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3 weeks ago

Laser Works!!!! Just ask John A Kucharski. He just finished 12 visits for BiLateral Knee OsteoArthritis and feels GREAT! He's an avid bowler and his pain was keeping him from playing his best, but just last night he bowled 3 games over his average!!! John also had trouble going up and down his steep driveway before Laser Therapy - not any more!
#lasertherapy #coldlasertherapy #ortholazer #followthefro #bowling #greaterboston Christopher Milona Scott Sigman MD #cuttingedge
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Laser therapy keeps people moving so they can enjoy life and the activities that bring them joy

2 months ago

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Patient Reviews

Todd D.
20:24 20 Mar 23
Everyone at Ortho Lazer were so Helpful to my mother. They scheduled appointments that were easy for her to make. The people who do the treatments treated like family. We highly recommend for whatever ails you!!
Ciara C.
15:17 18 Mar 23
Wonderful place! After months of pain, this seems to provide the best relief so far! Definitely 5 stars. Can’t say it enough!
Nina I.
01:33 08 Mar 23
Everyone at OrthoLazer was so helpful and very knowledgeable!! A human answers the phone and I was able to schedule appointments at times that worked best for me! The treatments were painless and tailored to my needs. An excellent experience all around!
Erica T.
15:09 02 Mar 23
Absolutely love this team and cannot say enough good things about them all!
Brian D.
16:48 23 Feb 23
Great results.
Kara H.
16:36 22 Feb 23
OrthoLazer has kept me healthy and able to continue running competitively. They have kept my tendonitis prone hamstrings healthy. I highly recommend!
Becky H.
15:14 18 Feb 23
The staff at OrthoLazer were so great to my papa! They were always so kind, welcoming, and always made sure he was comfortable. We will recommend to others! We are thankful we found such a great place, with caring hearts!
S D.
16:10 29 Apr 22
I am beyond pleased to have been referred to have Lazer treatment from my doctor. From beginning to end the experience was incredible. All the dedicated employees goal was to always help me with my recovery. They all were very warm and welcoming through the whole process. I thank them all very much. I will always have them in mind if I need further treatments. I totally recommend them to anyone that needs Lazer therapy.
Karen Sweet H.
21:04 07 Feb 22
Inoperable posterior root meniscus tear at age 54. After just 4 laser treatments, I have been able to eliminate daily NSAIDS. Techs are wonderful at pinpointing exact area to laser. I am very hopeful that I will be back on my Spin bike by completion of my 6th treatment this week.
Juliette D. B.
14:43 11 Aug 21
This definitely helps with Acl surgery and i do recommend trying it , very friendly staff and helpful.
David F.
14:42 16 Apr 21
Very professional! Very friendly staff! Very good time management!
I strongly recommend! Thank you!
Jennifer C.
18:25 19 Mar 21
Friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere.
Kevin G
00:16 03 Mar 21
Rotator cuff repair without pain
Robin I.
00:25 25 Feb 21
My dad has had a wonderful experience at ortholazer..
The staff is very caring, punctual and helpful making us feel safe during Covid. My dad is on the mend. I would refer them. 👍
Hon. Efstathia B.
04:13 12 Feb 21
Thank you Dr. Scott Sigman and Team OrthoLazer for your excellent care. OrthoLazer treatments relieved my joint pain after just a few visits. I highly recommend OrthoLazer to anyone seeking pain relief.
Kat S.
19:45 07 Jul 20
wow! the pain relief is real. helping my post operative pain. didn’t need Tylenol for the first time since surgery
Caitlin M.
23:22 10 Mar 20
I developed pain in my tibia after training for a half marathon, likely a shin splint or stress response. I was trying to do the usual remedies for this situation but I still had pain and I work in a hospital on my feet all day. Dr. Sigman advised me to try Ortho Lazer to reduce pain more efficiently and quickly. After 2 treatments I was able to bear weight without pain and the day after my 5th treatment I stood in the operating room working for 12 hours straight without sitting and my shin didn’t hurt at all!!! I would recommend this treatment for anyone with my condition, or anyone suffering from a painful orthopedic condition because it truly worked wonders for me!!
John B.
21:52 24 Feb 20
Great place to help with post surgery pain and healing. Excellent staff especially Mary Jo
Christopher M.
19:57 13 Feb 20
Middle aged Ladies and Gentleman who LOVE to stay active with sports and exercise while grinding through the agony of those bumps, bruises and aches, just because you don’t want your spouse to know it “may be time to hang em’ up” or the fear of making an appointment to see the doctor…..this post is for you!OrthoLazer may just be the modern fountain of youth! I was battling reoccurring swelling/pain in one knee. It would show up every 4-6wks like clockwork and take a solid 2 weeks to go away. 2 weeks of constant aspirin, ice, rest. My love for sports would always put me right back into the same cycle I’m sure many 40 year olds face all too often. I heard about OrthoLazer from a friend who had some great success with knee pain he was dealing with too. I made the appointment the next day. The process could not have been any simpler! Staff was amazing as they walk you through a brief 6-8min consult, take you into a room where you’re zapped with a laser (10min’ish) that you can’t even tell is on, and in 20min you are back on your way. I couldn’t squat down due to the swelling in my knee and after the 2nd treatment (48hrs- I went back to back days) I had full range of motion. I completed 6 total treatments and was back pitching after the 4th treatment. This was back in Aug and here I am in Feb after playing summer baseball, fall soccer and some basketball during the winter, completely pain free and most importantly free from that vicious cycle that I had come accustomed to.BEST bang for your buck in terms of non invasive medical treatment options in my opinion. Stop putting up with the pain and try cold laser- IT WORKS!!!
