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Patient Reviews

01:33 01 Dec 22
My sessions always started on time and were efficiently completed. The front office and technical staff were very nice and friendly. I had steady improvement in my sciatic pain over the course of my treatment. Mary R.
Wendy G.
15:49 30 Nov 22
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! I felt very well informed with the OrthoLazer treatment process and feel it significantly improved my symptoms from Cervical Fusion surgery.
Sue and Con W.
17:39 29 Nov 22
I had a knee replacement on Nov 2 2022. My orthopedic surgeon recommended ortho Lazer in addition to pt. I highly recommend this. My scar has healed better. Also my swelling decreased by the treatment. I also believe it decreased pain and moved my mobility along with decreased pain. Win win. Staff is professional and easy to schedule appts. I used the brookfield office near first watch cafe.
Gino N
19:49 28 Nov 22
I had rotator cuff and a labrum tear surgery. Noticed a big difference after 6 sessions. Reasonably priced, staff is very friendly and care about the progress of my recovery. I highly recommend.
Joel K.
20:10 26 Nov 22
Upon learning of this new technology I was excited at the potential to reduce my pain and recovery time formy impending right total knee replacement. After my 6 treatments I find I am remarkably ahead in my rehab progress. I am 3 weeks post op and driving, walking without assistive device, and off opioid pain killers. Having experienced a right total hip replacement 3 years ago I had been told my knee rehab would be significantly harder and slower in progress from numerous people. I am delighted that this has not been the case. I would (and have) recommended OrthoLazer to all with impending surgeries.Also, a shout out to the staff who were delightful to work with and genuinely cares about my well being!
Kathy G.
19:08 24 Nov 22
I had a wonderful experience that expedited my healing after my total hip replacement surgery. The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable!
Caryl S.
14:41 15 Nov 22
The folks at ortholazer in Brookfield are very friendly and professional. It takes a while to experience improvement but it certainly helped reduce my pain. The treatment itself is quick and painless. It’s not covered by insurance but is worth the expense!
Annette B.
18:21 14 Nov 22
I had a revision of my knee replacement with Dr. Evanich. I was concerned about incision healing. I am amazed that my new incision looks better than my original incision. My pain is almost nonexistent! The entire staff at ortholazer are friendly and professional. Danielle is my tech and she is awesome.
Krissy K.
20:04 08 Nov 22
Clean, friendly, and thorough explanation of the procedure. I highly recommend. It helped the swelling and increased my mobility.
Mindy E.
13:30 02 Nov 22
Staff was amazingly friendly and also for accommodating regarding scheduling!!Lazer treatments seemed to improve my condition .. I guess time will tell!
Alicia S.
21:45 01 Nov 22
Really helped my ankle heal faster. Everyone is helpful and friendly.
shelly M.
16:43 01 Nov 22
The staff at the Brookfield Locations was fantastic. So friendly and professional.
Paula J.
23:51 19 Oct 22
Great place, great people.
Lori B.
21:35 19 Oct 22
I went in after hip replacement from Dr Evanich. The visits were easy to make, the girls were super nice as well as Luke and I felt better after each visit. My bruising went away in record time and I did have a scare with some excessive fluid coming out of the incision and the girls and Luke were quick to say call the doc! The laser pushed that bad fluid out so I could heal! I’d would recommend and do it again!
Michelle M.
22:32 17 Oct 22
The entire ORTHOLAZER team in the Brookfield location was warm, friendly, inviting, and willing to answer all of my questions regarding this new technology.My sessions were painless and my wound healing progressed well beyond my expectations. Everyone who saw my wound expressed how well it looked considering I just had surgery. I also experienced less pain immediately after my session:)It is disappointing that insurance currently does not cover this expense however I appreciate their discounted package when treating a new area.I intend to use ORTHOLAZER after my second knee replacement and have recommended laser treatments to many family and friends. This is the future of post-op care!!!
Robert I
21:18 15 Oct 22
Great experience. Painless and noticeable results. Thanks
Dr. Brenda J. B.
