ROCHESTER, N.Y. (PRWEB) February 25, 2021 — A new laser technology recently made available for franchise opportunities is helping orthopedic surgeons in select cities earn passive income while offering their patients an alternative pain management option, according to Scott Sigman, M.D., founder of OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers headquartered in Rochester, NY.

“Since we recently made OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers available for franchise opportunities, it has really taken off,” said Dr. Sigman. “In fact, we’re excited to announce that we just opened two new centers – one in Rochester and one in Milwaukee!”

In addition to these two new OrthoLazer locations, other centers have been opened in Portsmouth, NH; Pensacola, FL; Fayetteville, GA; Southington, CT; Lexington, KY; Newburgh, NY; and Chelmsford, MA. Three new OrthoLazer locations are also on the horizon for three more U.S. cities: Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Dallas.

Dr. Sigman attributes the popularity of OrthoLazer franchise to two things: 1) the MLS M8 Robotic Laser Therapy technology available exclusively to OrthoLazer, and 2) their “business-in-a-box” franchise system.

“The MLS M8 Robotic Laser is the most advanced laser therapy available today,” said Dr. Sigman. “Not only is it FDA-cleared to treat pain and inflammation but is non-invasive, fully automated, and completely safe.”

The MLS M8 Robotic Laser is the only fully automated high powered Class IV laser which does not generate debilitating heat. The innovative design allows for unattended operation maximizing office efficiencies. It works by emitting specific wavelengths of light that enter the damaged cells to stimulate intracellular activity, reduce pain in the treated area, and speed recovery time. It treats the pain and inflammation associated with many common orthopedic conditions, including back pain, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle tendinitis, and more.

In addition to their exclusive laser technology, Dr. Sigman says OrthoLazer’s “business-in-a-box” franchise concept makes it highly desirable as an income generator. “Our system eliminates all the guesswork and much of the leg work,” he said. “This means busy orthopedic practices can get their OrthoLazer center up and running quickly with very little work on their part.”

The OrthoLazer franchise system provides franchisee partners everything from real estate selection and staff recruiting services to a completely designed and delivered branded OrthoLazer Center. The OrthoLazer Centers’ business systems and software streamline operations to maximize efficiencies and minimize staffing requirements.

“Based on the response we’ve gotten so far, we believe people will be seeing many more OrthoLazer Centers going up across the country,” said Dr. Sigman. “Which is great for patients looking for opioid-free pain relief.”

If you’d like more information about OrthoLazer, please visit their website at or call their office at 888 -652-9199.