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20 hours ago
Happy 2nd Anniversary Franklin OrthoLazer.  Thank you to our patients, we appreciate the opportunity to care for you and allowing us to provide a cutting edge technology.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Franklin OrthoLazer. Thank you to our patients, we appreciate the opportunity to care for you and allowing us to provide a cutting edge technology. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago
Struggling from pain or inflammation in your achilles tendon?  Let OrthoLazer help you!

Struggling from pain or inflammation in your achilles tendon? Let OrthoLazer help you! ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving from OrthoLazer.  We are very thankful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving from OrthoLazer. We are very thankful for all of you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Patient Reviews

Cynthia Short
13:02 29 Nov 22
Awesome results on both my hips after completing the first course of treatments! Everyone in the office has been over the top helpful as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling with pain… worth every penny!
Jeff Kanter
00:22 29 Nov 22
Excellent facility and Staff
Darlene Alt
18:33 21 Nov 22
Very courteous and helpful with all questions. Did everything in a timely manner.
Maria Mackie
19:03 19 Nov 22
I had a great experience at Ortho Lazer and I feel it has helped with the healing process after having a total knee replacement. Everyone has been friendly, professional and answered all of my questions. Would definitely recommend Ortho Lazer!
Janice Przybylski
17:09 19 Nov 22
Great service, very easy to make an appointment very clean and organized office and treatment rooms friendly staff.
Susie Chich
18:48 17 Nov 22
I can’t say enough about adding this therapy to post-op knee replacement. The staff is professional, friendly and helpful. My tech, Madison, made my sessions informative and enjoyable. After completing six treatments my pain and swelling was reduced and I feel my range of motion increased. Thank you.
Mary Baker
14:13 16 Nov 22
Good. Better recovery
Roger Parys
01:16 16 Nov 22
Everyone one at the Lazer clinic were prompt, helpful and did a great job. I was very pleased with the results.
Teresa Jacobs
21:44 15 Nov 22
I was treated with Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, both quite painful and bothersome. After my full treatment regimen I can honestly say I am 90% better. Well worth the time and money! Especially wonderful staff to include both reception and technicians. They kept me informed, and what to expect, in a professional manner!
Michele Leep
21:45 14 Nov 22
Staff was friendly and informative. Always felt better after my visit!
James Herzog
16:18 14 Nov 22
Everyone was extremely kind and to the point. All were very well versed at their profession. Very nice experience and would recommend.
Bill Evers
14:48 12 Nov 22
I had laser treatments after my hip replacement surgery. The incision left very little scarring.
Jazmine Neal
21:08 07 Nov 22
I’ve had a great experience here! I had ACL surgery two weeks ago and my knee feels fantastic. I have never had surgery before but my AT and PT are very impressed with how quickly and smoothly my healing process is going. I don’t have anything to compare this too, but I feel laser therapy has significantly helped my recovery process. The staff is also phenomenal and extremely friendly, I had a great experience here.
Robert Wincek
14:05 04 Nov 22
The Lazer services were recommended for after surgery treatment. It was well worth the price and definitely sped up my recovery. I would recommend them to anyone having surgery where lazer treatment can expedite recovery.
Michelle Miller
12:49 04 Nov 22
I had my doubts and was very sceptic if this could work. After 6 visits, the pain and swelling decreased and the range of motion increased! I will be going back for for other joints that are problematic. As someone with Fibromyalgia, I highly recommend this option for pain treatment.
Carol Ferch
14:15 02 Nov 22
I had my left knee replaced for a second time and was concerned about the pain and amount of time it was going to take to recover. I’m happy to teport the recovery was quick and the pain was a lot less than my first knee replacement. I attribute this to the Lazer treatments I received at Ortho Lazer. The staff was friendly and my sessions all went great. Thanks Ortho Lazer.
Cindy VanderWeele
18:12 29 Oct 22
The lazer treatments helped make my rotator cuff surgery recovery go well with minimal pain. Appointments were easy to make and the staff was kind and professional.
Mario R. Martin
18:23 26 Oct 22
I was out of sorts with lateral epicondylitis in both elbows. Dr. Jamie Edwards referred me to OrthoLazer as my last option before seeking surgery. Glad I opted for lazer treatment as it has helped tremendously. Night and day. Thank you to all the OrthoLazer folks. They are all amazing!
