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1 day ago
Happy Wednesday!  Meet Dr. Pennington!  
He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children. During his free time, you can find Dr. Pennington on the golf course or on a trail running or biking.

Happy Wednesday! Meet Dr. Pennington!
He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children. During his free time, you can find Dr. Pennington on the golf course or on a trail running or biking.
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One of the best!

The best!!!

3 days ago
Question of the day!

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6 days ago
Alice was able to tell the difference with using OrthoLazer post-op, as she had surgery without it in the past.  She could feel the difference! Do you want to be able to feel the difference?  Call OrthoLazer for more information.

Alice was able to tell the difference with using OrthoLazer post-op, as she had surgery without it in the past. She could feel the difference! Do you want to be able to feel the difference? Call OrthoLazer for more information. ... See MoreSee Less

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Patient Reviews

Pam Jaskulski
19:28 30 Jun 22
Had a great experience at OrthoLazer. Friendly staff, easy procedure, helped with pain, highly recommended for your ortho recovery
Scott Aiosa
18:39 29 Jun 22
Great experience
Karen Peterson
20:11 25 Jun 22
Very friendly and helpful staff!
Judy Appenzeller
14:37 23 Jun 22
Ortholazer 100% helped me heal faster after my total knee replacement. Would highly recommend Ortholazer as part of your recovery treatment! Staff is very helpful! Was an awesome experience!
Margie Graf
19:30 18 Jun 22
I always feel better after a treatment @OrthoLazer! Additionally, everyone is super nice!
Soumya Venkat
17:23 17 Jun 22
I was first recommended to OrthoLazer by my doctor. The laser treatments helped to heal my incision site and reduce the inflammation quickly. The laser treatments are pain free and the technicians in Ortho Lazer are great to work with. I am happy with the sessions that I underwent here. Thank you Ortho Lazer!
Rose Delaney
12:11 15 Jun 22
Everyone at OrthoLazer is professional and welcoming. I truly believe that the treatments speeded up my recovery significantly.
Steven Detrie
23:24 13 Jun 22
the staff is very professional andFriendlyI Have neuropathy and Treatment seems to helpLooking forward to more sessions
Brian and Susan Kangas
22:51 08 Jun 22
I recently had knee replacement surgery and received six lazer treatments post surgery to aid in healing. My physical therapist noticed a much faster rate in reduction of swelling and inflammation over the course of my treatments. I also feel that it has helped to reduce the amount and intensity of pain. Overall, I am very satisfied and would highly recommend lazer treatments for healing after surgery.
Susan Greiner
23:25 02 Jun 22
I believe these treatments helped my surgical scars heal faster and helped my range of motion and pain after shoulder surgery. Everyone was very kind. I only wish this was covered by insurance. Now that I haven’t gone for a week, my pain is back and more intense.
Katie Knurowski
13:16 29 May 22
This was the second time my daughter had a treatment: first was after surgery on her shoulder and this time was for both of her knees. Alexis was amazing! Not only was she professional, she was very friendly and made the whole experience very easy going.
Mary Klem
17:47 28 May 22
Professional. Friendly. Kept me updated on my treatment 1 st experience was my knee excellent results. This time back and hip. It was effective
Jerry Grevenow
21:24 23 May 22
I had the full 12 treatments on my right knee and my pain and stiffness has been significantly reduced! I went from limping with extreme pain walking to playing 18 holes of golf on very uneven terrain with very minor soreness after. The entire staff is so friendly, personable, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anyone to give them a try! Barb
Cheryl Cuddeback
16:27 23 May 22
This treatment is very helpful. The sessions are quick and almost SPA feeling. I’d recommend 100%!!
Clark Gridley
00:25 20 May 22
I recently had hip surgery and have had 6 lazer treatments post op. After each treatment my hip felt looser and felt more like a normal hip. My hip feels like it is healing at a fast pace. I strongly recommend it for anyone who has had hip surgery.
