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James R. Boyle, MD

Christopher P. Dougherty, DO, FAOAO

Robert A. MacLeod, MD, FAAOS

Mike G. Maline, DO

David Yakin, MD

Our Team

Patient Reviews

Pat B
Staff is very friendly and professional. I’ve never had to wait for my appointment like some doctor’s officesMy PT and doc both say I’m healing amazingly quick for having a full knee replacement.
Mike C.
The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They always wanted feedback about the area treated.
Daphna M.
After shoulder surgery, I had 6 treatments, I had virtually no pain and no swelling. Working with Noel was such a pleasure, always professional and prompt with treatments. Highly recommend!Daphna M.
Kevin R.
The treatment I have received has greatly helped my shoulder and neck. Noel and staff are wonderful.
Beverly N.
Noel is a very professional and compassionate. Love the service every time I go and receive a treatment. I highly recommend anyone who is needing laser orthopedic therapy.
Desira B.
Wonderful people and great results after 2 treatments !
Lloyd J.
I had shoulder surgery, and my whole right side was black and blue. Along with the laser, they have a wand. My first trip in they used the laser and wand on me, two days later that bruising was gone! Also doing physical therapy, I would really be sore afterward. Not only shoulder, but all down my arm, and below shoulder in my back. Within a few hours that pain was completely gone after treatment. There is no pain during the treatments, and I feel that I’m ahead 3-4 weeks on my recovery. I really appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you.
Brenda C.
Super great customer service! They explained everything to make me feel comfortable. On time! My shoulder is healing faster because of this laser PT
Brock S.
They were very nice and respectful and good to be around. They had very good service and nice employees who would be kind during your treatment.
Tasha H.
Had my first session today. Everything was quick and painless. Looking forward to a full recovery with the help of this treatment. Noel was really nice and helpful as well as the front desk ladies.
Judy S.
After an extensive knee replacement, taking out an old one that had been in there for 20 years and putting a new one in which caused them to have to cut away bone at the top of the knee and below the knee and put rods in. I was having a really hard time with the healing process. Once I started with Noel and the laser treatments, I am now back to my busy schedule. Plus I am now able to sleep all night which I was not able to do before. Lots of positive things are happening getting the bend back again able to do more around the house. I am quite pleased with the staff. They are absolutely wonderful. They are so friendly and Noel, who gave me my treatments is top notch. I would recommend you definitely looking into what Ortho Laser can offer you. Judy Scott
Doris N.
I was skeptical about trying this treatment . I am glad I did. It doesn’t take much time but it helps so much with the pain. I plan on using it to help healing after my knee replacement as well. The staff is so kind and know what they are doing!
Jeanine M.
I have had chronic ankle pain for the last 10 years due to arthritis. It was to the point that cortisone shots no longer worked. I had 12 laser treatments and it has changed my life. I now can live a normal life pain free in day to day activities and can walk for miles now with just temporary pain. I’m blown away by this treatment!!!
Natasha L.
I love them! Only on session 3 and already feel a difference! Such a great facility!
shelley P.
Lazer therapy helped me recover from a hip replacement. I went in Walking with a cane in serve pain in my knees. After doing Lazer therapy on my knees, I was able to walk without the cane and walk the entire shopping distance at Sam’s Club. Glory to God! I am thankful for Dr. Yakin suggesting Lazer Therapy to me. It helped me get my life back!
jj R.
I tried numerous different methods to help with my hip pain, shots , physical therapy, then I was told about Ortholazer Nwa, after just 4 sessions I felt better after 10 sessions I Can now walk with no pain and back playing golf, My tech Chris was amazing , encouraging and was very helpful. Would recommend to anyone.
Linda J.
Awesome service at OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Center. Staff is friendly & competent. Chris the Laser Tech is very knowledgeable and professional. He answered many questions & provided helpful advice. I recommend them highly.
Whitney G.
I cannot say enough good things about OrthoLazer. My daughter had acl/meniscus surgery on her knee and has had very little, to no pain since she started with OrthoLazer. Much different experience than what she had a couple years ago when she had acl surgery on her other knee and dealt with ongoing pain and stiffness for a long time afterwards. Everyone is so nice there and they make sure they’re treating all areas that are giving her pain. They’re great about working around busy schedules too!
