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Patient Reviews

Ron H.
OrthoLazer helped me recover from knee surgery much faster than expected. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and the treatment itself was effective. I only needed six sessions, which was half of what my doctor had originally prescribed for physical therapy.AT MY FIRST PHYSICAL THERAPY APPOINTMENT THE PHSYCAL THERAPIST ADVISED THAT IF I HAD NO FURTHER ISSUES OR PROBLEMS BEFORE MY NEXT SESSION I COULD CALL AND CANCEL THE APPOINTMENT.Here are some of the key benefits I experienced:* Faster recovery time compared to traditional physical therapy alone* Little or no muscle atrophy* Friendly and accommodating staff* Effective treatmentWhile I was hesitant about the therapy in the beginning I would do it again without a second thought.
Bethany L.
I have been coming to OrtherLazer for 3 months and have already had relief in my feet and back. I am 30 and have had extremely painful plantars faciitis and numbness and tingling/burning for 3 years. I used to love walking several miles a day and it came to the point that I could barely walk from the car into the store. Or around the block without severe pain. The pain has gone down a lot, not all the way, but I believe it will! I’m at least in 70% less pain! So thankful I found them. My advice: it’s gonna take time. Give it time. You may feel like it’s not working but it is. I’ve gone 2x a week for 3 months and I’m starting to heal. It’s worth it. They are kind and really care about you!
These folks are great and the Cold Laser is amazing. I went from deep purple to light pink in just a few sessions and swelling was not a problem! Thanks!
Tom S.
Great facility, friendly and knowledgeable staff! I have been going for 5 weeks since . rotator cuff surgery and per my PT I am ahead of the game on my recovery.
Meagan H.
I was skeptical, but purchased the 6 treatments following my total hip! After the very first treatment, I knew this was the real deal. Helped with soreness and swelling and healing so much, and everyone here is the absolute best. In and out quickly each time. Highly recommend!
Cyndi C.
Very nice facility. Great staff. Very knowledgeable and made me comfortable.
Jim S.
The team at OrthoLazer helped me in the recovery of two knee replacement surgeries. I am convinced that their process and care help speed up the recover process and significantly lessened the pain from surgery. Awesome Friendly staff!
Mason Van S.
All I can say is wow. This place is awesome. The staff are friendly. The director makes sure to meet her clients and greet them. The laser work is fascinating and quick. Definitely suggest going here for your laser therapy needs.
Pam T.
2.5 Weeks post total knee replacement & I can’t recommend Ortholazer enough! Used after each PT session and the swelling/bruising was better each time. Thank you!
Joseph O.
Had hip surgery on Feb 6. Doc recommended this as an addition to PT. I did the full 6 sessions. The OrthoLazer people are really nice, and explain the treatments thoroughly. Very clean and welcoming facility, always felt nice to go in, chat it up, get treated.I just started walking a week ago (2 weeks laying in bed/couch/on crutches). My doctor and PT both said my recovery has been amazing. I feel pretty darn good, too.I’ve had many injuries, several surgeries, and never had Lazer treatment. I think it worked? To be totally honest: I had a very positive attitude going in and post op. I cleaned up my diet. I stopped pain meds after day 1. I think these plus the treatment in conjunction have really helped me recover.I’d definitely recommend, if you have the extra out of pocket $$ for treatment.I may be up for a labrum repair in my shoulder, so maybe I’ll be in there again sometime soon. 😆💪💪
Ellisha G.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here! Helped my shoulder so much. I had the same surgery on my right shoulder 2 years ago and the recovery was awful. This time i had it on my left shoulder and recovery has been better than ever and faster! Love it and staff are the sweetest! 100% recommend.
Deronda T.
I am 18 days post op from hip abduction and gluteus medius repair and just completed my 6th and final treatment at OrthoLazer. I am pain free. The Bentonville staff is professional and caring, definitely 5 Star.
Megan R.
Nice friendly staff. I can get in and out quickly. Definitely helped my pain and swelling. Highly recommend.
Nick C.
The Staff @ Ortho Laser were very helpful in getting me the best recovery time that can be done.
Ashley O.
Had a very good experience. The people that work there are very friendly.. I would definitely recommend them.
Scott B.
Absolutely great experience. Staff is friendly and well trained. Was dealing with frozen shoulder for 2 months with no relief. Tried PT, pain meds, as well as a cortisone shot. After a couple of visits at ortholazer the pain was gone. Highly recommend.
Chris N.
From the start was very friendly and helped me understand the benefits of Cold Lazer therapy. Staff is very welcoming each visit. Thought my shoulder pain would come on hard, as everybody said it would be bad. However I started the therapy with OrthoLazer right away and have minimal pain. I feel like the benefits are working in my favor.
Jason M.
I came to Ortholazer about three weeks ago with swelling in my wrist from rheumatoid arthritis and use. I got a consultation that helped me understand how the process worked and scheduled six appointments. Within the first three appointments I was playing piano again for the first time in 8 months. I’m happy to say that the swelling is completely gone now. The best part of this process is that after the first six, I can come back any time for single treatments if I start getting swelling again. Thank you Ortholazer!