Brian Ketterer
19:44 19 May 22
Amazing results on my shoulder working with Amie & Mary. They not only listen, care and explain about what treatment goals are but they also get to know me and understand what my issues are.It went so well I’m now having them work on my knee after surgery !And they are fun to talk to!!
Chris Oertel
19:06 16 May 22
I have been very pleased going to OrthoLazer. They have created a pleasant environment. Their staff have treated me with respect, courtesy and have fully explained what they were doing. I gladly recommend OrthoLazer to others.
Randall Green
00:28 16 May 22
Knowledgeable staff; all very pleasant; treatment was very effective for me. I certainly recommend this business to others
Carol M
00:39 13 May 22
Cutting-edge laser therapy to promote healing, provided expertly and efficiently in a professional, modern, friendly environment.
Ken Letto
18:54 12 May 22
Professional and caring staff. Awesome results and accelerated healing. Totally recommend.
John Landaal
02:55 12 May 22
I was referred by Dr Edwards & Dr Parisi from the MOSH clinic in Franklin after successful hip replacement in August. Was still having post surgery discomfort in lower lumbar area after 4- spinal/disc injections and was referred to OrthoLaser for treatment by them. I completed a 12 session treatment and started receiving positive results with the inflammation in my lower back area after 9- treatments. Am planning some maintenance visits to help if future. The entire staff was very professional and on point in helping me with my pain relief. Jeremy, staff manager, was very helpful and actually added additional help to my last 1/3 of treatments . Amie was the technician for 8- of my sessions & she was very pleasant(actually called to follow up to see how I was feeling). They truly care about helping in getting their clients the best of care in pain relief. Thank you for ALL of your TEAM efforts.. Best wishes, John
Denise Schuppert
20:57 11 May 22
It is an easy and painless therapy that provides positive results in a short period of time!
Karla Miles
00:40 11 May 22
Amie was AMAZING! She was very patient and explained everything thoroughly. She went above and beyond and listened to all my needs. I am happy to say I am pain free right now. It was well worth the time and money.
Patrick Miles
14:41 10 May 22
Everyone at the Ortho Laser Center in Franklin was amazing! Amie did the majority of my treatments…she is very professional, very knowledgeable and always on time.The procedures have definitely helped after my knee revision. I notice an immediate change as soon as the treatment is finished.Thank you to everyone for all there care and hard work…it’s greatly appreciated!!!
Kathy Brugman
14:19 10 May 22
When in for treatment of my left knee from meniscus tears. After 12 sessions, my pain is pretty minimal. The experience was great and the staff is wonderful. It has helped me manage the pain for now.
Diane Wawrzyniak
16:22 09 May 22
I loved the treatments at Ortho Lazer. I truly believe it has sped up the healing process from my knee replacement surgery and would recommend their services to anyone considering it. The staff is kind and very helpful. Don’t hesitate, just do it!
Ben Sadler
22:31 05 May 22
All the technicians and the staff are very professional. I had a good experience. And I saw some relief in my arthritic knee.
Bonnie Puddy
22:00 02 May 22
Staff was courteous and helpful!
Adam K
16:20 02 May 22
Facility was clean and everyone was very helpful. I would definitely recommend.
Marsha Boettcher
14:27 29 Apr 22
This is absolutely the best experience I’ve had doing an out patient procedure. I would highly recommend any having joint replacement to consider following through with Lazer treatment. I had my shoulder done twice in 5months didn’t do Lazer 1st time but second time felt, I would give it a try! Fabulous results 3weeks out and I have full range of motion and at 90% pain free. Thank you to the staff and doctors for making this available for me.
Gary Marinelli
18:12 23 Apr 22
OrthoLaser was recommended to me by my Orthopedic surgeon for chronic lower back pain. From my first visit to the last it was a great experience. Jeremy (Office Manager) explained everything to me about the procedure, process and cost involved. Very thorough and considerate! All of the staff from receptionists to therapists are welcoming and answer any questions to make sure you have pleasant experience. My mobility has increased and my pain level has decreased. I would highly recommend OrthoLazer for anyone having type of pain issue or mobility issue due to orthopedic problems.
