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Patient Reviews

Elizabeth Mentek
22:53 22 Mar 23
It was a positive experience at OrthoLazer. The staff were kind, caring and understanding of my specific needs. I feel the long term benefits will be worth the price paid.
joan Hanstedt
18:50 22 Mar 23
I had 6 sessions to help heal a left knee total replacement. The atmosphere was always very friendly, helpful, and professional. When I walked out of the office after my 5th session, my knee felt less stiff and moved easier. OrthoLazer is new to me, so I have nothing to compare it with.
Gary Spindler
14:24 22 Mar 23
After many rounds of knee shots and cortisone my orthopedic surgeon suggested OrthoLazer. After the usual 12 round regimen I noticed a marked positive difference. I no longer needed my cane and am back to working out. The pleasant and courteous staff showed genuine concern for my success.
David Hoeffert
17:09 21 Mar 23
Awesome results and an excellent staff.Highly recommend to everyone as part of their post operative rehab.
Linda Berg
15:55 20 Mar 23
Used Lazer therapy to help the healing process after a hip replacement. Thought it helped. Found staff very helpful and professional.
Crispin Ramirez
22:32 18 Mar 23
Had a hip replacement and was referred to get treatment at Ortholazer. From the first visit the staff is very welcoming and make you feel comfortable. They are all very personable, professional, and accommodating. The pain started to subside around my third visit. I would highly suggest this treatment to anyone who has surgery. My favorite technician is Alexis! Thank you!
Shelley Herrmann
15:18 14 Mar 23
I definitely recommend laser therapy after a knee replacement. It made a huge difference in the healing process. Very clean facility and very friendly staff.
Steve Spaulding
21:02 11 Mar 23
I think the treatments really helped a lot I healed very quickly and the scar is small. The staff was very easy to work with.
Madelyn Rehberger
17:50 11 Mar 23
The laser treatments helped me after my total knee replacement. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Kim Kerkhoff
21:27 08 Mar 23
I would recommend this treatment to anyone who had knee replacement surgery like I did , it speeded up my healing process. The staff was very helpful and it was enjoyable to go to each treatment.
Tammy Ebert
16:27 08 Mar 23
I was shocked to see the results of the swelling in my knee within 2 visits. Bending my knee as well. I came in not sure but was thrilled to see the results after my 6 visits. I have and will continue to recommend Ortho Lazer. Staff was all wonderful as well each visit was a great experience. Very compassionate. I was dealing with vertigo as well so I appreciated there patience.
Tom Greenbranch
14:46 07 Mar 23
Everyone at OrthoLazer were friendly, helpful, and professional. The facility itself was clean and inviting. The technical staff were proficient and efficient while still fostering an inviting atmosphere. I would recommend this establishment to anyone seeking alternatives to medication for pain relief and rehab.
Ben Miller
23:21 06 Mar 23
Staff is wonderful, making appointments were easy and convenient. The pain relief was helpful, but my pain goes beyond muscular and into my joints, that I didn’t get 100% pain relief.
Gojko Stula
19:37 06 Mar 23
Excellent service. Results moderate.
laurie kieliszewski
02:31 02 Mar 23
The laser treatments have helped my back tremendously and it feels better than ever.
Laurie K
18:35 01 Mar 23
Knowledgeable, friendly staff…timely appt.👍
Diane Rogstad
17:08 28 Feb 23
Highly recommended! The staff is wonderful and it is a great place for healing. My experience was 100% positive with amazing results.
Jacquelyn Radovich
19:56 27 Feb 23
I had a good experience setting up appointments and truly believe the Lazer does help with pain and healing.
Stephanie Auer
20:31 23 Feb 23
Very quick and painless for my ACL/ meniscus repair.. Matt my technician was very informative and friendly. My recovery is well ahead of schedule that I believe is due to the Lazer treatment!
Charlotte Pesch
02:54 23 Feb 23
Thank you so much for all the help and kind words. Very friendly
Jaime Petricek
02:35 21 Feb 23
Using OrthoLazer to aid in recovery from my hip surgery was a great idea! The staff is friendly and efficient, knowledgeable and helpful! Easy to make and reschedule appointments! I feel there were measurable and positive results from the treatments!
