Effects of MLS laser on myoblast cell line C2C12.


Laser is widely used in many medical fields and its effects are reported by several studies in literature. Very important are the applications in sports medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, based on the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effects of laser therapy, as well as the stimulating action on tissue repair processes. in our study, we analyzed the effects of an advanced laser system, the Multiwave locked System (MLS), on myoblasts in order to evaluate the effectiveness of this laser in promoting recovery of damaged muscle tissue. The MLS device consists of two synchronized diodes emitting at 808 and 905 nm, respectively. c2c12 murine myoblasts cell line was used as experimental model since it is a widely accepted model in muscle cells behavior studies.

Viability and proliferation was assessed after a single treatment as well as after 4 consecutive treatment (1 treatment/day). No significant changes were observed in viability, while proliferation decreased after 4 treatments. Moreover, we found an increased expression of MyoD, a key factor in myoblasts maturation. changes in cytoskeleton organization, in particular the networks of actin microfilaments and microtubules, were also observed. Decreased proliferation rate, increased MyoD expression and cytoskeleton rearrangement are consistent with myoblast differentiation


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