Doris Hentz
14:37 21 Apr 22
I am very pleased with my healing process
Steph J
14:27 18 Apr 22
I am very happy with the results of having the laser on my left shoulder for calcific tendinitis. I was scheduled to have surgery and at my pre-op appointment I noted that my shoulder was feeling better and we decided I would do PT and OrthoLaser instead or surgery at this time. Doing the laser inconjunction with physical therapy allowed my PT to progress quickly and with almost no discomfort after therapy sessions. As a physical therapist’s assistant myself, I would always expect patients to be sore after a session, but the OrthoLaser changes that. Instead of having surgery 3 weeks ago and being in a sling for 12 weeks, I’m coaching two of my kids in softball this week!
Mike D
20:37 17 Apr 22
Everyone here is really friendly. Always on time appointments. Have had several treatments and feel it has helped me in shortening recovery time from rotator cuff surgery. Now going back for a few maintenance appts.
Brenda Ganther
13:22 12 Apr 22
I scheduled an apppintment based on a recommendation from my doctor. Staff was great, providing all answers to my questuons regarding procedure and possible results. I completed 12 sessions and am feeling much better than I was. I would definitely recommend OrthoLazer.
Mary Sorsek
20:35 08 Apr 22
Professional friendly staff 2nd foot surgery.I’m back walking in shoes 2 months after surgery. Prior recovery time much longer.
Abby Jung
19:13 05 Apr 22
Great place to go. Everyone is so warm and welcoming! So happy that I went ! The treatment I received has helped my healing process in so many ways. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of healing!Cathy Jung
02:14 05 Apr 22
I’m thrilled after completing 12 treatments to help with stiffness and restricted movement post-Achilles surgery. I rated my stiffness and movement as a 6 before starting laser therapy. When I finished I rated both at a 2. That’s big improvement! I’d recommend OrthoLazer to anyone looking to reduce swelling and increase mobility.Fingers crossed this is a permanent fix.
Jeffrey Turner
00:57 02 Apr 22
All the staff were super friendly and took the time to explain what they were doing and what to expect. I thank everyone. I wii take advantage of the tuneups as needed.
Dave Blood
16:33 28 Mar 22
Good experience. Scar nearly faded but since this is my first knee replacement I don’t have much to compare.
Felicia Kelley
00:02 26 Mar 22
Had pain and burning in shoulder and arm for 11 months from Covid-19 vaccine and this Lazer treatment relieved the burning and pain. Would recommended this treatment to anyone. Great staff, they make you feel very comfortable!
Jean Spiess
14:21 22 Mar 22
Helped while I was going now that I stopped it’s back to hurting off and on but a little better
tony truett
17:35 18 Mar 22
So far so good.
Rick Lewis
17:27 18 Mar 22
Great results following total knee replacement surgery. Having gone through the same thing 3 years ago with my other knee without this treatment, the recovery has been easier and with better pain and inflammation management. Highly recommend!
Laura Elliott
13:38 13 Mar 22
I used OrthoLazer for my total knee replacement. My incision looks fabulous and the treatment helped with my inflammation and pain. Easy peasy! Love this place!
Dean Rudoll
17:01 12 Mar 22
Had surgery for a torn meniscus. Everyone from the receptionist to the technician were fantastic. I would recommend this for anyone that is having problems with wrists to hips and everything else.
Gayle Schwartz
21:46 08 Mar 22
I scheduled myself for six sessions for tendonitis of my left hip. I was very pleased with my overall experience. From the ease of scheduling my appointments and to the general care and treatment from the technicians, it was a worthwhile experience. I scheduled myself for two additional treatments as an added extra. I feel I did have positive results from this provider and would recommend this type of treatment. Wonderful staff.
Elizabeth Nowakowski
17:12 08 Mar 22
Due to having arthritis and a spur in my knee , I wanted to try laser treatments . What a difference they made in helping to relieve the discomfort I felt.
Tom Schneider
00:04 05 Mar 22
I had OrthoLazer 5 days after rotator cuff surgery. After 3rd visit I felt a noticeable difference with less pain and stiffness. Staff is excellent and very professional. Well worth the money.