Kimberly Zimmerman
03:31 13 Feb 23
Unsure what to expect, but so happy I made the decision to try OrthoLazer as part of my post-surgery treatment! Staff is extremely friendly and very professional. Office is very clean and bright. Appointments are easy to make and flexible with your schedule. The services we painless and an invaluable part of the recovery process. Highly recommend 10/10!
Keith Olson
21:18 12 Feb 23
I would highly recommend this place when having a knee replacement surgery. It helps with swelling and your surgery scar. Staff was very friendly and helpful..
22:10 09 Feb 23
While recovering from spine surgery, I had several OrthoLazer treatments to help my incision heal and treat my post-op pain. My overall experience with OrthoLazer was amazing! The staff are so knowledgeable and friendly. The treatment is painless, and they provided me with information on how the laser works at the cellular level to promote healing (as a biomedical engineer, this was right up my alley!). My sessions were quick and tailored based on how my recovery was going for the best patient experience (adding additional laser targets to where my pain was, adjusting angles, letting me choose a position that was most comfortable, etc). They worked really closely with my doctor throughout my treatments too, so I was confident everything was healing appropriately. I would highly recommend going to OrthoLazer for post-op recovery and pain management treatments!
Barbara Hill
20:48 09 Feb 23
Friendly staff. Very attentive to your needs.
Michelle Schulz
03:38 04 Feb 23
All the staff was very courteous and professional. They explained the process and always checked if I had any questions.
20:38 03 Feb 23
This place is amazing! Staff is wonderful and respectful of your time. I would highly recommend for anyone seeking pain relief from an injury.
Dean Shefchik
22:29 01 Feb 23
I had 2 knee replacements in Sep-22 and end of Dec-22. For first one, did traditional physical rehab with laser therapy. I did have a lot swelling to deal with, but knee is doing great 4+ months in.I did use OrthoLazer treatment on second knee replacement as I wanted to use up HSA. Doing the 6 sessions made a difference, I didn’t have as bad of swelling because of treatments and actually hit 125 degrees on range of motion bend by week 5, around two weeks earlier than other knee. It also has helped with scar sensitivity. I would recommend this if you are doing joint replacement to give you an extra edge in doing your physical therapy, which you still need to do!I’m a male in late 50s, 6’5 and large build, so having this edge and putting in the hard work with PT will me walking trails and golf course again by summer. Get an edge with OrthoLazer and get to work rebuilding your strength, flexibility, and balance with some tough physical work as well!
Mark Korducki
16:36 01 Feb 23
Great care. Friendly staff.
Kimberly Mahoney
14:50 01 Feb 23
The staff at OrthoLazer are amazing. Everyone is so friendly. The sessions were easy to schedule and they send convenient text messages confirming your appointments with reminders the day before. It took all 12 sessions but I definitely saw a reduction in headaches and muscle tightness. Also, the treatments are painless. I highly recommend you try OrthoLazer!
Abby Sagan
23:57 31 Jan 23
Absolutely great staff!!! It speed up my recovery from shoulder surgery. Worth the price.
Todd Benton
22:51 30 Jan 23
I recently had shoulder surgery & my doctor recommended to have laser treatments. I felt that the treatments were helpful to reduce pain and swelling. I don’t know how I would have been without the treatments, but it did feel like I had less pain after the treatments and the next day. The staff was great to work with, answered all my questions and the waiting time was a few minutes to none.thanks, Todd
James Fajkowski
16:39 30 Jan 23
Very good experience staff was always on time and very helpful with my questions I feel that it helped my healing process.
David Zabler
23:48 28 Jan 23
After my reverse shoulder replacement surgery, OrthoLazer has greatly helped my arm, hand, elbow and wrist swelling and nerve pain. I’ve even have had some relief from a past hand surgery which still had minor puffyness. I’m very satisfied with OrthoLazer Milwaukee.
gale ryan
22:08 27 Jan 23
My experience at OrthoLazer after knee replacement surgery was so positive. Both Amie and Alexis listened to the areas where I was having pain and would adjust my treatment to endure those areas got some extra attention. The treatments at OrthoLazer worked well with the physical therapy I was also doing. I highly recommend OrthoLazer.