14:26 12 Oct 22
It is a pleasure to provide feedback for OrthoLazer, their services, staff, and outcomes.I know upclose and personal the owners and founders of this establishment.Several have performed surgeries on family members and all with great outcomes.First, allow me to say that Lucas is running an amazingly professional shop that welcomes all and forces the question of “is it worth it?” to be answered with a resounding YES!That alone is rare these days regardless of the industry.Lucas, thank you SO much because I know, it doesn’t happen without incredible leader such as that which you bring to the table.Pat and Tia as front desk professionals are consistently kind and helpful and just fun people!Danielle was my first tech and she was such a delight and extremely detailed while welcoming questions along the way. Another great keeper! Thanks for your service Danielle!However, my HUGE shout out goes to Madison as the tech who covered the majority of my sessions and brought the science to the process, which was EXACTLY what I needed.She sealed the deal and I’ve been telling everyone I can to come and experience OrthoLazer and it’s unique and innovative, non-invasive approach to chronic joint pain.My thanks to Madison are endless and priceless. I look forward to our talks while in session (ortho therapy on a whole different level!)To the surgeons and JoAnn; THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. i have watched this process as a healthcare partner, as a parent, and as a patient with multiple musculoskeletal chronic conditions.After session 8, I have been able to not use my cane, walk without knee pain, and even do squats!!!I am not at 100% but I am no longer at <1%!I've already signed up for maintenance and it is ABSOLUTELY unequivocally and without reservation....WORTH IT!!!!Peace and Continued Success,Dr. Brenda J Bowers, PhD, DNP, RN
13:59 11 Oct 22
Ortholazer of Brookfield is a great place to receive treatment. The staff was friendly and nice, booking was easy, and the treatments are fast and effective.
B L.
17:15 07 Oct 22
This service came highly recommended and I would also highly recommend laser therapy. Treatments provided relief of pain and swelling. The scar healing was also accelerated. The staff is very professional and personalbe. Treatments are quick and easy. I will return for services the next time treatments are needed.
Bernadette V.
19:11 05 Oct 22
It was amazing. I really felt the handheld laser really relaxed the pain and swelling.
Rodney D.
15:17 04 Oct 22
This really works! My pain was very well managed. I felt this was better than physical therapy alone. Really works
Michelle M.
16:21 30 Sep 22
After a total knee replacement my OrthoLazer sessions allowed me to see progress quickly. Within three weeks I was able to go up stairs normally and could get onto and off of the floor for my PT exercises.
Leslie S.
00:34 30 Sep 22
I have had major knee pain for years due to my profession. I have done pt, cortizone shots, gel injections and nothing has helped. I went to a new Doctor and he recommended Cold Laser Therapy and recommended OrthoLazer in Brookfield. I was skeptical because nothing has really worked for me. I am amazed at how my knees feel so much better walking up and down stairs, getting up from a sitting position or just doing normal everyday activities. The staff is so friendly and professional and my knees feel great! Thank you OrthoLazer!!
Dennis H.
18:02 28 Sep 22
Everyone at OrthoLazer is pleasant and accommodating. They answered all of my questions. If they didn’t have an answer they would do research and get back to me at my next appointment.The treatment was also successful and helped reduce the pain and swelling in my knee. I would highly recommend.
Theresa U.
15:24 25 Sep 22
I really feel this therapy helped me with my recovery. Everyone there were very nice and professional.
M G.
17:11 21 Sep 22
The staff and techs were all personable and answered all of my questions. My surgical incisions healed well and were hardly noticeable by 3 weeks. Had little pain after 1 week following rotator cuff surgery.
Colleen S.
19:27 20 Sep 22
After my hip replacement I was referred to OrthoLazer from my doctor. I signed up initially for 6 treatments. I went in the first time 1 week after my surgery. I can’t say that I had any marked improvements after the first session, however from sessions two through six, I saw improved mobility, less pain and inflammation. In fact, it has been such a positive experience that I have done 5 more additional maintenance sessions.The offices are clean and well maintained and the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The only challenge is that it is a pretty far walk in the Brookfield location to get to the office suite.Thanks for helping me get back on feet and pain free!
Kevin E
04:16 20 Sep 22
People are very knowledgeable, professional and answered all my questions. Treatments went well and can feel the difference in my knee with swelling. Highly recommend!
Ginny P.