Ralph Schopp
21:30 03 Mar 22
It was great. Everyone was very professional & friendly.
Mike Kuba
20:56 27 Feb 22
The people were very nice and helpful. I would recommend this to anyone to receive this treatment after surgery to help with the healing and pain.
John Menchak
19:50 18 Feb 22
Had 6 sessions after capsular reconstruction on my shoulder to accelerate healing…had another 6 sessions 3 months post during more aggressive physical therapy to alleviate soreness…pleased with results
Alexis Bourgeois
19:21 18 Feb 22
I was scheduled to have hip surgery, but I was concerned about recovery time. Being a busy mom, I was worried about not being able to take care of my house and kids. I went in for Laser treatments. I am thankful every single day I did! My hip was keeping me from so many activities, not allowing me to sleep well and also causing weight gain from low activity level. My pain is gone. I don’t take OTC meds for pain, I don’t cancel plans because my hips hurts. My life has improved so much since, I am no longer in pain. I can keep up with my kids and walk my dogs pain free. Life is good. Thank you OL!!!
Tom Kiz
00:46 18 Feb 22
My experience has been very good. It has really helped with the swelling after my knee replacement surgery. The staff is very pleasant and professional.
Chris Albert
20:37 16 Feb 22
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Each one shares from there background of experience in their prior medical fields they worked in.
Terry Cotter
18:37 16 Feb 22
Staff very efficient, timely and friendly. Not 100% sure laser worked completely. Doing physical therapy at the same time. Did see a significant reduction in swelling after a couple treatments.
23:14 15 Feb 22
The staff is fantastic. Unfortunately the treatment didn’t have great results. I have a tendon issue in my foot that didn’t respond very well. I will give it a few more treatments and see if it helps. I did receive 12 treatments total. Not sure why I didn’t get a desirable result. I will post again after a few more.
David Stecker
19:36 14 Feb 22
Staff was very friendly and knowledgable. Always a friendly greeting and staff that would make sure my needs were being met as well as updating my progress at every appointment.
Mark Scalzo
17:38 13 Feb 22
Staff is excellent. Everyone is friendly and the appointments start on time. Seems like all the clients love them too!
Angela Morales
20:07 11 Feb 22
I had 6 sessions after a proximal hamstring protrusion and when I started I was a 6/10 for pain and about a 7/10 for stiffness. I hadn’t really noticed significant changes while I was going through the treatments but on my last day when I was asked the same questions my numbers were 0/10 and 1/10. I was very surprised that while I hadn’t noticed along the way that by the end I had seen significant improvement. I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone who has had surgery or even a sports injury. I believe I would not have made as much progress in my recovery had I not undergone this treatment.
Lawrence Haugen
22:23 08 Feb 22
Enjoyed my time with you. Professional and explained everything so even I could understand what is happening and what to expect! Thanks
Elizabeth H
21:44 06 Feb 22
Did cold laser therapy on my right knee to resolve inflammation and pain. After the third or fourth session pain was diminished significantly by the ninth or 10th had no issues in knee after walking several hours a day. Nine months later I came back and did therapy on my left knee for inflammation and pain as well. Didn’t do as well as the right but did allow me to continue with twice a day walking the dog with no problem. Significantly impressed with staff and the cold laser therapy.
Tina Smith
20:38 06 Feb 22
Staff were great. Had relief in just a few sessions!
Richard Rosenmerkel
20:13 05 Feb 22
I received treatmens after knee replacement surgery. Works great and takes away the pain.
Jenny Nunez
19:38 05 Feb 22
All treatments have helped me. I’ve recently had treatments on my ankle and before that on my shoulder. The staff is great, informative and friendly.
John Stein
17:57 03 Feb 22
The OrthoLazer team is professional, friendly and courteous.They focused on me as their patient, and my particular need for laser therapy. And the laser therapy enhanced my recovery.Five Stars, all around. Thank-you!!