Jim Anderson
17:28 27 Jan 23
I went here for my neuropathy lower legs and IT HELPED. The staff are great, from the person who greets you when you come in to the people that do the treatment. Professional and they DO care about you!
Debby Cooper
13:40 19 Jan 23
Very clean, amazing people to work with Amie terrific! My chronic foot issue has improved immensely.
Don Ridgway
23:49 17 Jan 23
Going in for my first treatment I was nervous, the staff made me feel so relaxed. The technicians were so helpful and they could answer all of the questions that I had about the laser procedure. They told me after the sixth treatment that I would start feeling results and they were right. When I came in,I had to turn my whole body just so I could use my head. My neck was so painful, but when they were done, it went from a pain scale of eight to a pain scale of two. I am now able to use my neck with only some tightness after the therapy. I would highly recommend laser for an alternative to surgery if it’s available.Thank you to a wonderful staff.
Barbara Zaffiro
00:16 16 Jan 23
Ten years ago I had my right knee replaced and I thought I wouldn’t have the other done until I had to.Well I had to but this time I elected to have Ortholazer do laser on my left knee replaced. I’m a true believer in the treatment. It reduced inflammation and lessened the pain. It was out of pocket but it was worth it!.Barb Z.
Ira Brown
22:17 15 Jan 23
Staff is great and accommodating!! Outcome was great.
Denise Newton
19:36 15 Jan 23
OrthoLazer is AMAZING!! I had a total knee replacement. Having laser treatments helped me heal so much faster! The staff is wonderful. I will definitely go back after my other knee replacement! Before and after pictures after 8 weeks!!!
Linda Dejewski
14:58 15 Jan 23
I was having pain from my torn Meniscus in my left knee and also from Bursitis (sharp pain at times right below my left knee) which was aggravated by an injury two months earlier. I was referred to OrthoLazer by an orthopedic physician assistant and I’m so grateful for that recommendation for the laser treatment. Insurance didn’t cover the cost, but I didn’t feel that the price was too expensive. After the treatments, my Bursitis pain was completely gone and that was the main reason for seeking treatment. I do still have some pain from my Meniscus tear at times but that is a problem that only a knee replacement may fix. I do feel that the laser treatment did provide some relief with Meniscus pain because I’m no longer limping. I’m so thankful that I had the laser treatment at OrthoLazer and all of the staff at OrthoLazer are so friendly and listen to your concerns.
Judi Fellows
23:11 14 Jan 23
Lazer staff well-educated in therapy; prompt, friendly, caring. Although therapy was minimally successful for my low back pain, I saw a lot of relief in the sciatic pain down my leg into my foot. Thank you. Judi
Laura Greenwald
00:10 14 Jan 23
Dr. Parisi recommended me for this after he did my hip replacement.I can tell you that after my 6 visits, I am healed. I am walking, cooking,shopping, basically back to the living. I knew nothing about Lazer therapy and was hesitant on proceeding since I had to pay out of my pocket but would do it in a heartbeat again as I have had excellent results up to now. Everyone here is professional and in my opinion educated and very pleasant to deal with. I wish they had this after my knee replacements.
Linne Bruskewitz
19:36 13 Jan 23
I highly recommend OrthoLaser as it has sped up my healing, in regards to the swelling and wound incision. The technicians and receptionist were always pleasant, positive, and very helpful.
Laura Zimmerman
22:08 12 Jan 23
I had nagging pain in stiffness in my neck and shoulders for several years. I have tried everything: PT, massage, accupuncture, etc. OrthoLazer treatments have been the only successful treatment to alleviate my pain and stiffness.
Josefina Yaconis
22:19 11 Jan 23
Their are super friendly at the facility and everything is nice and clean. The laser has definitely been helpful after my shoulder surgery (labral tear), it has helped with pain and allows me to do my physical therapy exercises easier. I would highly recommend it.
Cassie Reesman
21:10 11 Jan 23
I have been struggling with lower back pain and glute pain for a year now. Found out I have a bulging disc and displaced nerve root. I am on my 7th treatment and have noticed a difference in pain and range of motion. I can’t wait to see where I will be at once my 12 treatments are done. I highly recommend ortho lazor and all the staff are so friendly and wonderful!
