Growing any kind of business these days can be a real art, given the competitiveness of the business landscape. If you have an orthopedic practice, you’ve probably already found this out, and you’ve probably gone through all the frustration of trying to advance to that next level of success.

One avenue for real growth which you may not yet have considered is to set up a new profit center. This profit center could focus on a unique service providing tremendous value to your patients. A perfect example of this is the “business-in-a-box” franchise system. offered by OrthoLazer, a premier maker of laser systems that treat acute and chronic pain.

What they will do for you 

Okay, so you’re too busy to oversee the setup of a new profit center in your practice. No problem. A good business-in-a-box franchise will do most of the legwork for you and you can just continue on with the daily operations of your practice.

One of the better business-in-a-box systems is the one we created at OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Center to treat chronic and acute pain. Not only is the laser the most advanced in the market, but our orthopedic surgeon partners find outstanding support and service.

We begin by helping you select the real estate to be used for the new center, then help design and set up the whole center. We will even recruit the necessary staff members to man the operation, and that alone can take a considerable amount of time. The business systems and software provided by OrthoLazer will then help to streamline the operation and achieve maximum efficiency for the new center, and our marketing support will help you get the word out to the people who need to hear it.

Why this is an opportunity worth considering

In the first place, this is an opportunity that requires very little of your personal time, so your existing practice will not be disturbed or inconvenienced by missing your presence. With most of the details being handled by OrthoLazer’s business-in-a-box approach, you’ll be free to concentrate on serving your current clientele, without skipping a beat. Secondly, the laser treatment therapy itself is a real boon to patients who may have tried other approaches, and who have not achieved the hoped-for level of pain relief.

In a nutshell, a business-in-a-box approach is perfect for busy orthopedic surgeons who want to create a brand-new profit center for a minimal investment of time and effort.


OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers offer patients and their doctors an innovative and effective alternative pain management option to treat acute and chronic orthopedic conditions. Founded by Dr. Scott Sigman – the original opioid-sparing surgeon – our centers further his mission of providing his patients non-operative and non-opioid treatment options.