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1 month ago

Timeline photosAs our MLS M8 lasers reach tissue damaged by surgery, biochemical healing processes are triggered to speed up cell repair, creation, and tissue regeneration. These processes aid in reducing pain and inflammation, helping patients cut recovery time.

Read more about how laser therapy can aid in recovery after surgery:

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3 months ago
Wishing everyone a very safe and happy holidays from all at OrthoLazer 
Peter Ronchetti
Judy Wilson Ronchetti
Karl Michalko
Michael Giordano
Patty Rockoff

Wishing everyone a very safe and happy holidays from all at OrthoLazer
Peter Ronchetti
Judy Wilson Ronchetti
Karl Michalko
Michael Giordano
Patty Rockoff
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3 months ago
Proven results. Come see if you would be a good candidate!

Proven results. Come see if you would be a good candidate! ... See MoreSee Less

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Patient Reviews

Jason Iorio S.
04:01 23 Feb 23
I injured my knee at work, I tore both my meniscus, grade 2 sprained my ACL and chipped cartilage off of my femur. Cortizone injections were not working and I’m trying to put off the inevitable of getting a knee replacement so I thought I’d give ortholaser a try. The laser therapy has greatly reduced the swelling and I am able to move almost normally. I went from severe pain to moderate or almost no pain in about 12 treatments. I’m on my feet pretty much all day at work and I don’t know what I would have done without these laser treatments. It’s totally life changing.
John R.
14:22 17 Feb 23
Magic. I’m no longer constantly adjusting my wrists and wincing after only a few treatments.I’m so sending my wife in!And such friendly warm expert care
Daid E.
18:16 03 Jan 23
I was having crippling arthritisIn the joints of my right handThe treatment gave me enough MobilitySo I can now play my guitarI highly recommend the treatment I have little to no pain
Stacy P.
20:37 11 Nov 22
Very pleasant organization & personal were great.My pain has been reduced and I am able to use my hand more since getting treatments.
sam C.
13:43 01 Aug 22
My experience with Ortholazer was wonderful. The staff was friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs laser therapy.
Claudia O.
14:57 27 Jul 22
Wonderful place to go to help ease your pain. The three ladies I met were terrific and very friendly. The facility was immaculate.I don’t like to see my sessions end.
Mindy S.
12:56 27 Jun 22
The care at the Ortho Laser Center has been Outstanding! I had both hand and wrist pain from playing golf. The Lazer therapy stoped both my pain and stiffness. I highly recommend Lazer therapy.I would like to thank both Kory and Lori for all of the professional care during my Lazer therapy sessions!
Roger B.
18:53 25 May 22
I have been suffering from severe arthritis in my left shoulder for many years. I was told 3 years ago that I needed it replaced in order to continue working and participating in many sports that I love. I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 36 years and knowing full well what is required to recover from a shoulder replacement made it an absolute last resort with the amount of work that I would miss! I continued to work, workout and golf whenever possible and put up with the residual pain and discomfort which sometimes made it difficult to sleep. Last year a good friend from the medical community told me about Ortho lazer and how it just might give me some relief from my current situation with constant discomfort. After my initial visit, I couldn’t believe how much better my shoulder felt!! I couldn’t believe it!! I worked out harder the next day than I’ve been able to with hardly any discomfort! Unbelievable!! I kept working out harder AND golfing on the same day (which I could NEVER do) while receiving two OthoLazer treatments each week….it was miracle!! I continue to receive one maintenance laser treatment each week while I continue to exercise more intensely!! I’M GETTING STONGER AND LOVING LIFE!!! I can’t say enough about Kory and the AMAZING staff at OrthoLazer!!!!!! It’s life changing!!!!
Fred H.
18:04 23 May 22
I was most fortunate to have been referred here for postoperative treatments by my orthopedic hand surgeon. Extremely professional, competent and a friendly Team of Caregivers that answered my treatment questions! I experienced a significant reduction in general wrist stiffness as well as localized pain after just 3 treatments. I highly recommend the services of OrthoLazer!
Sara and Roy R.
12:27 20 May 22
This has been the BEST experience and alternative for my planters fasciitis.Pain free treatment!
Patricia E. M.
21:53 05 Apr 22
OrthoLaser is in my opinion the best place to go for any Joint, Back, Hip or any related pain. I’m so glad my Neurosurgeon referred me here. I have had the best care here and everyone is extremely compationate and knowledgeable. Thank you so much.
Danielle R.
00:42 24 Dec 21
I have seen Kory for 5 or 6 treatments for plantar fasciitis. I went from experiencing pain every time I took a step to absolutely no pain at all. Kory was also very accommodating with getting me in for my appointments and really listened to my concerns. I would totally recommend OrthoLazer to anyone experiencing muscle/joint pain!
Dawn S.
16:09 11 Nov 21
Amazing results…This was life changing treatment
Linda M.
11:04 23 Jun 21
My doctor recommended I try the ortholazer after some post op pain that did not ease up. I had limited mobility and burning pain in my foot. I wanted to avoid another surgery. I had trouble walking on on uneven ground. Even walking the dog would hurt. I completed 6 treatments and had a remarkable decrease in the pain. I continued on for 4 more, and I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. Kory has worked with me every step of the way to be sure we target the spots that gave me trouble. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with ongoing pain. It has made a huge difference in my mobility. The staff is great and helpful.
Beth G.
23:26 31 Mar 21
I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in February 2021. My options were surgery or a series of laser treatments. I decided to try the laser treatments because surgery did not appeal to me. I had a total of 10 laser treatments at OrthoLazer on Monroe Ave with Kory. With each treatment I was greeted pleasantly by Shani at the front desk and I was brought back efficiently to the patient care room by Kory. She explained how the laser works and provided me with goggles to protect my eyes. The treatments were painless and quick. The office is kept very clean and after only a few treatments my pain level went from a 9/10 to a 4/10. By my final treatment I am overjoyed to share that I no longer have the pain and numbness in my hand and I am able to work with no downtime. I highly recommend this office!