Jeffery Bollmann
16:42 22 Oct 22
Well maintained facility, friendly knowledgeable staff, appointments were easy to schedule, treatment results met my expectations. I would return if further treatment is necessary.
haley jorgensen
17:44 21 Oct 22
I recently had shoulder surgery and was presented with the option of having laser therapy during my recovery. I had never heard of laser therapy post surgery. Although I have nothing to compare it to, I feel like the laser therapy helped with my overall stiffness and discomfort. On the days that I had my appointment, and the day after, my shoulder felt looser and more comfortable. I’m also surprised at how good my scars look at only 2 weeks post op! Based off of my experience, I do believe that OrthoLazer sped up the overall healing process and made these first couple of weeks much less painful. Also, all of the staff were super conversational, kind, and motivational which is a good atmosphere to be around during recovery. I would highly recommend OrthoLazer for anyone post op!
Christina Williams
19:31 20 Oct 22
This was the easiest therapy I received for my frozen shoulder. The location is easy to get to and park, the staff are friendly and efficient, I was treated punctually, the office and treatment rooms are clean and comfortable, the treatment itself is painless and easy (just sit still and let the laser do its thing), and best of all, I believe this therapy, along with PT, is contributing to improvement of my condition. I would definitely recommend this therapy as a complement/adjunct to PT and home exercises.
John Mueller
18:45 16 Oct 22
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Treatments on time and Matt answered all my questions. Thanks.
Sonja Clausen
17:37 11 Oct 22
Very pleased with the treatments.I had a previous knee replacement without OrthoLazer treatment and feel I’m further ahead in healing & mobility with this knee using the laser in addition to the PT.The staff were extremely knowledgeable and outgoing. I would recommend OrtholLazer to anyone having knee replacement surgery.
Lee Jarmuz
14:31 11 Oct 22
My experience was very good ! Everyone was very helpful and kind! I feel it helped my healing process and I am going to do the ortholazer treatments after my R knee surgery that’s coming up in November!
Rick E
23:31 07 Oct 22
I had rotator cuff repair and so far it is going well. I had 6 Laser treatments in the first 3 weeks after surgery. Physical therapist says that my early recovery was better than expected.
Lisa Love
19:08 07 Oct 22
i was very happy with the procedures done and the staff. I feel like it sped up my recovery time.
Laurie Kasten
19:31 03 Oct 22
On the recommendation of my husband’s orthopedic surgeon, he scheduled 6 sessions after his knee replacement surgery. The staff in Franklin was friendly and very professional. His swelling, pain and bruising was greatly reduced. The results from the treatments were very positive.
Nancy Vetrano
14:45 01 Oct 22
After completing 6 Lazer treatments at OrthoLazer after my total hip replacement I could not be happier and more pleased with my results. Staff was incredible in answering all my questions and always friendly. Facility was easy to find. Appointments were prompt. I would and will recommend to anyone wanting a way to decrease swelling and improve wound healing. I didn’t know what to expect as an outcome but I feel I am weeks ahead in my healing . Thank you OrthoLazer Milwaukee.
Scott Paegelow
21:00 29 Sep 22
Partaking in OrthoLazer treatments following a total knee placement was a very wise decision on my part. I did my research about the process and outcomes experienced by other individuals. I have been very pleased with the results. I firmly believe that the OrthoLazer treatments not only quickly reduced my swelling and general discomfort as a result of the surgery but significatly reduced my recovery time.The facility and its staff are welcoming and professional. The procedures were clearly explained. I was always made to feel comfortable and encouraged to ask questions if necessary.I highly recommend OrthoLazer to anyone experiencing joint discmfort/pain.
Dianne Carr
20:35 29 Sep 22
Very satisfying result on shoulders. Doing things ie: reaching and lifting I haven’t done for years. Staff couldn’t be more friendly and professional. Highly recommend.
N Adamec
19:32 25 Sep 22
Fantastic results with incredible employees! Highly recommend to anyone.
Luanne Hill
23:53 24 Sep 22
Very friendly staff.Appointments ran on schedule.Definitely benefited from Lazer treatment – reduced pain & inflammation and increased range of motion
janet bursiek
18:30 22 Sep 22
The staff at Ortho Lazer were very professional and accommodating. The treatments were enjoyable due to the friendliness of the clinicians.
Patrick McDonnell
23:20 20 Sep 22
The staff was very friendly and courteous. Between the treatments and physical therapy excersises my neck and shoulder discomfort was greatly reduced. I would strongly recommend investigating OrthoLazer as a treatment option.
Lou B
21:36 20 Sep 22
Such a great atmosphere. The staff are very warm and welcoming. My treatment on my shoulder after surgery helped me tremendously with lessening my pain. I’d recommend Ortho to everyone.
Marsha Nelson
14:25 18 Sep 22
Referred by my orthopedic surgeon which made me a believer of this treatment after surgery. After one month, swelling and pain is majorly decreased. I am on my way to 100 % healing thanks to Ortholazer!