Robert Lehmann
21:34 10 Jan 23
The staff was very friendly and efficient. I look forward to going in for treatments. I would highly recommend ortholazer
Matt Meka
00:11 10 Jan 23
I received Ortho Laser for knee replacement surgery. I went twice a week for 3 weeks. I believe the treatment helped with healing of my incision and recovery of muscles from the surgery. I would recommend the treatment for knee replacement patients. I am able to walk and ride a bike for 60 minutes 30 days after surgery.
Greg Cottone
21:26 09 Jan 23
I recently had the opportunity to go toORTHOLAZER Orthopedic Laser Center for wound care treatments Everything was explained before hand and had excellent staff doing the treatments. Have gone 7 times and my wound is doing remarkably better. It helps blood flow , healing wound quicker. And many other healing quality’s. Am very pleased with Ortho lazer and staff. Would highly recommend going there. Mention it to your Dr. Thank you GMC. 01/09/23
Tonya Davis
16:26 07 Jan 23
When finding out I needed a total hip replacement I delayed surgery to December of 2022 as my daughter was getting married in September of 2022. This summer I completed 12 treatments to help alleviate the pain to get me to my December surgery. Following my surgery it was recommended that I complete more lazer treatments to aid in the healing process, I strongly recommend you give the treatments a try, you will not be disappointed. Amazing staff, and compassionate technicians made my experience even better! Thank you OrthoLazer. -Sandy Davis
Clarence Lyles
16:50 06 Jan 23
The staff was amazing. And my recovery time on my shoulder surgery was cut in half. Great job!
nancy nessman
18:59 05 Jan 23
Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Always on time. I had very good results for lower back and have been able to resume exercise. Highly recommend.
Rachel Quebbeman
22:49 03 Jan 23
The staff are super welcoming; they’re always smiling. The treatment was painless and assisted in me achieving some success with an incredibly difficult injury to treat.
Lori Zarneke
23:10 02 Jan 23
I recently had a knee revision and the staff at OrthoLazer in Franklin were very friendly. Made me aware of everything that was happening while performing treatment and what you can and can not do after treatment. The results are amazing as my knee healed up much faster then the first time around. Very pleased with the center.
lisa moore
15:52 29 Dec 22
What a great place to be after surgery ! They all make you feel so welcome and very comfortable. They are all very encouraging and so helpful and caring !!! The Lazer has really helped me with my hip replacement recovery time . It helped me heal much quicker than I thought possible . I am thinking of doing Lazer treatments in the future for arthritis relief in my back and possibly my other hip ! I feel it will help a lot in my future to get active again !! Thank you so very much for all the great people at Ortholazer!!!
Ashley Young
20:39 27 Dec 22
Shawna and her staff was outstanding and has shown great customer service. Always go above and beyond.
maria rajkovic
19:57 27 Dec 22
Had both knees treated for arthritis. After 12 treatments, I have better range of motion and less pain. The staff is super friendly and very easy to talk to! Totally recommend looking into this.
Ed nunya
18:14 27 Dec 22
Went there with the assumption that would help me with my hamstring pain into my surprise it worked out very well I would highly suggest it instead of living with a pain at least give it a try work for me
Jean Hasler
05:18 24 Dec 22
I’ve had two foot surgeries for tarsal tunnel on my left foot. The recovery after my first foot surgery followed by traditional physical therapy was getting me nowhere. Since my pain was still unbearable, I got a second opinion from another doctor.? I reached out to Dr. Guehlstorf from the Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin. After a prescribed nerve study found that I was still suffering from tarsal tunnel, we agreed that the right path would be to do a second surgery. After the surgery he explained the benefits of Lazer therapy (scar tissue breakdown, nerve awakening as well as healing ) and recommended OrthoLazer in Franklin. Wanting to heal the best I could, I told him I would do the six visit plan he was recommending.Although not covered by insurance, I wanted to get better so I scheduled my first visit. I was greeted with a friendly voice and a smile when I walked in. Then I was welcomed again by my technician/ therapist, Aimee who thoroughly explained what, how and why we were doing the treatments as well as how it all works. I went twice weekly for a fifteen minute appointment each of the last three weeks. Although my foot is still healing (it’s only been 4 1/2 weeks since my surgery) it feels so much better then after my first surgery with traditional physical therapy. If you would ask me my pain level right now I would have to say it’s a 1 as it’s more of a discomfort than a pain. I attribute some of this to my treatments at OrthoLazer.All of the technicians/ therapists were helpful and friendly and took an interest in my care. They each were thorough and did a great job. I would highly recommend OrthoLazer for anyone recovering from surgery or suffering from a pain in their joints. They’ve helped me!