Belinda D.
Parker and the whole crew at OrthoLazer NWA are so great! They helped with the pain, swelling and inflammation from my meniscal root repair. They are attentive, professional and knowledgeable. Too notch group!
Megan M.
Parker is great! Super knowledgeable and really wants to see her clients get better!!
Susan K.
Excellent staff and care. Parker was informative and efficient.
Te M
OrthoLazer definitely helped with the pain I was having after ACL/meniscus surgery. Chris is great! He pays attention to my progress so he will know how to proceed. The entire staff has been attentive and personable.
Rachel P.
OrthoLazer has done a fabulous job helping reduce the pain and swelling since my husband’s knee replacement. The staff are friendly and helpful. Chris was great!
Linda M.
Chris my Laser Tech is so good at his job. I have been to Ortho Lazer for 6 treatments and will be signing up for 6 more. I truly believe they are helping me. So glad to find out about this form of treatment. Will really be happy when this company opens one in Fayetteville, AR.
Alice P.
Parker is incredible
Brittany M.
Chris was extremely kind and made sure to target all areas that needed extra treatment withe the hand held laser. 10/10 would recommend.
Sally W.
We are so lucky to have OrthoLazer in NW Arkansas. PARKER is my therapist and she is fantastic….always listens closely to my concerns, checks in with me prior to each session to gauge my improvements, takes notes every time and has offered encouragement when early on I was having a setback and was discouraged. Give it time….. I noticed subtle changes from the beginning but it wasn’t until after my eighth session I realized how much I am benefiting. This works at a cellular level to help with pain, inflammation, circulation. After I finish my 12 sessions on my lower back, I plan to get treatments on my knees. It is unfortunate that insurance does not reimburse for this treatment but it is worth it for me to pay out of pocket because it is so simple and non-invasive. If you make an appointment, ask for Parker and she will take good care of you.
Gerri W.
Currently receiving laser therapy post hip repair surgery. I am convinced that this is something I will have done after every surgery! I haven’t been on pain meds since day 3 post surgery and have felt no pain, soreness, nor tenderness in my hip. Compared to how I felt after knee surgery, I am way ahead in recovery time and healing! The people here are wonderful to work with, especially Parker, and make sure your visits are getting the desired results each time!
Cordelia E.
Had knee surgery and, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of trying this type of therapy, but I am very impressed with laser treatment. The staff at Ortholazer are totally professional and very knowledgeable, not to mention very friendly. Parker (one of the technicians) made me feel at ease right away by explaining everything she was doing and why. Totally recommend Ortholazer to anyone.
Madison H.
Great office, and great staff! My doctor referred me here after my ACL surgery. My technician Parker was very informative and helpful throughout the process!
Debbie H.
This place is giving me my life back. Everyone is doing a great job. They listen and are treating me well. Chris is very understanding and knows what I need. My experience so far is Wonderful.
carlos L.
Super nice
Sandy C.
Use Ortholazer after a total knee replacement helped a lot. Parker has been amazing to work every area to help achieve great results she is amazing
Amanda T.
Treatment is painless, helped with chronic knee issues, staff was great. Definitely recommend OrthoLazer NWA!
Jacki C.
I was a skeptic at first. I walked in with a shoulder hurting on a pain scale of 7. Chris listened to my every concern of where the pain was and he treated it. Today was the last of my 6 treatments and I leave with a pain scale of 1. Iam pleased with the outcome.
Ada B.
They all are so friendly and caring. My knee pain keeps improving after each treatment. Chris always make sure that I am confortable and after each session asks how am I doing with the pain. Thank you Noel and Chris, you are awesome!
Barbara N.
I was in extreme pain and one step away from carpal tunnel surgery. Then I learned about Ortho Lazer and I met Chris. He is an OUTSTANDING professional, who excels at his trade, and really cares about his patients, as well. So far, I have completed half my treatments. My pain has diminished considerably and I am doing many things I couldn’t do for the past year. Now, I am looking forward to completing my treatment plan and getting on with my life. And, I believe that Chris and Ortho Lazer are making it possible.
Lauren S.
