3 Common Injuries Laser Therapy Can Treat

While it might seem that simple light energy from a laser would not have the capability to lower the level of pain or inflammation felt by a patient, science assures us that it’s absolutely true. In fact, this light energy not only reduces pain and inflammation, but also promotes healing of damaged tissues, relaxes your muscles, and stimulates the regeneration of nerves.

How laser treatment helps

Laser treatment can relieve pain by decreasing the level of pain-producing chemicals in a specific area of the body, and by promoting the release of endorphins which assist with pain relief. It addresses inflammation by increasing the ATP level, which in turn accelerates cell repair processes. It also widens the arteries and veins in the injured area, which increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the area, while also helping to remove damaged cellular material.

Photons of light from a laser system can penetrate deeply into cell tissue, so as to promote growth and cellular reproduction. It will also cause repairs to take place more quickly on ligaments, nerves, muscles, and tendons. Then too, laser light will help to increase the generation of new capillaries in the injured area, thus speeding up healing and addressing any wounds more quickly.

Common injuries successfully treated by laser therapy

There is a whole catalog of injuries that can be successfully addressed by laser treatment, and this should not be surprising, given the effect it has on cell tissues in the body. However, there are some types of injuries and pain that are ideally suited for treatment by laser systems and are used more often than others.

Neck pain, back pain, and joint pain typically respond very quickly to laser therapy, and these areas tend to be addressed more than others for that reason. Another area that can be managed very effectively by laser therapy is inflammatory conditions, for instance, tendonitis, capsulitis, and bursitis. There are quite a few injuries that have an inflammatory component to them, and which make them suitable for treatment by laser therapy.

Any kind of sprains, strains or repetitive motion problems can all be treated very successfully with laser therapy. By relieving inflammation and promoting the healing process, laser therapy can quickly get directly to the source of the issue and start the healing process immediately. While several sessions may be necessary, most patients feel better after even one or two sessions of treatment.

Where to start?

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