Although most orthopedic surgeons are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in their trade, when it comes to the business side of things – like marketing for instance – not so much.

Yet, marketing can be one of the most important things they can do to help their businesses grow because if no one knows about you, all that talent and all those skills might not be getting used to a wide audience.

Some ortho surgeons don’t really have an aversion to marketing or to business, but simply haven’t been able to find the right combination of marketing strategies that resonate with their ideal patient. With that in mind, here are four ways to approach marketing that should produce some worthwhile results for you.

Use SEO to reach clients via Google

This has to be the #1 strategy for any orthopedic practice, or any other business for that matter. SEO is a powerful mechanism for increasing your online visibility because it will improve your search rankings. When more people can find you on the Internet, you’ll undoubtedly get more traffic to your website, and you’ll have more leads and potential customers.

Optimize your website to obtain leads

Updating your website’s SEO will drive traffic to your site, but to get them to stay on your site, you’ll have to do a little more. Make sure your site contains lots of high-quality, useful content, that it’s visually appealing, and that it’s easy to navigate. Include some informative videos which explain your procedures, and if you have some positive testimonials and reviews, these should be included as well.

Engage your target audience through social media

Being active on social media allows you to connect personally with your current patients and with many potential patients. Find out which of the social media your target audience primarily spends time on and begin to develop a presence on that platform yourself. You can also provide some useful tips and information on the platform, to get potential patients interested in your practice, and to depend on you as an authoritative source.

Don’t get discouraged!

If the marketing strategy which you use first doesn’t produce immediate results – don’t get discouraged! Sometimes it takes several months for these tactics to take hold, and the best approach is usually one which incorporates several strategies at once. Tinker with your marketing strategy until you begin to see the kind of results you’re hoping for, and keep in mind that you are doing the right things, so success is just around the corner.


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