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Patient Reviews

Amy KP
Amy KP
I’ve suffered fromShould pain for 3+ years.I had decreased pain in my shoulder by the second visit. But the third visit I had full range of motion. The staff is excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend using OrthoLazer for an alternative approach to manage pain and discomfort!
I went to OrthoLazer for my first treatment on the 6th day after my knee surgery. My knee felt like a brick of cement since I had a block. I was still having a lot of pain of course and couldn’t bend the knee at all. I was extremely surprised when I was able to lift my leg and started ambulating without a walker after the second treatment. Recovery is extensive commitment, with physical therapy, ongoing, but I truly believe the OrthoLazer treatments have helped. I just finished my recommended sixth today. But I if need be I am willing to extend just to facilitate my healing. The pain. Is definitely manageable.
Paul Surge
Paul Surge
The employees were all exceptional but I didn’t have any progress with my painful foot.
Jigger Whinery
Jigger Whinery