consult, take you into a room where you’re zapped with a laser (10min’ish) that you can’t even tell is on, and in 20min you are back on your way. I couldn’t squat down due to the swelling in my knee and after the 2nd treatment (48hrs- I went back to back days) I had full range of motion. I completed 6 total treatments and was back pitching after the 4th treatment. This was back in Aug and here I am in Feb after playing summer baseball, fall soccer and some basketball during the winter, completely pain free and most importantly free from that vicious cycle that I had come accustomed to.BEST bang for your buck in terms of non invasive medical treatment options in my opinion. Stop putting up with the pain and try cold laser- IT WORKS!!!
Timothy F.
Placing this review as a local physician based on a patients experience – I referred a patient with chronic Achilles tendonitis unresolved for several years in duration (this patient had seen multiple physicians who attempted several modalities and performed many tests but did not reduce his symptoms). Upon my evaluation I discussed several options including Ortho Lazer. I reached out to Angel and from there things were set up swiftly and easily. Upon follow up (patient was picking up a pair of custom orthotics) he expressed to me how much his symptoms have been improving in just a few sessions and how confident he was in this treatment so far. It’s these kinds of results that will make it easy for me to refer more here. Thanks for the help and hopefully many more to come!
JoAnn S.
Angel was so super helpful with dealing with my daughter’s shoulder surgery. They were very flexible with our schedule and extremely personable!
Alyse G.
I have had left scapula pain for about 2 years. I have done meds and cortisone injections with minimally relief. I started my laser therapy treatment and pain has reduce immensely. Dr. Ashraf and his staff are every informative and I would highly recommend this treatment if you are looking for a non surgical route or have needle phobia.
maribel C.
My experience has been great, the staff is very friendly and informative. I have been doing lazer therapy treatments for 1 month to treat hip bursitis and sciatica pain and I have noticed undeniable relief. I strongly recommend OrthoLazer to all!
It works! I’ve known Dr. Sigman for many years and admire his efforts to offer non opioid alternatives to treating chronic pain. Whether post surgery, arthritis or other reasons to treat your pain….give Ortho Lazer a try. I have arthritis in my hip and it definitely effects my quality of life. Not quite ready to do hip replacement. After 10 sessions, my pain is virtually gone. The staff at Ortho Lazer is friendly, helpful and professional. Keep up the good work, and thank you!
R&M C.
I’ve had great results from my treatment at Ortho Laser.I was having hip pain that made it painful to walk and sleep at night.The first thing I noticed was less inflamation in my body.In the past I would have to get steriod injections when I had a lot of inflamation.After just a few laser treatments my hip was feeling so much better !Since I also have back problems, I asked to have my back added to my treatment plan.It didn’t take long before I was finally pain free and in less time than anticipated.I’m so glad that I gave this a try.It’s so nice to finally be able to do things without being in pain, as well as sleeping at night.I highly recommend Ortho Laser.It works and the staff is incredible !
Meghan L.
The staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. My foot looks amazing after just 6 treatments.
Sue P.
Great seevice, efficient operation, very kind staff.
Robin W.
My experience with the Ortho Lazer has been great. I have severe knee problems and so far so good. I have recommended this treatment to my coworkers. I think this type of treatment should be covered by insurance because it helps heal your Ortho problems without opioids. Would highly recommend trying this because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Nancy C.
I went to Ortho Lazer for an inflamed rotator cuff. Before my first treatment I could not lift my arm above my shoulder height. It was very weak and painful. I scheduled six treatments but my shoulder was much better after just three. I completed the six treatments in two weeks and my shoulder was completely pain free. It was amazing! I still need to work on building up strength but I can’t wait to try the laser on other aches and pains. I’m trying it next for my plantar fasciitis. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone with pain or an injury.
martha G.
Amazing results with just 4 treatments. I did not experience any pain at all and actually felt great relief after my first visit!
Nancy M.
I had constant pain in my right knee. I was skeptical at first of Dr. Sigmans recommendation of Ortholaser therapy. But, Dr Sigman had performed surgery on my left knee and it feels great. So I gave the Lasertherapy a try. I wanted to try to avoid surgery in the right knee. I had 10 sessions of laser therapy.My knee feels great! I can sleep on my side and I no longer have constant pain upon moving! Dr. Sigman and staff are so well versed and knowledgeable.I trust their judgment profusely! I am thrilled!
David A.
I like to let anybody who’s interested or heard of Ortho Lazer it’s a wonderful treatment I highly recommend it they’ve done wonders for my shoulder it’s improving I am so thankful I’m grateful for this piece of technology thank you thank you thank you
Wonderful location, amazing staff as expected being operated by Dr. Sigman. I was a bit apprehensive as to how the treatment itself would work, not knowing truly HOW it works and having had such extensive knee surgery in March, but I trust Dr. Sigman with my life and I am not disappointed with the results after 10 sessions. My knee feels so much better. Thank you to everyone. I would absolutely return in the future if the need arose.~ Melissa S.
steve T.
The results I got from the cold laser were nothing short of miraculous. By my 4th appointment, I felt close to 100 percent, and improved from there after every visit. I’m back at the gym working as I was before the injury, and couldn’t be more pleased.
Christine H.
The decrease in the level of pain in my hip is amazing and I’m only 2/3 of the way through my treatments! I no longer suffer with constant discomfort and pain from arthritis in that joint. The best part is that I can lie on my left side again so I am sleeping much better!
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