Project Description

The affect of MLS therapy on nerve conduction parameters in developing diabetic sensory peripheral neuropathy.


The MlS laser is composed of an 808nm continuous emission laser and a 905nm pulsed emission laser that are synchronized. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the MlS laser on the injured tibial and peroneal nerves in diabetic sensory neuropathy. The sural nerve was chosen as an untreated control nerve.

a controlled prospective study was performed on ten patients with documented type 2 diabetes and peripheral sensory neuropathy. Nerve conduction parameters were determined prior to therapy and reevaluated post therapy. The course of therapy was three weeks. F-wave chronodispersion (Fc) measurements at the completion of the study showed significant improvement with this therapy. Peroneal Fc went from 8.99ms to 6.19ms (p=.015). Tibial fc went from 10.30ms to 6.97ms (p=.001). The MLS laser therapy produced objective improvement in nerve function for persons with developing diabetic sensory neuropathy.

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