I’ve had a wonderful experience with OrthoLazer in Bentonville! Since I just had a baby, I was worried I was going to have to have surgery on my wrist. I was referred over to OrthoLazer and was very skeptical that a laser could heal my pain so that I could comfortably hold my newborn. Noel called me to walk me through the process and schedule my appointments. She was lovely and friendly! Chris did all my treatments while asking the right questions to make sure we got the target areas with the laser and that I was comfortable. He is very personable, friendly and efficient! The clinic is very clean, light and airy. I’ve never had to wait very long and they have even been able to get me in early. From offering to help me with the baby during treatment to outstanding customer service from all the staff, I highly recommend OrthoLazer. Best of all…. The laser treatments worked and I’m able to resume normal activities with my wrist and hold my baby girl comfortably. Skeptic no more, laser therapy works and OrthoLazer the place to go.
Don P.
Chris explained everything about the process and has really been great to work with. My knee replacement has gone much easier with Ortho Lazer.
Heather C.
OrthoLazer Northwest Arkansas has been amazing at helping me get back to being pain free. Noel is amazing and listens to your needs. I have spent a lot of time and money at the chiropractor to only keep going back over and over. I have had way more success with OrthoLazer!!
Don M.
Wonderful place, professional and courteous. Chris is knowledgeable and very helpful. Quality through and through.
Bodie B.
Chris was awesome! He did a great job of explaining the process and what the laser was doing inside of my knees. I highly recommend Ortholazer.
Sean S.
After having knee scope I had severe pain and swelling in my knee and ankle. Just after one treatment, my swelling was completely gone in my ankle. After the 6 treatment, my knee has very little swelling and pain. The people and place are amazing!
Sue E.
Chris is very knowledgeable and explains everything he does. Very good experience.
Ronda B.
My foot is improving every time I have treatment! Thank you Chris!
Nathan C.
Chris is great 👍
Nicole K.
This place is awesome!! Chris was great and helpful with all the questions I had. the entire staff made my visit easy and wonderful. I will definitely be back for more treatments! So painless and easy!
Larry S.
Can’t say enough about Dr. Dougherty and the care received at ortho laser. Noel and her team are fantastic and I’m feeling better every day.
Mike C.
Chris is awesome.The treatments are quick and painless and after 3 treatments starting to notice positive results on an elbow tear regarding pain.
Cindy F.
The staff are very friendly and helpful in my recovery from a broken ankle and surgery. I believe they genuinely want their patients to get the best possible outcome from their treatments. Would highly recommend! The office is easy to find in Bentonville and very clean and comfortable. Thanks!!
Kimberly E.
Easy scheduling, friendly staff (shout out, Chris!), and a pristine establishment. The laser helped facilitate a quicker recovery so I’m back to the gym earlier than I was able to with previous procedures. Highly recommend!
Melissa H.
This place is amazing! The staff is always friendly and treat you like a person instead of just another patient. The treatments work wonderfully, after my 2nd visit I noticed big pain relief and after the 5th one I’m now able to play tag or whatever my kids have planned more and work a full day. Holly is amazing she is always asking about my day, talking with me through out my appointment and making sure if a new part of my knee hurts we take care of it , Noel is super wonderful she makes you feel welcome and talks with you. Chris is great he’s always joking and the lady up front always has a smile on her face. Everyone there knows you on a first name basis when you walk in. I would and have recommend to everyone I know.
Jan J.
Chris was wonderful !! He explained everything so completely & was very patient with me with my questions. After the first visit for my planter fasciitis I felt some relief & can’t wait for further treatments next week !!!! Thank you Noel for recommending this place !!
Jonathan G.
Wonderful staff and wonderful treatment. Helped a 4 year old shoulder injury finally heal. Went from limited range of motion to full ROM in the shoulder. Can’t recommend them enough
Steve S.
Excellent service and really happy with the results.
Paul L.
Great service and friendly staff. Thanks Chris.
Chris has been amazing; he makes me look forward to this appointment!
joe C.
I am Thankful these guys are healing me. Noel and her staff do an amazing job. Chris takes care of me when I go.
Titus S.
Holly and Chris have both helped me with my recovery. Gaining range of motion and reliving pain where my goals going into this, and they definitely went above and beyond expectations.
Debbie C.
I went here for knee and foot pain. After the 4th treatment I was pain free. The staff was always caring and supportive. Chris always asked how I was doing with the pain, and made sure I was comfortable.
Carrol J.
Everyone at OrthoLazer were great! I had treatments from both Holly and Chris! The treatments were simple and fast! I was able to see a difference in my active range of motion after one treatment!
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