Is Laser Therapy Better for Arthritis than Steroids?

Is Laser Therapy Better for Arthritis than Steroids?

A common dilemma for orthopedic surgeons dealing with patients affected by arthritis is the best way to provide relief. While steroids have long been used as an effective treatment option, there can be drawbacks to steroid use.

But have you heard about laser therapy? Laser therapy is a cutting-edge and noninvasive alternative to steroids for relieving pain in arthritic conditions. In this blog post, we’ll explore why many are questioning whether laser therapy can be a better approach than steroid-based treatments and how and how patients are experiencing positive outcomes for their arthritis pain. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of which therapy delivers optimal results for your patient’s needs when compared to traditional pharmaceuticals

Treating arthritis with steroids

When steroids are injected into an area of the body, they trigger a number of different cellular reactions. They reduce the inflammatory reaction of the body and start an anti-inflammatory response by producing inflammation-killing cytokines. Capillaries in the injection area will also become restricted, thus reducing blood flow to the region.

In general, steroids dull the normal response of the immune system, so inflammation has a chance to subside.

On the negative side, steroids can also cause a certain amount of muscle loss, especially if used over a period of time. Side effects from steroid injections can include any or all the following: facial swelling, glaucoma, infections, cartilage degradation, osteoporosis, and rising glucose levels.

Treating arthritis with laser therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment that calls for laser light to be directed at the area of pain and inflammation. Cells in the body absorb the low-level laser light and this triggers the production of new cells and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.

Steroid injections, and all other forms of treatment, will generally only mask the symptoms for a time, providing temporary relief. Laser therapy also carries no side effects, other than the potential for a slight tingling sensation in the affected area, and this will quickly subside in a few hours.

Bringing laser therapy to your area

Given the fact that laser therapy treatment provides highly effective pain relief – plus a number of other benefits – and zero side effects, it seems to be the ideal treatment for any kind of chronic pain and inflammation.

Don’t know where to send your patients for laser therapy? Why not to your own laser therapy center?

OrthoLazer makes owning your own franchise very possible for busy orthopedic surgeons because it requires very little personal time and effort. OrthoLazer’s Franchise Success Team eliminates all of the guesswork and most of the legwork so ortho surgeons can quickly establish a clinic in their communities. Franchise partners not only enjoy an entirely new source of revenue but also provide an extremely valuable and much-needed source of treatment in the communities they serve.


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