21:03 19 Sep 22
A friend recommended OrthoLazer to me after a knee replacement, and I wasn’t disappointed whatsoever! We all have different pain tolerance, and mine is very, VERY low. After the first visit, I noticed a positive improvement in the pain. That is not to say there still wasn’t pain, but I could definitely feel an improvement, albeit slight. I was extremely pleased after my six sessions were completed.Not only has the therapy helped me, but the entire staff couldn’t be more professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. I won’t hesitate to go back for additional maintenance sessions.
Alice L.
16:34 14 Sep 22
After a complete knee replacement OrthoLazer helped my healing and swelling. The staff are excellent! Everyone we interacted with was knowledgeable, polite and compassionate.
Judy P.
17:46 13 Sep 22
The OrthoLazer treatment went well. The staff was courteous and knowledgeable. The price for six treatments was very manageable and reasonable. If I needed ortho laser treatments for any other situations, I would be open for additional treatments. I would like to converse with people who had both knees done, one with the laser, and the other without the laser, to find out their feelings about laser treatments.
Ellen B.
18:01 03 Sep 22
It was a welcoming experience.
Lynn D.
20:46 31 Aug 22
I had a total knee replacement in June and bought a package of 6 laser treatments at OrthoLazer Brookfield. After the 2nd treatment, I could feel a slight reduction in pain. Treatments 3-6 made a huge difference in my pain. I HIGHLY recommend anyone with pain trying OrthoLazer! I’ve told so many people about it.I’ve since had to have a MUA, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, because I had limited flexion of my knee due to scar tissue adhesions. Prior to my MUA, I called OrthoLazer Brookfield and set up more appointments with Danielle. I am looking forward to relief of pain from this procedure at OrthoLazer Brookfield!! I can’t recommend them higher! The office and laser rooms are clean & comfortable. The staff are knowledgeable, courteous, kind, & helpful.Give them a try!! What do you have to lose but pain!!A+++++++Lynn Drumm
David G.
15:34 29 Aug 22
Easy, pretty quick treatments. Cause & Effect, I can’t speak to. But my healing is ahead of schedule, and my trusted Dr was a believer.
Janis K.
16:19 24 Aug 22
Dr. Parisi replaced my right hip Aug 4th. 5 days later I began the Ortholazer Treatments. Immediately after each treatment I felt an improvement in the way I was able to move with less pain and had a more fluent gait with each treatment. I am so pleased with all the successes my family members and I have had with every aspect of the Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin. Their specialists, specialties, expertise and care would be hard to beat.
Dean B.
18:28 15 Aug 22
Very efficient and frienly staff.i would highly reccomend
Kevin M.
15:04 04 Aug 22
Great experience at OrthoLazer. Really helped my achilles tendinitis inflammation.
Barbara Y.
21:54 03 Aug 22
Excellent therapy experience! Positive results! Personnel were congenial and knowledgeable, also.
Dax S.
19:36 03 Aug 22
I had a full knee replacment and combined laser treatment with traditional physical therapy. OrthoLazer did a fanastic job and my recovery went much faster than I expected.
Linda R.
17:49 03 Aug 22
The staff is wonderful at ortho laser. They truly care about their patients and do their best to make your experience positive and successful!
Dennis O.
14:17 31 Jul 22
My wife, Sharon, is a patient of Dr. Evanich. She asked Dr. Evanich about Ortho Lazer knowing I have had very successful SI joint fusion, but was still in pain. I became a patient a couple of months ago. I have had 12 sequential treatments and 2 maintenance treatments. My breakthrough pain is very little depending on what I do. I recommend anyone to go for it! I did and am glad I did!
Kathy B.
19:18 26 Jul 22
Very pleased with the results of the laser treatments following my full knee replacement. Recovery has proceeded much faster vs. my first replacement when I did not have follow up treatments. Staff was very friendly and accommodating!
Wirth J.
18:41 23 Jul 22
I feel fortunate to have had this technology available. It has been an important part of my injury treatment and recovery. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly – responsive to my questions and feedback. Scheduling is easy and flexible.
Steve O.
18:02 22 Jul 22
I have waited a couple weeks before I set out to write this review. So often, I go to a pain management program and a week or so later the effects have worn off. Proud to say that the pain in my neck is still under control. And a second thing, the receptionists are so welcoming; double that for the staff who are kind and attentive. You come in full of pain; you leave with a big smile on your face.
Kathleen M.