Georgia Janke
17:06 03 Feb 22
Technicians were very knowledgeable and detailed in their work. Foot pain went from a 5 (out of ten) to a 2 after 6 sessions. Quick and easy. I highly recommend the therapy and this clinic.
Ellen Mayer
16:28 02 Feb 22
Ortho Lazer cold laser therapy is working GREAT for me !!! I started coming here for knee pain and am now also happy to be able to get help with sciatica back pain relief .The staff are always friendly and helpful 😊
Julie Prossen
15:02 30 Jan 22
I have had chronic low back pain for about 8 years now with occasional pain in my legs. My spine doc, Dr. Perlewitz, referred me to Ortho Laser. I was instructed to get back to spin class and water walking in conjunction with the Ortho Laser treatments. I was very happy with Ortho Laser, the technicians, receptionist, scheduling and the facility, I went to the Franklin location. All of it was excellent. I’m able to sleep almost entirely uninterrupted thru the night now. I don’t wake up as stiff. I still have pain in my lower back though when walking or standing. The only complaint I have is that I wasn’t able to get back to exercising while going thru the treatments because I had bronchitis for 10 of the 12 treatments. So I plan on getting a few treatments here and there to keep the inflammation down. The facility felt very spa-like and relaxing.
Shari Wass
17:05 27 Jan 22
Hello this is Linda B-I wanted to share how great the Ortho Lazer clinic is.When I first came to the clinic I used a walker and Shari came right to the door without hesitation. Great smile and always welcomes you. The tecs all new exactly what to do . Very therapeutic. Matt, Amie, Mary, Alexis, Thankyou! Jeremy, thank you for getting my order from my surgeon and your customer service was fantastic. When you first walk into the clinic it feels like your livening room. Just relax and enjoy!If you come for morning apts. Pat will also greet you professionally.
Donald Savaglia
17:47 26 Jan 22
After shoulder surgery I went for Ortho Laser treatments. I could tell immediately it was helping. The pain in my shoulder reduced after each treatment. Initially, I received six treatments. After ten days without treatment, I noticed my shoulder was aching more than it had been. I decided to go back for more Ortho Laser treatments. The new treatments reduced the pain.Because of the success of the treatments on my shoulder, I decided to try Ortho Laser treatments on my chronically aching knee. After two treatments, it no longer hurt my knee to walk up stairs or get up from a chair. I am doing twelve treatments on my knee, based on my doctor’s recommendation, to see how much improvement the treatments provide.If you have an injury, something new or chronic, ask your doctor if he/she would let you try Ortho Laser treatments. They helped me.
Greg Venci
17:00 26 Jan 22
I would highly recommend the Brookfield Ortho Laser office. Lucas and his team of technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful. It is a very caring environment which help put my fears to rest. I am planning to have maintenance sessions to continue the treatment for my hip pain. Thank you to the entire staff!
Jenny Correll
00:18 26 Jan 22
The staff at OrthoLazer were very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Every technician took time to talk to me at every visit about improvements I was having and any questions or concerns I had. They get to know all of their clients and greet you at the door with a welcoming smile and greet you by name. I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend OrthoLazer to others.
Cathy Daeda
13:44 25 Jan 22
Ortho Lazer clinic treatments helped manage my pain in tissues in thigh and back of thigh and around incision regarding hip replacement. Excellent experience. The staff were extremely friendly and techs were extremely knowledgeable working with lazer treatment for all 12 appointments. Thank you
wal and mar
22:01 24 Jan 22
It was great. Staf all very helpful and prompt.I hope I continue to walk better without pain.
Scott Burman
01:04 23 Jan 22
I had pain and swelling after knee replacement, was perscibed 6 treatments.After the fifth, it was night and day difference.Swelling and pain subsided, gained range of motion to further aid in my recovery. Also every staff member was polite and very helpful.
Abby Sobczak
19:15 18 Jan 22
Everyone there is so nice. They know how to make it not seem awkward. I would tell more people to go.
Bud Metzger
13:56 17 Jan 22
Friendly, punctual, effective, we recommend to any surgery patient to heal.