Gojko Stula
20:54 21 Dec 22
I have a try this right knee with considerable pain I had 12 treatments with the laser it help me 50% propane I would like to have maintenance laser therapy
William Ludwig
23:35 20 Dec 22
Very clean, on time and thorough. I would not hesitate to try!
Linda Correll
17:03 20 Dec 22
Went for 6 visits after knee replacement, staff was great and I believe accelerated recovery.
Carol M
01:57 20 Dec 22
The therapy is painless and quick. The clinicians and employees are very friendly and helpful. They are explain the process and answer all questions, and they ask questions so they can provide very customized therapy.
Kevin Jones
15:14 19 Dec 22
OrthoLazer Milwaukee has very friendly and helpful staff. Received moderate results and I would recommend to family and friends.
Mary B
20:49 16 Dec 22
Less pain+ less swelling=faster recovery 👍🏻❤️The technicians are wonderful and ask lots of questions to individualize the treatments and provide the most benefit. I would choose this after surgery option again. I’m up and running lots swifter. Thank you
Patricia Hren
02:05 16 Dec 22
Helpful and professional staff. Very clean office. Laser technology was recommended and I decided to try it.
Lauren Gedemer
20:09 15 Dec 22
The staff at OrthoLazer are very kind and knowledgeable. I went for 6 sessions post-opp from a hip replacement. Although I cannot say for sure that the OrthoLazer sped up the healing process for me, I can say that I visually saw a decrease in swelling at my incision and, on days that I went in for treatment being sore/stiff, I felt better and had less pain post-Lazer
Jodi Miller
15:41 15 Dec 22
I went two separate times, for post rotator cuff surgery. I believe this helped a lot with my healing.
Ryan Herrera
22:19 13 Dec 22
My mom Susan was extremely satisfied with her laser therapy. She highly recommends their services, and will return for more sessions if her condition persists. Thanks
Richard Lemerond
18:21 12 Dec 22
The OrthoLazer Technicians were great!Scheduling was quick and easy.I will absolutely use OrthoLazer again.
Anne Heyrman
14:35 12 Dec 22
The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The treatment painless and quick and produced some improvement.
Paul Young
16:05 09 Dec 22
Mary is the best understanding very professional and such a wonderful person ❤️
Kelli Slominski
19:17 07 Dec 22
On behalf of my mother Donna Dyszelski: “I’ve used ortholazer treatment for both my right and left hip replacements this year and am very satisfied with the results. My incisions healed more quickly and overall stiffness and soreness improved sooner than expected. Everyone at ortholazer has been great to work with and I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you!”
Dale Willms
03:34 07 Dec 22
Wonderful people at ortholazer, respectful friendly and professional. Thankyou
robert morris
18:31 06 Dec 22
From day one the staff was friendly informative and full of positive energy. My appointments were always on time. This was my second shoulder replacement. The laser treatment made an amazing difference in the healing range of motion and minimizing pain. Thank you so much to all the staff at the ortho laser Milwaukee.
Laurie Minkley
17:11 06 Dec 22
Staff was courteous and friendly. Explained what they were doing and listened to my concerns. Office was very clean.
Marsha Stoner
01:46 02 Dec 22
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The Lazer therapy reduced my swelling much faster than I expected, and most of my bruising was gone after 3 treatments! My scar was also diminished much more quickly than I anticipated. The cost is worth every dollar!
Cynthia Short
13:02 29 Nov 22
Awesome results on both my hips after completing the first course of treatments! Everyone in the office has been over the top helpful as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling with pain… worth every penny!
Jeff Kanter
00:22 29 Nov 22
Excellent facility and Staff
Darlene Alt
18:33 21 Nov 22
Very courteous and helpful with all questions. Did everything in a timely manner.
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