14:44 21 Jul 22
I just finished my treatment and I am very pleased with the results.I had a total knee replacement. The laser treatment helped a lot with the pain and inflamation. The people were great, very helpful and were able to answer any questions I had. I highly recommendthem.
stephanie M.
20:39 20 Jul 22
Everyone was so nice and made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend them, the laser treatment also made my recovery so much faster than me or my doctor even expected!
James Y.
18:42 20 Jul 22
OrthoLazer of Brookfield was highly recommended by multiple Doctors in our area to expedite and enhance recovery for our teen daughter’s MCL sprain. We had a great experience with OrthoLazer of Brookfield and highly recommend their services. Very professional and friendly staff that did a fantastic job making our daughter feel comfortable with the treatments.
Jacki Van D.
21:13 19 Jul 22
I just completed my last session at OrthoLazer – Brookfield. The nicest people work here. You are greeted by name at each session, the facility is spotlessly clean and pleasant to spend time in, but the best part are the people. Polite, well informed, professional. I had a complicated back surgery so it’s difficult to gauge the improvement there, but the resulting my nerve issue in my leg improved 150%.
Christopher D.
22:18 14 Jul 22
The employees were all very nice from the front desk to the technicians. They were all very knowledgeable and could answer any questions I had. And the treatments definitely helped in my recovery. Highly recommend.
LouAnn R.
20:56 11 Jul 22
I was referred to the OrthoLaser clinic by Dr Perlewitz’s PA due to nerve type pain and tingling in my legs and feet and also my low back following some changes on an MRI, in my low back. I was using NSAID’s and had already gone the PT route.I read the information about the laser treatment and then read reviews from those who had it. While insurance does not cover the treatments, I decided to go for it and scheduled the appointment. The call from the office was also very informative.Charles the receptionist, was very welcoming and assisted me to make my 12 appointments and accept payment, of course 😃I was cautioned that improvement is not usually seen till about mid treatment. This held true for me. However after my 11th treatment. I noticed a big improvement.At my 12th treatment, we discussed a maintenance plan for me. While I still have some improvement to go, my plan is to wait a week or so and possibly have a couple more treatments.I am 100% pleased with all of the staff who saw me, Danielle and Lucas to name a few. Everyone cared about me and wanted me to be pain free.I would definitely recommend laser treatments to help others with pain.
Barb V.
15:21 07 Jul 22
The staff was exceptional. The process was explained clearly and all my questions were answered. The technicians were professional and personable. I believe that the laser sessions have helped with healing from my knee replacement surgery. The entire experience was great!
Dee G.
15:00 04 Jul 22
Hello my name is Ricardo Gonzalez I’m a patient of ortholazer for any post stop surgery or any ailments. I will recommend to anyone who would like to feel better quicker.
Terry B.
19:21 03 Jul 22
My experience at OrthoLazer has been excellent. I had six treatments after a shoulder replacement. The treatments reduced swelling and bruising as well as my pain level. The staff is very helpful and well trained. I recommend OrthoLazer highly.
Peter G
19:32 27 Jun 22
Ortholazer is fast and convenient but best of all is that it works. It relieves pain and accelerates healing. Admittedly I was a skeptic because I have no idea how it works but all the recommendations made me think I should try it. Now Im glad I did.
Terrie S.
14:48 23 Jun 22
My experience was very good, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and answered any questions i may have had, I would recommend this treatment for any one looking to relieve pain, painlessly
Crysia H.
03:51 21 Jun 22
My experience with the people at Ortholazer has been great. I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly staff.The process was explained to me in detail in what to expect. I was receiving treatment for my knees. Even though I still have some pain, I wouldn’t have been able to do some of the things that I did do if I had not received the treatments.
Joseph R.
14:53 15 Jun 22
Very professional and competent staff. Laser has helped my healing healing process and recovery.
Alice K.
17:25 08 Jun 22
I am so glad I had the opportunity to use the lazer treatment on my foot after my surgery. I can honestly say it made a big difference in the swelling, healing and after surgery recovery time. I went thru the same surgery 19 years ago with no laser treatments after surgery. Had more pain, swelling and couldn’t return to my normal routine or shoes for 3 months. This time it took only 2 months. I am walking with very little pain and back in my own shoes.Everyone at OrthoLazer was very professional and pleasant. Appointments were easy to schedule and very efficient.I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to relieve pain and recover faster.It is great to know there is treatment for a great many conditions that people may be suffering from. I definitely will recommend people give your office a call to see if your services would be beneficial for their condition.I am very thankful for the wonderful care I received.