Donna Braunreiter
18:56 16 Jan 22
The first OrthoLazer treatment I received was 4 days after my reverse total shoulder replacement. Two different strong opioids were not controlling my pain and it was suggested that I try OrthoLazer treatment. After the first treatment, 95% of my pain, stiffness and soreness was gone. I only needed tylenol after this first treatment to control my pain. I had fantastic results; I called it a miracle. I also had great results with OrthoLazer treatments for chronic pain and faster healing of wounds. I strongly recommend this treatment for anyone with acute or chronic pain, injuries, inflammation, wounds and faster healing.
Dennis Wentland
22:47 14 Jan 22
Laser treatments at Ortholazer helped me before and after my rotator cuff surgery. After experiencing extreme and prolonged pain in my shoulder, an x-ray showed calcification buildup in my shoulder tendon that appeared larger since the last x-ray three years ago. An MRI also showed a spur. I was informed that further cortisone shots probably would not be effective. I chose to have surgery, but I inquired whether Ortholazer treatments would reduce the severe pain. Dr. Pennington, my surgeon, believed laser treatments would help but also informed me that Medicare would not cover the costs. I was able and willing to pay so he called and scheduled an appointment for the same day. After nine treatments in less than a month my pain level went from a 10 to about a 2. Instead of taking about 20+ pain pills a week, I needed only 3 Advil / Tylenol the week before surgery. The treatments were so effective that I canceled the last three treatments and had them rescheduled after surgery. Two weeks out from surgery, I told Melissa, the Ortholazer technician, that I had been unable to sleep in my bed because of severe shoulder back pain. She used a laser wand on the back of my shoulder during my treatment. Within 24 hours, the pain in that area was so diminished that I could finally sleep in bed. I’m currently three weeks out from surgery and still receiving laser treatments to reduce pain and enhance the healing process. I began my physical therapy sessions today.
Austin Forsberg
16:04 07 Jan 22
The staff at OrthoLazer are extremely knowledgeable at using the lazer to get the best results. This new technology helped my swelling and recovery after knee surgery go quicker. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.
Gregory Neal
20:07 06 Jan 22
I recently had rotator cuff surgery for the 3rd time on my (R) shoulder. This was my first opportunity to use the OrthoLazer procedure. I was impressed how I felt after my first 3 treatments. By my last 3 treatments, I felt great! Considering the pain I remembered from my previous surgeries, I couldn’t believe the difference. I was given pain meds to cope with the discomfort. I was able to minimize taking them as prescribed, to taking as needed for pain. I believe the treatments help reduce scarring, inflammation and also speed up the healing process. I am now 6 weeks post surgery and I feel minimal pain in my shoulder. After my previous surgeries, I had to wait at least two to three months before I had pain relief like this. I feel that the OrthoLazer treatments are well worth the cost. The staff are professional, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.
Nicky Williams
18:22 06 Jan 22
This is Beverly Krawczak-Williams and dancing dealt me a nasty partial tear in my right hip. I learned of ortholazer treatment from my doctor and started both therapy and lazer treatments in the same week. I was so glad that I combined these treatments as I feel that the lazer quickly helped to reduce my pain and inflammation in the area that was traumatized while the PT has gotten me stronger. The target hits with the lazer wand also focused on other nearby areas that were causing issues. I am so pleased that I agreed to combine these treatments and avoid surgery. I also want to mention that the staff at the facility is wonderful and they truly care about you and your recovery.
Joan Baylerian
17:38 29 Dec 21
For several years, I continually injure my back in which the last resort to alleviate the pain was with a series of epidural shots. After my most recent injury my doctor recommended OrthoLaser treatments. Even though it was not covered by insurance, it was worth every penny spent. I have no pain! It’s like a miracle! I recommend it to everyone who has been living with pain. This treatment. Is painless and life changing!