Carol Neumiller
17:58 16 Sep 22
Totally 5 star service from the kind, knowledgeable employees. My experience was prompt, quick, painless, appointments and I really think the lazer treatments sped up my healing process with diminished pain and less scarring.
Sherrill Marrs
22:49 15 Sep 22
Great experience after knee surgery…reducing swelling and pain. Staff is very knowledgeable and caring.
Gary Schonert
19:26 15 Sep 22
My 2nd experience at ORTHO/LAZER for the treatment for my neuropathy has given me good results so far,only time will tell.
Laura Mattila
02:57 15 Sep 22
I have gluteus medius tears and a partial labral tear. I went to OrthoLazer after getting no relief from a cortisone shot. After a few visits, I noticed a slight difference in my pain and stiffness. I am done with my 12 visits and intend to keep going. I believe it has helped to reduce my inflammation. The staff was very friendly and efficient. I don’t think I ever waited longer than 5 minutes for an appointment.If you’re trying to avoid surgery or heal more quickly after surgery, I highly recommend their services.
Erin Ulezelski
15:04 14 Sep 22
Very pleased, took away the pain, gave me quite a lot more flexibility, & the scare looks very good for less than 2 months out, my Physical therapist is very impressed with the outcome.
Bonnie Daleness
16:03 12 Sep 22
Pleasant staff and the treatments definitely sped up my recovery from TKR.
J Chen
11:41 10 Sep 22
My mother had hip replacement surgery two weeks prior to her first laser appointment. After two sessions her bruising went away and she felt significant better after the 3rd. Highly recommend!
Kira Karls
23:09 07 Sep 22
Our experience was fantastic! Everyone was delightful and we never waited to get in! Great location, fantastic staff! Very knowledgeable!
16:07 06 Sep 22
Good service. Always on time and easy.
Den Grall
02:29 05 Sep 22
After 12 I am starting to have some pain relief. I intend to continue with some maintenance visits to see if my relief continues.
Bonnie Rickenbaugh
18:04 03 Sep 22
Communication and care was exceptional!
Lisa Matheus
22:37 01 Sep 22
Great experience. Everyone was so nice and it really helped by daughter with her foot!
Rick Heinz
22:27 31 Aug 22
I was very happy with my recent therapy. All the people were very professional any made me feel very comfortable.
Chris Hicks
21:45 31 Aug 22
This treatment really helped with my inflammation and swelling after surgery.I had 6 treatments and i going back for more once i start more physical therapy. Thanks your and i really do suggest everyone try this.
Mike Kuba
21:14 29 Aug 22
The people were very nice and helpful. I would recommend this to anyone to receive this treatment after surgery to help with the healing and pain.
Kathleen Keller
14:36 27 Aug 22
This has been my 3rd opportunity for different joint issues. Each time the staff has been very friendly and helpful. As they said these treatments have reduced my discomfort and shortened my recovery for these issues. I have rec’d treatments on both knees and my hip. At my age I don’t expect perfection but my activity has improved greatly and I easily can still enjoy the grandkids
John Lincoln
20:48 25 Aug 22
I had total knee replacement surgery in July followed by 6 Lazar treatment. They really helped with the incision heal quickly. They helped reduce the scare tissue and helped reduce some of the pain. The staff was very knowledgeable, friendly and answered all of my questions and concerns. Val
james nisiewicz
15:54 23 Aug 22
Great place to go for therapy treatment. Clean, friendly, affordable and most of all, excellent results. I would highly recommend anyone to pay a visit and get consultation to see if this would be best for you. I will not hesitate for return visits for myself. 😊
Roberta Haffner
15:00 23 Aug 22
I had six sessions after my knee replacement. Bruising vanished after first two treatments. I did have some swelling immediately after but within two days I had more flexibility in my leg and very little pain. After 6 sessions my flexibility is at 120 and straight leg at -11. I can’t wait to see how it may help my low back.
Mary M
21:45 21 Aug 22
The staff at OrthoLazer in Franklin is great! I am treated with kindness and respect from the moment I walk through the door until the time I leave. The treatment center is spotless and Clinicians always listen to my needs and answer any questions of concern.I have completed 12 treatments for a hip problem, and the pain and inflammation have lessened. I will continue with the maintenance treatments in the hopes that the pain will diminish further. Thank you for the great service that I receive each week!
Tony Duke
19:42 18 Aug 22
Very nice people and very clean environment and very professional highly recommend
Evergreen Golf
11:07 16 Aug 22
Staff was very friendly, appointments were always in-time, a well-run operation
Austin Triantafelo
01:47 16 Aug 22
The staff all across the board was absolutely great to work with as they were so accommodating to my busy schedule, and the treatment itself started decreasing the pain and inflammation in my knee by the 2nd or 3rd session. I am so pleased with how the treatment made me feel and would definitely recommend to anybody!