Blakelee B.
The staff is so friendly and personable! Sonja made my experience so amazing! Definitely recommend to anyone who needs extra help with recovery!
Tonya W.
Very friendly and knowledgeable. I feel like this is speeding up my recovery process.
Becky H.
I cannot say enough good about Ortholazer! I will admit that I was skeptical at first when my physician recommended the Lazer therapy for my shoulder. Noel contacted me to set up an appointment; which was going to be a bit inconvenient because I was traveling 1 1/2 hours to be there for the appointment 2 times a week. She put me at ease right away when she offered to come in on a Saturday or Sunday! Who does that? Well, it all worked out and every appointment was a delight! From the front desk to the end of treatment I always felt extremely comfortable! The treatments took care of my pain and I’m thrilled with the results! Noel is professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable! Don’t hesitate to go and experience something that will definitely help!! Thanks so much Noel and your staff!
Brad P.
Get better faster with modern healing technology. The knowledgeable and caring staff at NWA Ortholazer are the best!
Rodney S.
It has made my knee, heal much faster and feel much better
max M.
Ortholazer is hands down a wonderful medical procedure that’s working for my multiple problems with my spine. 18 years of shots chiropractic doctors. surgeries that’s been helpful but painfull. Ortholazer is zero pain. Only 3 weeks 12 procedures. I am getting great resultsThanks Ortholazer of Bentonville.
Cynthia L.
I am so pleased with the professionalism and care for their patients. I would highly recommend them if you’ve had an injury or post surgery. Wonderful care and very informative. Cyn L
Chad B.
Not even done with my treatments and lots of progress has been made. After 3 treatments, I had my first session of physical therapy. My range of motion and capabilities were much better than he expected to see from me.I’d done something in my sleep to cause me pain that woke me up and kept me awake- not fun at all. Noel put extra focus on the side where the aching was and now it’s gone. I was able to do my PT exercises with no issue and look forward to the rest of the treatments as I progress through the process of healing.The entire facility is very clean. This is a chill environment to come and get some treatment that is cutting-edge technology. If you’re wondering if the investment is worth it, give it a shot.
Noel and her staff at NWA OrthoLazer have been very helpful in treating my arthritis in my ankle. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Noel works diligently with my Workers Comp coordinator to make it a hands off experience and allowed me to just focus on recovery. The lazer therapy has helped me get back on my feet! Definitely worth the investment.
desiree d
Staff is so friendly and have worked around my schedule for all my appts.
Ron P.
The team members under the direction of Noel are kind, knowledgeable in the field of pain, understanding, and cares for their patients! I think you will be thankful you give Ortho Lazer a try!
Thomas S.
Everyone was absolutely awesome and professional! I have never had lazer treatment before and seeing the results was amazing! I would recommend Ortholazer anytime!
Jamie T.
Lazer is a worthwhile investment. Though not covered by insurance, treatments reduce/eliminate swelling and pain within minutes.The facility is clean, open, inviting, and comfortable. The staff are lovely! Each colleague is kind, engaging, efficient, compatible, and transparent. You won’t regret coming here.
Tammy S.
Ortholazer speed up my recovery after my second knee replacement surgery. I had my first surgery without Ortholazer. My mobility got better quicker and my scar healed faster.The staff makes you feel comfortable. They listen to your concerns and adapt the therapy accordingly.I recommend this therapy to anyone who is recovery from a surgery or needs relief from pain.
Tim K.
They did a great job at making me feel comfortable and did a great job explaining the process and what it was going to do
Ronda M.
Friendly caring Staff. Amazing relief for pain. Probably facing hip replacement surgery, but therapy is allowing me to choose the time.
Doris N.
I was skeptical about trying this treatment . I am glad I did. It doesn’t take much time but it helps so much with the pain. I plan on using it to help healing after my knee replacement as well. The staff is so kind and know what they are doing!
Robert C.
Ultra Runner , 58 years old and recently diagnosed with lateral and medial meniscus tear and a bone marrow lesion along the lateral area. The treatments have brought relief of inflammation and providing more mobility allowing me to recover quicker and continue to remain active
Christopher C.
Great atmosphere!!! I felt better within weeks of surgery. Would recommend to anyone!
Ginny C.
Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience!
Pat B
Staff is very friendly and professional. I’ve never had to wait for my appointment like some doctor’s officesMy PT and doc both say I’m healing amazingly quick for having a full knee replacement.
Mike C.
The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They always wanted feedback about the area treated.
Daphna M.
After shoulder surgery, I had 6 treatments, I had virtually no pain and no swelling. Working with Noel was such a pleasure, always professional and prompt with treatments. Highly recommend!Daphna M.
Kevin R.
The treatment I have received has greatly helped my shoulder and neck. Noel and staff are wonderful.
Beverly N.
Noel is a very professional and compassionate. Love the service every time I go and receive a treatment. I highly recommend anyone who is needing laser orthopedic therapy.
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