Alli B.
00:10 03 Jun 22
Joanne BI believe the laser treatments have been a benefit in decreasing inflammation from a knee replacement, and I will be scheduling additional maintenance treatments. The staff is friendly and informative.
DavidandHeather S.
17:30 01 Jun 22
Great option to help with pain, super friendly and knowledgeable staff!
Judy F.
13:39 31 May 22
Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and kind staff. From Charlie who greets you at the reception desk, to Lucas the scheduler and then to the technicians, Jenna, Matt, Danielle—all extremely congenial.They listened to my concerns and shared their expertise. Office is attractive, new and bright. Location is easy to access with plentiful parking
Debra J.
17:46 22 May 22
This process was new to me but from the initial phone contact with Lucas, I felt welcomed & treated with redirect! I was always greeted warmly by Charlie (or Lucus) & had great conversations. Both Matt & my favorite, Danielle were kind, considerate & knowledgeable. I highly recommend this treatment (I noticed improvement in my knee discomfort) and especially OrthoLazer of Brookfield. Hopefully they’ll open a branch in Mequon!
Suzy O.
18:14 19 May 22
Great staff, and my pain has subsided, glad I decided to do this!
Denise S.
15:10 19 May 22
I was referred to OrthoLazer after back surgery to help with recovery, inflammation and reduce pain. Everyone in the office is professional and kind. My appts were always on time. I would recommend OrthoLazer to anyone who wants to recover more quickly!
Paula P.
19:47 18 May 22
I had a complete rotator cuff tear, ganglion cyst, a bone spur, and arthritis in my shoulder. I started ortholazer 4 days after surgery. I’ve had a 0-1/10 pain level throughout my treatment. I have had a past knee surgery and detached labrum surgery. I haven’t ever had as little pain after surgery as I have with using laser therapy.
Cindy S.
17:02 13 May 22
The staff was wonderful from the minute I set up appointments via the phone, up until I left after my 12th visit. The laser therapy helped immediately. I noticed right away as I walked out of the office as my backs range of motion was noticeably improved.. Thank you to Lucas and the wonderful team at the Brookfield office.
Charlie M.
21:11 11 May 22
After a total knee replacement, my surgeon recommended this treatment option. After doing some research, I decided to sign up for six sessions. The results have been really positive-less pain and less swelling. This has been a great treatment option.
John L.
23:01 06 May 22
I was referred to OrthoLazer-Franklin by Dr. Edwards/Dr Parisi from the MOSH clinic also in Franklin after a successful total hip replacement but 4-back & disc injections were not relieving the issues in my lower lumbar and glut areas. Being 70 and having pretty advanced spine & back discomfort, I was a bit skeptical about these Laser treatments. After completing 12 sessions the inflamation and soreness has greatly subsided (at #10 started feeling positive results)! The whole staff was very pleasant from the receptionists Kathy & Pat along with staff manager Jeremy, who was AMAZING!! He added on additional therapy to better direct Laser results. I had Amie as my main technician (#8-sessions)who was SO attentive to my concerns of getting positive results,(and she called me after my treatments to see how I was doing, very professional) Also Matt,Mary & Alexia were spot on as well.. Would HIGHLY recommend a consult with them for Laser treatments. I will be back for maintenance visits!! Thanks to ALL for your care.. best John
Patti W.
14:40 06 May 22
I had an excellent experience with OrthoLazer after my TKR. The staff was very professional and knowledgable and provided thorough/clear explanation of everything they did. My incision healed very quickly and nicely. I am planning on giving them a try for my heel pain as well.
Joan P.
15:36 26 Apr 22
referred by my physician because of hip pain, My experience at OrthoLazer was fantastic. All staff personnel were friendly and courteous and took the time to explain what was happening before and during treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends/family. 🙂
Scott O.
15:24 26 Apr 22
OrthoLazer has been helpful in reducing my level of neck and shoulder pain to potentially put off more invasive treatment.
Sandy S.
