How Laser Therapy Helps Foot and Ankle Pain

How Laser Therapy Helps Foot and Ankle Pain

People who have foot and ankle pain have probably tried just about everything to relieve it – from pain relievers to arch supports. But for many, laser therapy could be the answer.

Laser therapy is a beam of light that stimulates cells in the body so that natural healing and pain relief can take place. This kind of laser therapy can be used effectively to treat foot and ankle pain that may have been bothering you for years.

Here’s how it all works.

Relieving foot and ankle pain

The power of light energy can be harnessed very effectively to accomplish some beneficial purposes, and one of these purposes is laser therapy used to manage chronic pain. Laser therapy has the capability of stimulating tissue regeneration and growth, reducing inflammation in the affected area, increasing blood circulation, and accelerating the healing process in tissues and cells.

A typical MLS laser therapy system involves the use of two coordinated lasers, one of which has a longer wavelength used for pain relief, and the other which operates with a shorter wavelength that helps to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. If either of these two wavelengths were used on their own, they would be somewhat effective, but when they are used together, they can be extremely effective at bringing about relief for chronic pain.

Laser therapy is extremely effective at treating soft tissues like tendons and ligaments, and these are found in abundance in the lower part of the body. These softer tissues are often impacted by injuries and can easily become inflamed. The anti-inflammatory capabilities of laser therapy are excellent for relieving swelling and pain in any area of your foot or ankle.

Effectiveness of laser therapy

It should be noted that there is no medical treatment in existence that is 100% effective for all patients. However, it can be stated accurately that laser therapy has already helped 90 percent of all patients who have been treated by it. It can also be stated that the people who have undergone laser therapy treatment have experienced as much as 90% relief from the process, for an indefinite period.

Many people have already discovered that laser therapy is the one treatment that has finally eliminated their chronic pain and has helped them avoid the necessity of surgery. Studies have also shown that using laser therapy after an athletic injury can accelerate recovery by as much as 40 percent when used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan. If these statistics sound impressive, that’s because laser therapy is just that effective in treating chronic pain in your feet, ankles, and other areas around the body.


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