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David A.
13:51 05 Oct 22
First time in. Impressed all the way around. Definitely coming back for more.
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Liz C.
19:21 30 Aug 21
Great experience! Wonderful, helpful staff who helped me after my knee surgery. Cut my recuperation time and helped clear up swelling and bruising. Great stuff!
Bobby S.
19:56 29 Jul 21
Great staff and great results!!! Highly recommend
Angela Williams F.
22:28 30 Jun 20
My son had a small tear in his meniscus that gave him some pain. He had 7 laser treatments on his knee and the pain subsided in just a few days.
Igor C.
16:23 21 Jun 20
I have been fighting pain related to a hip impingement for over a year now. In the four weeks of treatment at OrthoLazer I experienced a reduction of 90% of my pain. I can barely notice it now.

The staff at OrthoLazer managed my expectations about the treatment from the beginning. They explained that the laser treatment would not be able to cure the underlying injury (you can only fix an impingement with surgery) but that the laser would help alleviate the inflammation around the injury. After just a couple of sessions, I started noticing a significant improvement in my pain. One of the laser’s primary benefits for me was that I was able to identify and isolate which muscles were more inflamed around my hip. Knowing which muscles were inflamed allowed me to do specific stretches and heat therapy on these muscles, which significantly speed up the recovery process.

The staff at Ortholazer is fantastic. They will listen to you and help you get the best out of each session.

If you are in pain, I strongly recommend you give Ortholazer a shot.
Sharon K.
14:55 13 Mar 20
I have used this treatment for ten sessions, and it has helped relieve pain from my lower back and shoulders and neck. I highly recommend them. The techs are wonderful and very caring
Marian L.
16:51 19 Feb 20
Professional, very friendly .Helps with your pain problems. I would definitely recommend.
Erin Ritchey S.
23:38 17 Feb 20
I have seen so many amazing results, including results on myself and family members! If you are skeptical, please give us a try! You won’t be sorry! ❤️
Jackie R.
20:59 12 Feb 20
Currently being treated for ankle injuries. The staff is awesome, very attentive and caring. Excited to get great results!!
Connie W.
03:07 28 Jan 20
I just completed 6 sessions for severe pain in my hip that was coming from what has been diagnosed as spinal stenosis. I am not completely pain free but it has helped so much I can walk again! I highly recommend, the staff are so courteous and helpful. I will definitely be back!
Dee S.
20:41 17 Jan 20
staff was amazing … very friendly
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