21:49 25 Apr 22
Great staff, very kind and caring!
John B.
02:25 21 Apr 22
The whole staff at ortholazer Brookfield was outstanding. Highly recommend their service. I had therapy on my left hip after surgery and definitely felt deference from when I had right hip surgery last year and didn’t use ortholazer therapy.
Yusuf Y.
01:31 19 Apr 22
My experience with OrthoLazer Brookfield Treatment from Matt. was good, calm, easy, moreover friendly spirit.From day 1 to day 6 of my treatment was a Miracle. Matt in room 3 took his time, communicated nicely and asked very important questions and also answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Thank you Matt. and Thanks to all the Staffs who checked me in with a friendly spirit and took time to explain the miracle behind my laser treatment.Whoever is reading this message should know that I did the Therapy treatment, it is legit, it is easy, no any pain from the moment you start till the end, no any hassle, no stress, it is all Miracle from day 1 to the end of your treatment.I went through pains from my Left Shoulder, my Doctor recommended that I try the laser treatment, that was the best thing I did, my shoulder is Miraculously healed by the Power and Will of the Almighty Creator: Allah. All Praises due to Allah for healing me through this process. Thank you Doctor Tracy for your Help and Thanks to OrthoLazer Brookfield Staffs.Love, Peace and Unity to whoever is ready to experience the miracle of cold Lightening to Heal their pain’s from 100 to Zero ‘0’.
David D.
19:01 18 Apr 22
Everyone at Ortho Lazer was greatIt shortened the recovery time of my knee replacement. I will use them again when I have my other knee replacedThanks to all at Ortho Lazer
Hector C.
16:42 15 Apr 22
Great place
Eldricht H.
14:58 14 Apr 22
Great staff. Clean environment. Helped with healing quicker.
karla S.
23:14 08 Apr 22
Everyone is very professional. Able and willing to answer all questions. Always on time for appointment. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is need of this type of service.
Victor D.
00:17 02 Apr 22
Completed my 6th session today. Therapy helped tremendously with recovery. I feel I am on track for a full recovery from my total knee replacement surgery. Thanks to OrthoLazer!
Christy B.
02:48 01 Apr 22
The staff at Brookfield Ortho are amazing. From the time I entered the office They made me feel like the new me for along time. The process is painless. After the first 2 visits I felt the difference in my knee. I had knee replacement 5 months prior and was having pain and some difficulty with range of motion.After my twelve treatments I am able to be as active as I was before.I will be going in for treatments on my other knee to help with the arthritis pain.Highly recommend trying this process.Christy Beckmann
Randy F.
16:56 30 Mar 22
Needing to get back to normal daily routine and hobbies after shoulder replacement…and willing to try any Dr. recommended treatment…I tried Ortho Laser. Finished my last scheduled treatment today and happy to report I am ahead of schedule on recovery. Hard to know how much the Laser treatments contributed, but definitely a positive step.
Patrick T.
21:41 29 Mar 22
Very knowledgeable and great conversation.I highly recommend.
Kathy K.
19:49 28 Mar 22
Came in to Ortho Lazer with a pulled hamstring, six treatments later I was walking on my own. The technicians and office staff explain the treatment and they are professional and helpful.
Cindy M.
02:17 28 Mar 22
Extremely therapeutic to help with a long-standing pirifirmis syndrome/ neuralgia. I am a PT and have done many additional treatments and the laser has been a major contributor to my progress. I refer patients here and I will be back myself! Thank you!
Kevin M.
22:56 22 Mar 22
Everyone is very friendly and polite. Treatments are painless. Appointment times go quickly. My shoulder is much better because of it. Will be going back for 2 or 3 maintenance treatments.
Curt B.
22:45 21 Mar 22
My Doc recommended I use Ortho Lazer for very painful bursitis in my shoulder. I have had about 10 treatments so far and while not at 100% just yet I am on my way. Clean facilities, friendly and caring staff. Highly recommended. Sure beats a needle getting pushed into my shoulder joint.
Coach W.
13:52 18 Mar 22
I’ve had a fantastic experience with OrthoLazer Brookfield. Sprained my MCL playing soccer and the laser treatment has really helped my recovery. Less inflammation and pain. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this to any athlete dealing with pain. Thanks OrthoLazer!