Mark Hakes
18:07 13 Aug 22
Staff is courteous and professional, little to no waiting for appointments.
Mary Cajski
15:55 12 Aug 22
Best thing I could have done for my aftercare from knee replacement surgery. Everyone was incredibly friendly and explained things so well. I felt results after a few treatments.
Janiene Salazar
13:53 12 Aug 22
Everything went very well the treatments went faster and did wonders for my ankle
Steve Klemm
17:52 08 Aug 22
Staff is friendly , knowledgeable , and professional . Treatments are extremely effective and expedite healing while reducing stiffness .
Diane Augustine
17:41 03 Aug 22
The treatment is excellent and the staff is friendly and accommodating. I would recommend OrthoLazer to anyone who has surgery or any other issues.Thank youTom Augustine
Bob and Pat McKee
14:13 02 Aug 22
Professional. Laser therapy has helped post total knee and to help heal foot ulcer.
B.J. Wendt
21:13 01 Aug 22
I have had great results from OrthoLazer Franklin. I had lazer on my knee and heel. I feel much better. Their staff is very friendly and professional. All great but love Alexis. I will be using them again in the future after my next knee replacement. Thank you OrthoLazer.
Susan Poeppel
18:34 29 Jul 22
The staff was very friendly and informative. I am very pleased with the results of my treatments.
Karen Vaught
22:18 26 Jul 22
I was very impressed with the facility and the Lazer technicians. I have great results with my six treatments and do not have to go to physical therapy. It would be nice if insurance would cover the cost, but it was worth the money and I would highly recommend these Lazer treatments.
Bill Rodenberg
21:36 26 Jul 22
I have a severely arthritic shoulder that needs replacing in the future. To try and alleviate some of the pain and buy some time before the shoulder is replaced, we tried a steroid injection with no noticeable improvement. After consulting with Dr. Pennington, he suggested trying Laser therapy. We both agreed laser therapy will not fix the shoulder but it may reduce the inflammation and pain level. After 12 sessions of laser therapy my pain level is reduced and I’m sleeping through the night! I was skeptical at first as how a treatment you can not feel can improve your life with pain relief but it has. I am so thankful that laser treatment was an option. I anticipate starting a maintenance treatment program in the near future. Thank you OrthoLazer and the wonderful staff who treated me!!
John Thorsen
12:45 22 Jul 22
My hip bursa pain and my associated limp has been minimized. My comfort and sleeping has been improved but not totally fixed. I will use ortho laser again for tuneups, as needed.
Sue Bollis
00:49 22 Jul 22
Great location and service. If you are in pain and your current methods of treatnent are not alleviating your pain, the OrthoLazer at the Orthopedic Laser Center is another great option.
Lou Ann Zimmel
20:54 21 Jul 22
Excellent! Professional and Courteous Staff. Has helped my post op pain and healing immensely
Fun And Games
18:14 15 Jul 22
I have had nothing but fantastic results and I’m excited to come back for more areas to get done. The staff is very nice and friendly and informative. I highly recommend this if you’re having pain give it a shot you’ve got nothing to lose but pain.
Joanna McGuire
17:49 10 Jul 22
I was struggling with recovery because of foot swelling and severe toe numbness. I noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms after my third treatment. I completed treatment a week and a half later and I am convinced that treatment speed up my healing. OrthoLazer is definitely worth the cost.
Christine Dzierzak
21:59 08 Jul 22
The staff at OrthoLazer provided a great customer experience. The Lazer treatments really helped the healing process and If your doctor recommends it I encourage you to do it, you will notice the difference,
David Hojnacki
16:42 08 Jul 22
Clean environment. Super friendly professional staff from the receptionists to the Lazer operators.
Heather Young
16:21 08 Jul 22
OrthoLazer does such a wonderful job with their post-op and chronic patients. They are knowledgeable, cheerful, encouraging, and completely professional. I can highly recommend this group!
Ray Mattison
16:01 08 Jul 22
Very professional. The providers actually care about you. The Lazer Therapy actually works to speed up healing.
Guy Balistreri
18:38 04 Jul 22
Skeptical when I began the treatments for my neuropathy. Approximately half way through my twelve sessions I started noticing some improvement. All sessions now completed and I have about a 50% reduction in the tingling in my feet. Very happy and would recommend to others…
Robert Thomson
17:31 04 Jul 22
For some reason this under my Dads name.My name is Jennifer Phillips and I want to give this place 5 stars. Everyone was so personable and I also have had a quick recovery with pain from this experience
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