Sadie Nennig
01:25 29 Dec 21
OrthoLazer has been a huge part of my recovery from ACL replacement surgery. I get treated by Amie, who is an absolute delight. I always look forward to chatting during our brief sessions. I believe the treatment helped my knee (and the wounds) heal faster and better than they would have without it. At four weeks post surgery I was told by my surgeon’s PA that I was ahead of the curve in terms of how my knee was looking. I plan on continuing to do maintenance sessions throughout my recovery. Thanks Ortholazer for helping get me back up and running!
Karen Korene
04:30 26 Dec 21
I was in constant pain from my swollen knee with a meniscus tear for over a year. The only relief came from daily over the counter pain medication such as Aleve. My doctor suggested I try the OrthoLazer treatments to avoid another surgery and the down time associated with recovery. I have never been happier with my decision to try these treatments. The swelling has diminished, I am no longer taking any pain medication except for an occasional headache and I am able to function again without limitations. My treatments required no downtime and were painless. OrthoLazer treatments has given me my life back without pain. Many thanks to the amazing staff for their concerns, knowledge, kindness, and professionalism they showed me each and every visit.
Sara Anderson
19:43 22 Dec 21
I started running again after some time off and began experiencing hip pain that I just dealt with for 8 long months before finally reaching the end of my rope. I made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor (Dr. Evanich), and he recommended I try OrthoLazer. I was incredibly skeptical, especially given its more recent FDA approval and the fact that insurance does not cover any of the treatments. Given my age, I really didn’t want to go the injection or surgery route right off the bat, so I decided to give it a shot. About halfway through my 12 laser treatments I started noticing a huge difference. I went from being in agony after a full day with no activity other than just being on my feet, to being able to hop on a spin bike and ride 7+ intense miles with absolutely no pain, stiffness, or aching at all! I have just completed my treatment plan and feel almost 100% back to my old self. I don’t think I’ll try running again anytime soon, but going from not even being able to walk without pain, to being able to workout and function normally has been beyond amazing. So amazing that I am actually hoping to do a different treatment plan for some foot issues I’ve been having for years! Everyone from the receptionist to the laser technicians were fantastic! Thanks OrthoLazer Milwaukee!
Jackie N
16:22 20 Dec 21
So impressed with all of the staff! Super professional! Service was fantastic, went in with a lot of pain and swelling in my knee, 6 treatment later, and left with almost all range of motion back, reduced swelling and very low pain levels! Highly highly recommend!
Mark Nichol
03:42 18 Dec 21
It is great to have a new option to alleviate some of my chronic back pain. Everyone working here was very nice & knowledgeable, too.
Danielle Ruffalo
17:34 17 Dec 21
The staff is so friendly and supportive. Treatments are gentle and effective. I would highly recommend giving this modality a try if you suffer from back, neck or joint pain.
Craig Lucas
23:11 15 Dec 21
The OrthoLazer Clinic provides patients with a alternative that must be considered for joint pain. I must admit that I was skeptical about using this cold laser treatment but I was at the point of either daily medication or surgery. I’m so happy I tried this alternative treatment. My pain was unbearable and constant. I signed up for 12 treatments and after 4 treatments I started to notice a difference, after six the pain was almost nonexistent. I’m done with my 12 treatments and I’m completely pain free.The staff at the Franklin location is friendly and professional and the facility is clean and inviting. The employees went out of their way to make sure I felt comfortable with the procedure and that I knew what was happening every step of the way. This is a painless treatment that really worked for me.
Elissa Marie
21:21 15 Jan 21
I wish I had taken a picture before I started my treatment so there could be a before and after picture – it’s crazy! I didn’t expect to see a physical difference in my knees but they look less swollen and my pain is significantly better.My workouts (mostly running and yoga) really damaged my knees. I felt pain walking up the stairs and would have to lean on the railing. I also had to alter my workouts because my knees were in so much pain. Now I can walk up the stairs with no problem, and can go back to my yoga classes without feeling pain.I didn’t feel relief until about my third treatment, which is normal. I am 26, and really happy I got this treatment right away. The entire staff is excellent. They all want to create the best treatment plan for you to heal.Highly recommend!! There really isn’t any place like it!
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