Meet the MLS M8 Robotic Laser – the most advanced laser of its kind.

Why the MLS M8 Robotic Therapy Laser is the Most Effective on the Market

Although there are other therapy laser systems available, OrthoLazer’s MLS M8 Robotic Therapy Laser is the recognized leader.


What makes the MLS M8 Robotic Therapy Laser the best and most effective system available? For one thing, it has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for use in treating pain and inflammation.

It’s also completely automated, so once it’s been programmed to treat a specific case, no further intervention is required. At that point, it becomes a hands-free procedure. In countless hours of patient treatment, it has proven to be 100% safe for use in treating a wide variety of pains that crop up all over the body. Such widespread conditions as back pain, damaged rotator cuffs, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, ankle tendinitis, and tennis elbow are all within the realm of treatable conditions for this remarkable laser system. 

Another big appeal and benefit of this laser system is that it’s completely non-invasive, and that’s great news for patients. If laser therapy weren’t available, it’s possible that some kind of chronic pain might require surgery, and that would be far more invasive. When surgery becomes necessary, there’s always a longer period of recovery involved, and the patient might even be off their feet for some amount of time.

How it works 

The MLS M8 Robotic Therapy Laser works by emitting light wavelengths that are tightly controlled. When the light energy impacts damaged cells, it stimulates intracellular activity, which causes pain in that area to be reduced. It also promotes greater circulation, which speeds needed oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. In addition, since the cells have been stimulated, new growth is encouraged so that healing can occur more quickly, and recovery time can be reduced.

All this happens without inducing any kind of side effects, although some patients will feel a slight tingling that subsides within a couple of hours. It’s also a fantastic alternative to using opioids since it’s obviously non-addictive and non-habit forming. Furthermore, opioids and other drugs will only provide temporary relief for pain and discomfort, whereas the MLS M8 Robotic Therapy Laser system heals damaged tissue that causes your pain.

Why is it the best? 

The MLS M8 Robotic Therapy Laser is the best because no other laser therapy system today can match it for effectiveness in relieving pain and inflammation. It has quickly become the industry standard for pain relief, and as its usage becomes more widespread, it will undoubtedly become the most popular way for patients to relieve whatever kind of bodily pain they might be experiencing.

If you would like to learn more about the MLS M8 Robotic Laser, we invite you to contact OrthoLazer. We’re happy to help.

OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Centers offer patients and their doctors an innovative and effective alternative pain management option to treat acute and chronic orthopedic conditions. Founded by Dr. Scott Sigman – the original opioid-sparing surgeon – our centers further his mission of providing his patients with non-operative and non-opioid treatment options. If you’d like more information about OrthoLazer, please visit our website at


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