Gail Johnson D.
20:57 27 Dec 19
total acl rupture in April. surgery 6/23 for reconstruction. back on ice 12/26 in game with 2 assists. no pain, full range of motion and strength . very happy senior captain. thank you!!!!
It works! I’ve known Dr. Sigman for many years and admire his efforts to offer non opioid alternatives to treating chronic pain. Whether post surgery, arthritis or other reasons to treat your pain….give Ortho Lazer a try. I have arthritis in my hip and it definitely effects my quality of life. Not quite ready to do hip replacement. After 10 sessions, my pain is virtually gone. The staff at Ortho Lazer is friendly, helpful and professional. Keep up the good work, and thank you!
R&M C.
21:15 19 Feb 19
I’ve had great results from my treatment at Ortho Laser.I was having hip pain that made it painful to walk and sleep at night.The first thing I noticed was less inflamation in my body.In the past I would have to get steriod injections when I had a lot of inflamation.After just a few laser treatments my hip was feeling so much better !Since I also have back problems, I asked to have my back added to my treatment plan.It didn’t take long before I was finally pain free and in less time than anticipated.I’m so glad that I gave this a try.It’s so nice to finally be able to do things without being in pain, as well as sleeping at night.I highly recommend Ortho Laser.It works and the staff is incredible !
Meghan L.
21:41 02 Feb 19
The staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. My foot looks amazing after just 6 treatments.
Sue P.
10:59 01 Feb 19
Great seevice, efficient operation, very kind staff.
Robin W.
21:15 07 Jan 19
My experience with the Ortho Lazer has been great. I have severe knee problems and so far so good. I have recommended this treatment to my coworkers. I think this type of treatment should be covered by insurance because it helps heal your Ortho problems without opioids. Would highly recommend trying this because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Nancy C.
20:48 07 Jan 19
I went to Ortho Lazer for an inflamed rotator cuff. Before my first treatment I could not lift my arm above my shoulder height. It was very weak and painful. I scheduled six treatments but my shoulder was much better after just three. I completed the six treatments in two weeks and my shoulder was completely pain free. It was amazing! I still need to work on building up strength but I can’t wait to try the laser on other aches and pains. I’m trying it next for my plantar fasciitis. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone with pain or an injury.
martha G.
19:29 26 Dec 18
Amazing results with just 4 treatments. I did not experience any pain at all and actually felt great relief after my first visit!
Nancy M.
17:45 10 Dec 18
I had constant pain in my right knee. I was skeptical at first of Dr. Sigmans recommendation of Ortholaser therapy. But, Dr Sigman had performed surgery on my left knee and it feels great. So I gave the Lasertherapy a try. I wanted to try to avoid surgery in the right knee. I had 10 sessions of laser therapy.My knee feels great! I can sleep on my side and I no longer have constant pain upon moving! Dr. Sigman and staff are so well versed and knowledgeable.I trust their judgment profusely! I am thrilled!
David A.
15:34 07 Dec 18
I like to let anybody who’s interested or heard of Ortho Lazer it’s a wonderful treatment I highly recommend it they’ve done wonders for my shoulder it’s improving I am so thankful I’m grateful for this piece of technology thank you thank you thank you
01:25 27 Nov 18
Wonderful location, amazing staff as expected being operated by Dr. Sigman. I was a bit apprehensive as to how the treatment itself would work, not knowing truly HOW it works and having had such extensive knee surgery in March, but I trust Dr. Sigman with my life and I am not disappointed with the results after 10 sessions. My knee feels so much better. Thank you to everyone. I would absolutely return in the future if the need arose.~ Melissa S.
steve T.
20:46 26 Nov 18
The results I got from the cold laser were nothing short of miraculous. By my 4th appointment, I felt close to 100 percent, and improved from there after every visit. I’m back at the gym working as I was before the injury, and couldn’t be more pleased.
Christine H.
14:55 01 Nov 18
The decrease in the level of pain in my hip is amazing and I’m only 2/3 of the way through my treatments! I no longer suffer with constant discomfort and pain from arthritis in that joint. The best part is that I can lie on my left side again so I am sleeping much better!
Erin M.
02:19 31 Oct 18
I sprained my ankle on October 23rd. I started Laser treatments at Ortho Lazer the next day. After the third treatment, my swelling has diminished. It’s a week later and I am 80% pain free! Cold Laser Therapy is amazing!
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