How a Laser can Help Your Patients get Back to Their Active Lifestyle

How a Laser can Help Your Patients Get Back to Their Active Lifestyle

Laser therapy is probably the best kind of treatment your patients can undergo for relief of pain and inflammation around the body, and it can get them back to doing all the things they love doing, faster than any other kind of treatment. Because it’s non-invasive, your patients won’t need a long recovery period, and in fact, they’ll be able to resume their busy days just minutes after being treated. Unlike opioids, it’s also a non-addictive form of treatment, so they won’t be substituting a bad habit for the resolution of their injuries or pains.

Why people love laser therapy 

Most people who have received laser therapy treatments actually enjoy the process, because the treatments themselves are generally very quick, only requiring perhaps 10 minutes to accomplish their mission. High-powered lasers are capable of delivering a great deal of energy in a short period of time, so therapy can be very effective even if administered very briefly. This can be extremely appealing to individuals with busy schedules, who are constantly faced with a time crunch.

Rather than feeling any kind of discomfort during the process, many patients report that laser therapy actually creates a soothing, gentle kind of warmth. In addition to this, it happens fairly often that pain and discomfort levels are quickly reduced during treatment so that many patients begin feeling better almost immediately.

Laser therapy relies on a process which is known as photobiomodulation, which means that photons penetrate tissues to interact with inflamed areas. This triggers a number of events that cause an increase in cellular metabolism, while simultaneously decreasing inflammation and pain. As opposed to using medications, this approach has no undesirable side effects whatsoever. It also provides long-lasting relief of any pain or discomfort felt by your patients, and it may only take two or three sessions to produce this kind of long-lasting impact.

Laser therapy can be used to treat either acute or chronic conditions, and it’s especially effective when it is used in the immediate aftermath of sustaining an injury. The quicker that inflammation can be reduced, the quicker the healing process will begin, and the body can be restored to normal. In the case of chronic pain, laser therapy is ideal because it provides for treating a wide area of interest, while still producing long-term benefits.

Whether your patients are experiencing acute or chronic pain from an injury or other source, their best bet just might be to undergo laser therapy. This kind of treatment approach is the most effective and long-lasting strategy and is recommended by a great many scientists and medical professionals. Patients looking for the best place to be treated with laser therapy should consider contacting the professionals at OrthoLazer, where the most advanced laser therapy equipment in the world is currently being used. Their laser system has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of pain and inflammation, so you know they’ll be in good hands at OrthoLazer.

OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers offer patients and their doctors an innovative and effective alternative pain management option to treat acute and chronic orthopedic conditions. Founded by Dr. Scott Sigman – the original opioid-sparing surgeon – OrthoLazer Centers further his mission of providing his patients non-operative and non-opioid treatment options. If you’d like more information about OrthoLazer, please visit our website at

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